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1s hello everyone and welcome to the third
3s of four installments of a very special
5s runescape dungeons and dragons adventure
7s my name is chris and i'm a professional
9s games master from rolled out door code
11s uk tonight i'll be guiding four
14s runescape influencers through the elder
15s god wars in guillermo last time things
18s got a little chilly in the glacier front
20s but our heroes were successful with a
22s last minute save from their generals
24s let's recap each of our players shall we
27s in wonderful dress again may i say
30s starting to my left with ny channel my
33s left sorry with my channel
37s right hello
39s yeah so my name is on my channel i'm
42s playing carol aaron
44s a mother of three 46 years young a
47s devout ceredomist who is twice divorced
49s her hobbies include include um wine
52s tasting bible study picnics in falador
54s park with her puppy betsy and showing
57s others how to do it in the bake sale
60s uh
63s yeah that's
65s that's my gal right now i need more wine
68s we're gonna have a little bit of
70s character development from um carol this
73s week aren't we i think a little bit yeah
76s you might
77s see
79s a little bit you might see a little
81s little snippet of her
83s her background um
85s as a mother of three who knows you might
88s uh
89s might feel a little bit for carol this
91s week but you know oh
94s okay
95s well i'm gonna pass it over to
98s jaxis
99s yes
100s hello everyone my name is jaxis and i
103s think sarah doman sucks because i am
106s taymor the zamarakian demon and
110s uh yeah yeah i said it and why yeah all
112s right all right apparently it is tragic
115s backstory week
117s so i can't wait to hear
119s what carol aaron has in store for us
122s this week we got real tragic all right
125s oh yes and last week um
127s me and gossip finally became friends
131s so i count that as a new hobby
135s that's
136s for your character for table that
138s probably is a hobby for sure like this
141s is some real development
143s but that's a good segue on to gossip
147s that's so sweet
149s i'm just kidding
151s my name is gossip crawl i'm playing uh
154s byron i am playing a
156s elf uh fighter and um
159s uh
160s before i did not like anymore at all
164s amer was kind of a bully and then you
167s know what you know what taymor was in a
169s bit of a struggle and you know what
170s taymor needed a friend and i i decided
173s to be that friend and and save tabor and
175s i could tolerate taymor now like
178s i think we cool i think we're great um i
181s don't know about everybody else i think
182s everybody else kind of sucks but uh you
184s know i think we're pretty cool
188s oh that we can agree
190s yes
191s we're friends now guys
195s and finally available for everybody's
198s birthdays and bar mitzvahs it's big no
201s it's it's katha sorry kathar your your
203s costume is so good
205s i almost thought you were on sesame
207s street i'm so sorry over to you sir
210s oh god how do you follow that up
214s the game hasn't even started yet we're
215s already picking on him
217s hello ladies and gentlemen my name is mr
219s cathar and welcome back to another
222s awesome session
223s of d d
225s with chris
226s uh i i play tikka the avianzi bard and
231s um i'm hoping that today is the day that
234s i just don't have a mental breakdown
235s because
236s i'm molting
238s these just come out now whenever they
240s feel like it
241s um i can't handle the stress
244s i just i want a nice calm smooth easy
249s adventure
251s with the frizz
264s okay well i appreciate because
268s like you chose those feathers again
269s cather let's have a look at those
274s well you've definitely older because i
276s can see your feathers have gone like a
277s lighter color so that the whole
279s adventure has aged you by 10 years it's
282s like you become a president
284s oh
286s my goodness
289s this is no good for anybody guys i'm
291s sorry
295s well you were saved by our flying
298s generals before your bodies were dashed
300s on the rocks and water below and now
303s we're going to talk to you a little bit
305s about your third front as explained by
307s ciliana
309s heroes you did well on the aqueduct but
312s a most
313s hideous plague has run rampant headed up
316s by the evil crisis
319s to allow the heroes of guillenol to
322s succeed
323s you must travel to a graveyard nearby
325s and deal with a secret lab underneath
330s but to enter the lab you'll need to get
333s four kilograms
335s of spores and mushrooms from various
338s crypts around the graveyard
340s and of course
342s we will need to protect you
344s at that point
346s a large well-being spell comes through
351s my channel carol would recognize this
354s instantly
355s as you have a protection from poison
