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Heyo Folks,

Just wanted to jump in here and try to expand on what the role of the "This Week in RuneScape" post.

Essentially the intent of the post is to give updates on what's coming up, this can range from new content being released that day or upcoming events/content to Ninja Strikes/Merch updates/TH Promos/Livestream Calendars/Game Jams etc.

For example, the "Murder at the Border" section was included as the Newsletter went out recently informing people the date of the quest is the 20th, so we wanted to get that information out openly to all our players.

Now I understand that is not how some players view it as they instead see it as the weekly update post and generally only wish to know about new additions/patches/fixes etc and as such would have preferred if nothing was posted today. While I get that it's missing the goal of the post and fundamentally this seems to be where expectations are being set and broken.

I personally made the call to include the Patch Notes section despite it not having any notes as I wanted to reiterate the direct correlation between the Game Jam and the weekly patch notes and felt its absence or just adding some "filler" patches would cause more problems than it solved.

Hope this gives some insight into the goal of the TWIR.

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Originally posted by Untrimslay

I’m not hating on the Devs but Game Jam and the general update just gives me the impression it’s time spent fixing stuff they ballsed up before (the company, not blaming them in particular). I couldn’t imagine my boss letting me f**k off my entire primary role for a few weeks to fix something I f**ked up before. No hate, just saying - he’d expect me to do that in my own time.

Do you work in software?