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I was under the impression the high-value items gave a warning beforehand.

I literally just made my Imcando mattock after getting all the pieces. I wanted to disassemble some artifacts to get components for the perks, and as I was going down the line I clicked on the mattock (like an idiot). No warning, it just disappeared.

Imma go cry now, just be aware.

Also, I submitted a lost items ticket. Not sure the chances of me getting it back, but I hope they agree that there should of atleast been a warning.

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Originally posted by zenyl

/u/jagexpoerkie, Imcando Mattock not giving a warning when disassembling seems like an oversight. Any chance the value can be changed to reflect the dragon mattock requirement, pushing the value up to the point of warning before disassembling? :)

I've let the right people know about this.