359s now i know that carol has her own
361s protection from poison this week why
362s don't you show everybody just in case
365s something happens there
367s don't worry guys oh no
369s i love it
372s a gun that's so good this economy is
377s [Laughter]
388s [Music]
390s was this a pta group activity or
393s did everybody make one carol or you know
396s is this just for you is this a solo
398s project
399s after hearing the uh
402s the scare in our doing with plague uh
404s she
405s she she prepared a little bit you know
407s um she's she's ready to protect her kids
411s and be very responsible with any uh
414s any disease that comes to falador
417s okay okay
419s well i'm glad that you have them so the
421s spell washes over you all and you feel
424s protected
425s juliana begins to speak till now you
427s will only have four hours on this spell
430s and once you have the right amount of
432s the maiko mushrooms
434s head to the crypt in the east and place
436s on the scales this will allow you to
438s enter the lab underneath
440s and destroy whatever foul evil is
442s brewing in there
445s now
446s we have spent sent spies across already
450s the graveyard
450s [Music]
452s they tell us that each of these
454s mushrooms
456s you will need this particular fungi
458s can be guarded by particularly skillful
461s challenges
464s so skillful that we've actually sent
466s seven spies and only one has come back
468s but i'm sure
470s the jeweler will be fine
474s and so
477s let's add you wonderful folk over to the
480s graveyard shall we
482s okay my favorite place
484s i'm so excited what could go wrong
486s what could go wrong
488s what could possibly go wrong
490s i
491s mean
493s you guys will be fine i'm sure
495s uh tame was in demon form for some
497s reason so i'm yeah
502s good luck say more mine sorry guys our
505s way to disease
508s i'll change you back it's fine
510s we'll get you there it's okay
513s there we are
515s um you guys have all been given a long
517s rest by the way because frankly you'll
519s probably need it
521s um
523s and
524s so all of your spell slots
527s it's all back
528s you're all okay to carry on
530s uh you've got full health for a brand
533s new adventure
535s the healing powers of the cathedral have
537s provided you once again with the
538s resources needed
540s to head on forwards so
542s [Music]
543s with this in mind
546s what would you like to do you can see
548s the graves
550s and this thick cloying green mist
554s and you kind of
556s the spell seems to protect you just as
558s you feel like you're about to choke
560s and cough up a little bit too hard
563s cleanses and you're fine again but from
566s time to time it breaks the concentration
569s and you can see these three kind of
571s crypts ahead of you
573s uh one to the north uh and two to the
577s south and then a rather large building
579s all the way over on the east
581s in the middle
582s a grapes
584s rose upon bros upon rows of graves
587s and all the vegetation seems to have
590s died out except for spores and fungi
593s which seem to be growing everywhere but
594s none
595s of the precious mycofunky which you guys
598s need
599s so
601s um cathar
603s how often
605s have you guys yeah beyonce like how do
608s you deal with fungi in general like
610s what's what's the go-to there do you
612s make a nice risotto
614s or you know how do you handle it
620s on avanau there's not very many
622s different species of fungus and it
624s happens to be that we've lucked out many
625s of them are edible we actually would
629s um
630s we would cook uh many different fine
633s dishes mixing fungus into
636s meals and um in terms of
639s dangerous fungus i can't say i have much
642s experience with it
645s but uh
647s tread carefully everyone
650s don't want another we don't want a
651s repeat of the delay for blazer front
656s yeah i wouldn't
658s yeah how are you guys finding like it
660s was pretty shook up at the end there
662s right like gossip how so
664s how's myron feeling after being plucked
667s out of the air
669s at the last minute
671s you know i was ready i was ready to take
673s it on yes you know
676s i got a team to look after right but you
678s know i i it was nice to fly it was kind
680s of cool
683s it was really cool
687s for once
689s for once i don't think i want to happen
691s again though
692s bring it on it's nice
695s you see carol also chris
699s i'm so sorry julie you can go ahead no i
702s was gonna say carol's been on a very
705s high tower in the white knight castle
707s before but nothing was like flying
710s and uh she doesn't want to do it again
711s frankly
714s that is all coming
718s [Music]
720s um so well first of all this is actually
722s like a game thing i can't see my
724s character on my screen
726s um and two are you sure you have the
728s right uh
