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Just Ramen things

Eh, I'll bite because it's a pain point I've read about for years...

Technically, the chests and their rarity existed before collection logs and their associated titles were even systems within the game.

Admittedly though, I made the problem way worse by adding the Golden 'of the Praesul' title variant that requires all chests and that's on me. As with all things, we are always looking to learn from things. Learnings can be seen in other content such as Solak's Perdita, Kerapac's Warp Time skin, which are achievements that unlock at a guaranteed point, rather than giga-rare RNG drops.

The chests were always intended to be nothing more than a drop you see once in a blue moon and would maintain a high value due to this rarity.

With the gamejam happening over the next couple of days, my priority will be making tweaks regarding the chests and how insanely rare they are plus other QoL such as making them drop in order to prevent duplications. (This was always my intent, just so happens that this post aligns with the days I finally get to address it)

Can only offer my apologies to those that have done the grind prior to any changes I make.

I likely won't check back on this thread as I've been decreasing the amount I check reddit, but know that I appreciate you all :)