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Hi everyone,

Some of you may know me from Facebook (The History of RuneScape) and Twitter (July, The RuneScape History Nerd), where I post about the history and development of RuneScape.
Last month, I released my eBook trilogy of 1k+ pages about the game’s and community’s development, which is something that I have worked on for many years. Although it is not an official history that’s been endorsed by Jagex in any way, I have been given a license by them permitting me to sell it for just £4.99, with a chunk of the profits donated to the three Jagex-supported charities (about mental health and inclusion).
I know, it’s not for free, BUT it would mean a lot to me if you could support me, my work and the charities by getting yourself a copy. In return, you will get to enjoy 1k+ pages (with screenshots) about RuneScape’s past and development, so that’s lots of nostalgia, and your purchase will contribute to the wellbeing of people who have been struggling with the above.
For more information, you can watch my YouTube video about this or you can head straight to the website. Jagex also wrote a little bit about in the news post of May 4th.
This trilogy is something I’ve spent many years on. Selling it online was not originally among my plans, but now that I’m in a real-life situation in which I could use any and all support, it would truly mean a lot to me if you got yourself a copy and/or shared the website or video. :) If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!
P.S.: Thanks to the moderators for allowing me to post this!

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Proud of you u/July_RS!