730s token on
731s i think that may be the old model let me
733s double check
734s um kathari
736s [Music]
738s oh yeah i can't save yeah same here
740s can't see anything
742s you guys try out
748s before we get too hot and heavy into the
751s the lore
752s [Music]
754s okay
756s is that better is that the right token
759s that looks like the right yeah that's
760s the demon form token
762s is there the the newer humanoid oh that
765s yeah sorry i don't know why i changed
766s over to that there you go is that better
768s oh that's okay yes perfect thank you
770s chris i'm sorry
776s let me just change one thing on your
778s name here because you bring that up
780s there you go everyone can see that
783s okay
784s yes
786s so okay let's uh carry on
789s so
790s um obviously jax's everybody's a little
793s bit freaky a little bit scared you're a
795s flyer right like you and tika are flyers
798s how did you
799s like you you've dealt with demons before
802s you wouldn't have had an issue with that
803s right
806s not necessarily my main issue was just
809s the actual general of all things demon
812s carrying me in his claws that was a bit
815s intimidating i will admit he's a rather
818s large man
820s i am not very large at all
825s now i know how trey feels
827s i was gonna say was it like a hawk
830s carrying a small mouse kind of thing
833s like gliding over the aircraft
836s never want to feel that weak again
839s oh i see a real power play okay well you
842s guys are free to explore the graveyard
845s okay
846s i actually um want to brush my hand like
850s through one of the bushes on the side
852s and i'll just kind of say
853s absent-mindedly i've been to this place
855s before shame it fell to this disrepair
865s i think i'll respond to that uh can i
867s say you've been here before you care to
869s elaborate
871s well this is the zerosian empire after
873s all we demons were zerosian before
875s zamarek
877s so lovingly uh
879s released us from that
881s slavery
884s not that i was anything special
887s the place seems great
892s so you weren't taking a special
894s what was your role if you don't mind me
896s man you asking
899s haven't you noticed all of the demons
902s that you've ever seen in gilead
905s are strong
906s and large
908s and use very very sharp objects in their
911s fighting
913s i use none
916s i'm not strong
918s and therefore
920s not useful to demon kind no one needed
922s my intelligence no one needed my
924s charisma
926s i had to show them the hard way
929s so there i was
930s headlining wares
932s and finally as rosen empire falls sarah
935s dominus rise
937s things happen
939s adventures come and go
942s i'm used as a
945s a seller and a peddler of wooden planks
948s and nails and bones i'm quite an expert
951s actually
953s very handy tricks for the trade
955s i'm just glad to finally be doing
957s something useful
960s i shout from the distance hey guys i
962s think i found something
965s oh
966s wander over to where is catharine
969s so cathode's right from the east
972s oh he's over here
977s as you very happily step over many
980s graves
988s [Music]
995s so this is a much bigger um
1000s like a much bigger crypt uh than the
1002s smaller three that you've seen and
1004s presumably uh that's what zuyana was
1007s talking about right like this big
1008s structure
1009s and sure enough just inside and i'll
1012s describe this for you guys as we will
1014s with most of the uh
1015s challenges you'll face tonight
1018s uh there's a large weighing scale and a
1021s huge stone door just beside it
1025s [Music]
1027s so this is what we need the mushrooms
1029s for
1030s this is what we need the mushrooms for
1032s where the heck are the mushrooms
1036s now do you guys want to take a special
1038s look at the scale or do you want to
1039s carry on and see
1041s yeah please
1042s take a look at the scale of the scale
1044s real quick yeah yeah sure let's um how
1047s do you guys want to look at it do you
1048s want to do like
1049s arcana
1051s because presumably four kilograms of
1053s mushrooms is the same as like four of
1055s the others
1057s right let's uh let's start with tamora
1059s with an arcana check let's see what you
1060s can figure out
1065s better
1073s can tell that this is a scale
1075s uh
1076s it's uh it's a scale guys
1079s she's definitely seen scales before um
1082s but that's about what you're gonna get
1084s would anybody else like to look at it in
1085s a different manner at all or
1087s i would like i'll give it a try
1090s all right i'll let you go
1091s ahead
1093s oh if you want to go you can go first
1094s it's okay
1099s yeah
1100s you're in the pta meeting after all so
1105s it's a scale
1108s is
1109s this
1110s like if you if you were making a cake
1112s for the bake sale right like you'd use
1114s this right
