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So, Jagex has said they're targeting the finale to the Wilderness questline for next month. This'll most likely mean they're going to release Tier 6 of the puzzle box. They've all but outright stated in a prior stream that it would turn the box's effects into passives. (Exact statement was that it would make the effects "easier to use", when they're already usable by just holding the box in your inventory.)

So, at this point, you'd have the ability to get a passive version of Persistent Rage that only requires 40 Archaeology/40 Divination/50 Farming, as opposed to 98 Archaeology (boostable from 90 with pulse cores) for the actual relic power. On top of that, the relic uses up 150 power and one of your 3 precious relic slots, along with taking ~600k coins in chronotes each time you want to activate it.

Basically, the relic is a straight downgrade in every way and, for the most part, much HARDER to get. Unless the new quest has some insane requirement to it, Persistent Rage will be useless in its current state, so it probably needs some new effects. They just did it for Sticky Fingers, so it's not unreasonable at all that they'd do the same for this.

As such, I'd like to look to our glorious community for ideas on what this should involve. I only have two suggestions myself, and they both seem...a little strong.

  1. Make it so you're able to do actions you normally can only do out of combat, even while in combat. (I mean, you're persistently full of rage. If angry mode is your default state, you'd figure out how to do the stuff that takes focus.)
  2. Make Thresholds a little cheaper to use, or make them activatable at lower adrenaline levels. Say, either 10% to use instead of 15%, or usable from 40% instead of 50%?

If anyone else has some good ideas, I'm open to 'em. Maybe we can get something out here before the quest goes live and we're just left with a sad, useless relic in the bottom of the pile.

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Originally posted by Cypherex

An easy way to fix this issue is to make the Persistent Rage relic cause your adrenaline to increase when you're out of combat. It would increase at the same rate that adrenaline currently decreases when exiting combat.

This makes it more useful than the puzzle box but not so useful that it becomes a must-use relic. It would still primarily be a QoL effect like it is now.

The main use for this would be to easily start each boss kill at 100% adren without having to use dummies or tele to War's Retreat to use the crystals. Even if you do make a pitstop at War's to use the bank, you'd get back to the boss that much faster since you wouldn't need to stop and use the crystal.

I think this is the best way to buff the relic without making it overpowered.

Oh hai,

A quick note to reassure that Persistent Rage's relic effect will indeed, with the release of the Legacy of Zamorak season finale quest, change to differ from and complement the infernal puzzle box.

The adrenaline urn will also function slightly differently to accommodate these changes.

(Shout out to Mod Asherz for patching Persistent Rage and the adrenaline urn for us, while Mod Raven and I had our hands full developing the quest.)

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Originally posted by RagefireBoots

Please please please please fix the puzzle box bug where surge puts you in combat before you remove our ability to use persistant rage in its place

I believe that inconsistency was fixed earlier in the project.

If it's not working as expected when the quest releases, let us know - I'll have a little window of allocated time during release week for fixes. But presently the finale quest project is locked for localisation and my time's fully allocated to my next (2023) project.

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Originally posted by Borgmestersnegl

It sadly is not fixed. Here is a gif showing that with the puzzle box and no persistent rage relic activated, it still puts you in combat. I have bug reported it twice in game and really hoping for a fix soon :(

"I believe that inconsistency was fixed earlier in the project."

Changes the finale quest project has made to the puzzle box / Persistent Rage / adrenaline urn will release with that quest in (hopefully) December, and are not yet live.

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Originally posted by ShinyCapeRS

Hope the final reward in the " Zamorak" quest related series is related to "Zamorak" like Solo balancing changes, or no deep runes p7 like the Community has been asking about since release.

I can confirm that the reward from the Legacy of Zamorak finale quest is neither 'no deep runes p7' nor solo balancing changes to the Zamorak boss.