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Some of the criticism are my own opinion and mixed with what I've seen being posted in other communities outside of reddit (plus my friends). Apologies in advance for being an ESL and for it being a rant instead of a deeper analysis.

In short, it all felt like a filler arc, with no freedom for the player to make any meaningful choices or at least give the illusion of choice. The Sliske quest series was ambitious, while Legacy of Zamorak was the opposite.

As soon as it was announced that 2022 would be the year of Zamorak, many expected a better development on his philosophy and more development between the characters, be Zamorak himself, the Mahjarrat, Moia, etc. However, we had no development with Zamorak and the Mahjarrat, instead we had more simplifications and backtracking. Saradomin was by far the character who had the most redemption and development.

Moia: With the end of the saga, I saw many comments saying that Moia is a self-insert of some mod at this point, instead of being herself. I don't know what to make of it. As a rule, self-inserting never works and it's a bad sign that so many people said the same at the end of the quest series.

I expected way more from her. I thought her change was pretty forced, especially with the last quest. If she had triumphed over Bilrach in a different way I would have liked her arc more. Bilrach was almost an adoptive father to her, along with Zamorak, the sudden hatred they both had for each other in the final moments was strange to say the least.

The only positive aspect in my opinion was that she remained loyal to the Zamorak legacy by promoting chaos rather than a new Empire.

Bilrach: Since 2012 Bilrach has always been one of the most intriguing characters, he was mysterious, powerful, almost a wild card. Over the months, many had hoped that now would be his opportunity to shine, being the real crazy Mahjarrat, no chains to hold him down after Zamorak defeat.

Instead, he became just another greedy, unoriginal villain. The consensus I saw was: It would have been better if he had died in the explosion and he was wasted as a whole.

Indeed, they did him dirty.

Trindine: It seems like she's getting two extremes, either players love her or hate her. As for the hate towards her, it's a mixture of frustration at knowing how predictable she is and not being able to do anything along with the excess of humor.

Adrasteia: I've noticed this divide between those who like her and those who don't. Less extreme than Trindine case. I think her story was better crafted than Moia's, especially the passing and more natural growth.

Khazard: Another character that deserved more, but was simply pushed to the side.

Other Zamorakian Mahjarrat: Since the Children of Mah and Glascor front much was expected about further development on them. Unfortunately, they didn't have any.

Overall, it all felt very rushed and disrespect towards some characters and part of the lore community.

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Vengeance is absolutely meant to be hypocritical though.