1116s oh my lord okay this is going so well so
1120s that we've had a six and a three can we
1122s have somebody who can roll now please
1124s would that be okay can we
1126s gossip gossip nat 20 come on do it let's
1130s go no question does it have to be arcana
1133s or canada oh you can have investigation
1135s or you tell me what you'd be looking for
1138s in the scale
1141s and i'll figure out the check like how
1143s are you gonna what about you what about
1144s a history of scales through the years or
1147s i was thinking history
1149s as in like
1153s yeah have you seen the sort of thing
1154s before i guess have i seen this before
1156s do i happen to know of like a general
1158s origin or general kind of knowledge
1161s about it okay yeah
1164s let's do it i'm so excited oh my god
1167s what we gonna do
1170s watch the lock is gonna come through oh
1174s yes you called it you called
1183s i'm just going to look at the the scale
1185s and go
1187s it's
1191s you guys see that it takes up a lot of
1192s space there's no scales here
1196s dragon scales on this thing
1198s congratulations on
1201s defeating two of the hardest challenges
1203s in guilenore and then being defeated by
1204s a set of scales by the way this is
1207s this is top team guys
1210s all right all right
1212s i'm the only one left and and i keep the
1214s theme of nobody nobody doing the same
1216s thing twice
1217s i want to run an insight check
1230s i love the implication that there is
1243s oh god okay
1245s t-shirts
1249s there is no smooth brain here so ins the
1251s insight that you get there cathar
1254s is phenomenal like you you just look at
1258s it and you're like okay so this has a
1260s porous bottom
1262s and there's magical elements to it so
1264s presumably
1266s when you put the spores in they rub
1268s slightly along the porous bottom and
1270s that allows a certain gas to come out
1273s which will then allow the scales to sink
1275s which there's a mechanism which will
1277s open the door
1279s there's no handle on the door or
1280s anything like that but it's very clearly
1282s marked out in front
1284s and you can tell that yes this is the
1285s scale that you need to find that weight
1287s of mushrooms for
1289s presumably from three challenges in and
1291s around the graveyard
1293s so well done well done
1297s guys yeah
1298s yeah i did all right i'm going home guys
1303s um
1304s honestly okay guys it's safe to assume
1307s we're not gonna be able to trick these
1308s scales we're actually going to need to
1311s bring the fungus and we have to go find
1313s it
1315s that is fine very well shall we split
1317s the party
1319s yeah oh you never [ __ ] the [ __ ]
1324s do it
1326s why would you do this to me guys what's
1328s that
1330s he's got the evil he's got the evil hood
1332s on he wants the opportunity to ruin our
1334s lives give it to him
1336s with everything
1338s he's british will make him suffer
1342s hika
1344s hang on
1347s you're the one with wings would you mind
1349s flying higher and see what you can see
1350s from a distance
1352s yeah i'm sure
1354s okay straight up
1358s so there's almost like a um and you you
1361s come out of the other side of the this
1363s green noxious gas and like
1365s and although you're protected from it
1367s you
1368s kind of breathe in suddenly that fresh
1370s air again and you're very happy for it
1372s and you can see clearly now that this
1374s gas unfortunately when you've thrown
1376s through it also
1378s obfuscates everything down below you so
1381s you're unable to see beyond the green
1383s clouds
1384s that are
1386s masking the graveyard but you are glad
1389s for the fresh air at least
1392s unfortunately the fog is too thick to
1394s see through it looks like we're gonna
1396s have to do this on foot
1399s well there's this bad boy right here
1403s sure ooh that's awfully convenient
1405s that's oddly in character
1407s yeah
1410s so
1411s let's have a look at the first of three
1414s challenges for tonight
1418s you enter this crypt in front of you
1422s and there's a cage
1424s on the floor
1426s uh and the cage looks to be on a rather
1429s unsteady kind of bomb but inside the
1432s cage is a bag and you can just make out
1435s the mico mushrooms inside them
1440s now they're within another smaller cage
1443s but that looks to be sent to a chain
1445s that goes up through the bigger cage
1449s so
1450s i will pass it over to you guys cage has
1453s a door on it so you can go in and you
1454s should be able to lift up
1457s presumably the other cage inside it
1462s reception
1464s deception
1465s [Music]
1467s um
1468s okay
1475s [Music]
1481s okay so
1482s it's a big cage with a little cage
1484s inside
1487s yeah so like these are both steel
1489s there's a small cage maybe the size of
1491s like a shoebox
1493s and inside that is and that's rated so
1495s inside that you can see an open sack of
1497s mushrooms it's quite heavy
1500s now on the other side on the outside of
1502s that is a much bigger cage that would
1504s easily fit four to eight people inside
1507s so roughly the size of the entirety of
1510s the tomb in front of you
1512s so the larger cage is maybe 20 feet by
1514s 20 feet to be able to go in there's a
1517s door easily openable doesn't appear to
1519s be any lock or anything like that and
1521s inside is this smaller cage and there's
1523s a huge
1525s interlocking rusty chain that goes up
1528s through the larger cage in the middle
1529s and into the ceiling
1532s okay
1533s now
1534s as a pet owner
1536s i
1538s have been in this sort of cage before
1540s and i have the feeling it's a trap
1543s dude no does carol catch her dogs does
1546s she cage train
1548s um yeah she does uh once in a while when
1551s uh betsy's being a little
1552s rowdy she will take her and toss it in
1555s there he'll go right at her
1558s but um
1559s yeah uh when it comes to the can i look
1562s at the door of the cage
1563s how do i inspect it a little bit a
1565s little closer
1566s yeah
1567s absolutely okay so the door of the cage
1570s is um
1571s just like the smaller cage inside the
1574s chain that comes off of that sorry is
1576s that rusty um but it seems in good order
1578s like you can you can kind of see that it
1581s would crinkle open and clean clothes but
1584s it all seems fine for the most part
1587s right okay
1589s i do have um
1592s what's called
1593s can i rip off a piece of my like rope
1596s and just like lightly tie the cage open
1599s so that it doesn't like close behind us
1600s when we enter
1602s yeah absolutely
1604s okay
1605s take a small piece of rope you open the
1607s cage door
1608s [Music]
1611s and you kind of tie it up no problem at
1613s all and so the cage door is now open and
1615s it's swung 180 degrees round
1618s and on the outside of the cage
1620s it's all tied up
1622s okay
1623s okay i think it's safe to go in guys
1626s hang on uh yeah wait look all of us need
1629s to go in there
1631s can i pick up a pebble from the ground
1633s and just toss it inside the bigger cage
1635s sure
1636s so
1637s you toss the pebble inside
1640s and bounce off
1642s nothing really happens nothing moves
1644s nothing changes
1647s okay i feel like this is too who's first
1650s i'll go first
1652s okay perfect
1655s i believe in you myron i pat her back
1658s behind myron and just kind of pushing
1661s her forward and like yeah by all means
1663s go ahead
1664s [Music]
1666s myron i need a perception check when you
1669s first go into the cage please
1672s i didn't think they'd get this far okay
1677s this is not like a saving throw yeah
1680s boy
1680s it's good nothing bad is gonna happen
1683s that you can tell but in each corner of
1686s the cage
1687s are four very obvious pressure plates
1692s um i'm gonna look at the group from
1693s behind and just be very like careful and
1696s just say hey
1697s be very very careful in all four corners
1701s if you press it something is going to
1703s happen i can't guarantee what it's gonna
1705s be
1706s but just don't step in the corners be
1708s very very careful
1711s although
1712s what if we have to step in the corners
1714s to act to lift the
1717s cage
1719s so we could get the hell no
1721s i mean
1723s i
1725s so how far how far is the bag of
1727s mushrooms for me
1728s bag of mushrooms is in the dead center
1731s of this 20 foot by 20 foot piece and
1734s they're underneath uh the other cage
1737s which is on this interlinking steel
1740s chain that goes up through the ceiling
1742s of the large cage which you're now
1744s inside
1746s you know what
1748s this pta meeting i think you're
1751s right i always am
1754s okay well i didn't mean to oh no
1757s [Laughter]
1759s no
1760s right though we need there's four of us
1763s there's four plates this mushroom is
1766s guarded
1767s we got to do something
1768s and remember we're timed with being able
1771s to breathe in this crazy green
1774s roast
1775s smell
1776s so we kind of have it back quickly
1779s so we have to we're going to go on
1782s well i can't beat this i'm going to be
1783s in poor places it was
1786s all right
1787s i'd like to walk around
1789s the outside of the cage i don't go in i
1792s walk around to the opposite uh
1796s like you're walking around the outside
1797s right
1798s yes
1799s i didn't go in i'm walking around the
1800s outside
1801s yeah no i've got you okay
1804s are you doing anything or are you
1806s looking for anything in particular or no
1809s you're like you like tapping in the
1810s white corners
1812s okay yeah that too like my claws just
1814s like
1816s i see what you're doing i'm gonna be
1818s waiting
1820s come out i'm waiting on the outside of
1823s one of the um the corners no no by all
1826s means you all can stay inside
1829s she just wants so i
1830s from memory it's only myron and
1833s um tikka who are inside at the moment
1838s um so what i think what ten more is
1840s doing is we can pre
1842s press down on the pressure plates with
1844s our feet from the outside of the cage
1848s what this is good we could try but
1851s what happens if when we do that the door
1854s actually closes and this rope doesn't
1856s last and then we're stuck out here and
1858s those mushrooms are in there and there's
1859s no way to get in
1861s i'd like to cast a mage hand
1871s [Music]
1876s i could
1883s what are you doing with the mage hand
1885s it just hovers
1887s for a second just in front of you
1889s you're making shadow puppets or
1891s okay yeah exactly i'm actually making
1894s money used to myself
1897s okay
1898s i'm here with you
1900s the kodak moment
1902s so taxes has a plan
1917s one of the pressure plates
1919s i could run like a um
1922s uh
1923s what kind of check i could run a
1926s perception check on one of the pressure
1928s plates
1930s so perception is more like if you notice
1932s something
1935s i don't mind investigation
1937s you're working actively
1939s yeah i would say investigation
1941s yeah that's that's the investigation
1943s like you're actively checking it right
1944s you're you're looking around at here
1946s okay no that's not so bad so
1949s from what you can tell
1951s um there's certainly something
1953s mechanical going on here like
1955s um
1956s potentially could be connected to
1958s something else but you're not 100 on it
1962s [Music]
1965s carol will do the same
1967s i actually think it is smart to
1969s you know i think it's okay for temur to
1972s be outside because like it says have one
1974s person on the outside well all of us are
1976s inside you know what i mean
1977s so yeah
1979s so full send it i'm gonna step up and
1981s say
1982s all right you step and nothing happens
1986s great
1987s there's a visible
1989s like the it does go down it decreases
1992s into the ground but it's almost like it
1994s stops because something's missing and
1996s you hear it click and that's it
2000s um are you doing the same
2001s my
2003s yes i'm gonna have fun there's another
2005s click and this time a little bit more
2007s like
2008s like the gears trying to move
2010s and you guys are inside what about you
2012s gossip
2014s i want to step on the other pressure
2016s plate
2017s and from the inside or from the outside
2024s i'm scared you're a tank be on the
2026s inside
2028s you have the most ac it would be prudent
2030s for you to stay inside
2032s yeah we're all kind of squishy but at
2034s the same time
2035s what would happen if i was on the
2037s outside um no i i'm gonna stay on the
2040s inside but i'm just gonna instinctively
2042s just like hold
2044s a part of my store just in case i need
2046s to get ready
2047s just out of your instinct
2049s sure
2050s so you um
2052s you stand on it as well
2054s so there's a further grind now jack says
2058s are you going to instruct your mage hand
2059s to put the pressure on the plate
2062s yes
2064s okay
2065s so the final piece of pressure goes
2069s instantly there's a blinding flash of
2071s light as the rust clears from the
2073s outside of the cage
2075s the smaller cage inside lifts up
2079s uh and the mushrooms are free in the
2081s middle
2084s oh i'm gonna
2085s i'm gonna walk towards it
2088s yeah do it so you're standing off the
2090s pressure plate
2096s the cage for the mushrooms falls
2098s straight back down on top of them
2101s can i can i replace
2104s the mage well i want to keep mage hand
2106s active but can i shove my like hooved
2108s foot through the bars of the cage to
2111s stand on the um the pressure plate
2114s sure you can do that and the mage had to
2117s get the mushrooms
2119s yes
2120s okay so your mate so all four down the
2123s cage raises up again
2126s and the mage hand picks up the mushrooms
2127s underneath moves it to one side i'm
2129s guessing
2131s yes
2132s uh out the door
2134s okay at that moment i'm gonna need
2137s jackson to make me a dexterity saving
2140s throne
2141s okay oh god all right got it buddy
2147s well
2148s don't worry guys
2151s i'm incredible
2153s i'm incredible
2155s jackson amazing
2157s table
2158s with death skill realizes exactly what's
2160s going on and quickly moves their boot
2162s out of the way
2164s as the cage with your three compatriots
2166s shoots down into the ground 20 foot
2170s and the floor below them begins to fill
2173s with water
2176s now
2178s you have the mushrooms
2180s i'm gonna we're gonna
2182s run what's called a skill challenge in
2184s dungeons and dragons so a skill
2185s challenge is where you need to get a
2188s certain amount of successes to do
2189s something
2190s in this case it's breaking out the cage
2194s and getting to safety before you drown
2198s so
2199s you've got a certain number of successes
2201s but
2202s if you fail
2203s throughout
2206s then the task is failed and obviously
2208s things will go wrong so
2211s who wants to go first who wants to try
2213s and escape
2215s from this prison that's slowly filling
2218s up with water
2220s jaxus can help as well because you can
2222s see the cage down there jaxes so if
2223s there's something you want to do
2226s you can absolutely help
2234s sorry guys i feel so amazing it was my
2237s plan i didn't think about it
2253s don't worry about me
2256s so the water this is in real time is now
2258s up to your ankles and it's quickly
2260s rising up
2262s from the stream which appears to be
2264s coming out of a small plate so to your
2266s side of the cage there's a sewer pipe
2269s which is gushing out this
2270s rancid green fetid water similar to what
2274s was in the sewers on the first node on
2276s front
2279s okay i want to run up to the door and
2282s extend it
2285s okay we're 20 feet under
2287s the the door is locked
2289s and so you you've shot down 20 feet
2292s through a magical trapdoor so you're
2295s you're into the round down 20 feet and
2298s so the dot in front of you just looks
2300s into bed right in front of you
2303s the only other piece that you can see
2305s around on another side of the cage
2308s where water's gushing in from us right
2312s okay i'd like to try to escape
2316s okay what are you gonna talk to me uh
2319s okay so the top
2321s you describe the cage as like um like a
2324s mesh
2329s what's the and i'm assuming the the
2331s ceiling of the cage is this material
2334s yep absolutely as far as you can tell
2336s it's steel
2338s i'd like try and tear through it with
2340s the with the uh claws i got from our
2343s first session
2345s can't cut this out and cut his way out
2348s let's have you can you make me and it's
2350s crawl please let's see how well that
2352s affects it
2353s so as a general rule if you hit um on a
2357s natural 20 it counts as two successes
2359s and obviously a natural one counts as
2361s two failures
2364s okay here we go
2366s [Music]
2372s but it's not good enough to pierce the
2374s armor class so that's one failure
2378s all right
2380s okay
2381s i'm going to uh
2383s summon my spiritual weapon
2385s and try to do the same
2388s okay
2389s let's go for that
2391s here we go
2393s let's have an attack wrong
2397s oh come on dude wait well this time is
2400s that
2402s oh my gosh
2404s that's another failure i'm afraid
2406s okay so the moment you have zero
2409s successes
2410s and two faders
2412s okay okay i got this leave it to me i
2415s got it i can do anything
2417s okay so so you've described that the
2420s door itself is kind of basically
2422s fair shut because of the water but you
2424s said there was another
2426s partial-ish exit right over here on the
2428s side of the cage you can see a sewer
2430s pipe on the other side but again you're
2432s within the cage so the sewer pipe has
2434s this water coming in
2436s the sewer pipes may be about your waist
2438s height and because it's a mesh that's
2440s how the water is getting through
2442s so if you're thinking of escaping into
2444s the sewer pipe which i think you may be
2446s considering or something similar you
2448s would have to get rid of the cage in
2451s front of you first and then try and find
2453s a way through the pipe afterwards all
2455s the while there's gonna be fresh water
2457s gushing through
2461s okay
2462s the only thing that's going through my
2464s mind
2465s is using my animated shield to cover up
2467s the side of the pipe to slow down the
2468s water that's a good idea to imagine
2471s so i was thinking if i could control it
2473s with my mind obviously just keep it
2475s there slow it down give us a little bit
2477s of extra time and then we could try to
2479s get out of the door
2480s um i would like to
2483s use my oh is that a that's a bonus
2485s action
2486s okay so i want to use my animated shield
2489s so don't worry this isn't combat so you
2491s you can do whatever however you want to
2493s do it you're not an initiative order or
2494s anything like that now think about this
2497s if there's
2498s if you've got the um
2500s say the sewer line there
2502s and then you've got the cage there
2504s you've got this gap there so how are you
2507s going to get the shield from there
2510s beyond the cage and up against the pipe
2513s let's just like just like put it on its
2514s side and just slide it through the bars
2516s right
2517s i'm afraid that the mesh is a little bit
2520s too close together because otherwise if
2522s you can put a shield through there you'd
2524s be able to post uh
2526s possibly tikka through there because
2527s teak is quite small and live i have a
2529s torch what if i set it on fire is it
2531s like a cloth mesh is it like a metal oh
2533s it's a steel mesh like a steel metal
2536s imagine it's like
2537s hardcore chicken wire
2541s okay i have an idea
2543s okay
2544s so i still have my
2546s my fire gloves right
2548s you do yeah so i would like to
2551s heat up the metal bars
2554s and um that was my idea that they're
2557s easier and more malleable yep maybe i
2559s should have left them maybe
2561s no no you can go ahead
2565s let me think about this how am i gonna
2566s do this for you carol i'm gonna get you
2568s to make a
2570s what's your
2572s it's like a melee attack isn't it so i'm
2574s gonna get you to make a
2579s constitution check because you're quite
2581s close
2582s um
2583s we'll see
2585s like how well you can take the heat if
2587s that makes sense while you're putting
2589s this up because you're hearing the metal
2606s it's not necessarily a failure
2608s because
2610s you've not caused anything bad to happen
2612s or anything like that um but certainly
2615s gloves won't be usable again by you
2618s because they're just overheating at this
2620s point
2621s oh hammer i yeah
2623s it's not hot enough
2625s i haven't done it
2629s okay hold on hold on leader position
2631s here taking control so what part what
2633s part of the cage did you just heat up
2636s was it that was it the ceiling
2639s yeah
2640s wait yeah okay
2643s um [ __ ] okay if the ceiling is weakened
2647s the hardest hitter here needs to hit it
2649s now
2652s gossip you get us through that ceiling
2653s or we're all dead no no pressure
2656s okay i have an idea in regards to that
2658s so
2659s okay i might need your help
2661s i might need your help you can fly right
2665s yeah but i've got no room to fly anyway
2667s continue
2668s okay
2669s what if okay
2671s obviously up to your knees at this point
2673s the water oh
2676s can i stand in your shoulders and use
2678s you as leverage and i could push like
2681s if i may interject
2683s if i may
2685s there is another way
2688s chris i'd like to go demon form
2691s okay
2693s and i'd like to jump down on top of the
2694s roof of the cage
2696s lunging attack onto the cage do it
2700s which is muffled as much force and my
2702s hooves is i can possibly muster onto the
2705s um
2707s let's get a
2710s an athletics check please i'll put it in
2713s the chat for you i'm scared heckin
2717s this may sound very loud cover your ears
2722s please
2724s okay that's not bad it's good it's the
2726s first success that you've had you kind
2729s of feel so you you guys are all doing
2731s what you're doing down there you're
2732s you're trying to get out you're slashing
2734s the the thing you're a bit panicked and
2736s you hear
2738s as suddenly this huge demon falls and
2741s stamps her way onto there and the male
2743s begins to bend at the top
2746s now at this point jaxes you're also now
2749s uh 10 feet down so you could climb out
2753s but the other guys um they're 20 feet
2756s down because the cage is about 10 feet
2758s so you've got to think of that as well
2760s so that's your first success
2762s so you're on one success
2764s and two failures
2766s now okay now
2768s can i do another thing everyone or does
2771s someone else have a plan
2773s i was to help you pull yourself
2774s just came down
2776s i have acid splash
2778s that i could use at bars oh
2782s get out of the way everybody so i'm like
2784s yup everybody get underneath gossip
2787s shield i'm gonna hold my shield up and
2789s protect us if that's okay
2792s okay no problem so
2794s why don't you put your house
2796s and you're gonna have the animated
2798s shield underneath where that drops so
2800s none of the acid drops onto you guys
2802s gossip kind of thing so it's like a
2803s protective barrier yeah yeah
2806s i think so
2807s um do you want to put acid splash in the
2809s chap
2810s nexus and we'll yes i do make sure that
2812s that goes on
2815s okay okay
2817s so
2819s yeah so that's the damage that's all
2821s good so of course six points of damage
2822s that'd be enough for a success
2824s um
2825s okay i'm now it's an inanimate object so
2828s we're gonna be nice and say that that's
2830s an automatic success
2832s for this time
2834s so
2836s the
2837s metal is stressed now
2840s and it's beginning part of it are
2842s beginning to corrode so remember i said
2844s that the start was full of rust you can
2846s see bits of it are now corroding
2848s underneath that rust is gone
2850s the corrosion is beginning to take place
2853s so you've got two successes in two
2854s phases
2856s can i add to that since i see it
2859s corroding i since i have my shield could
2861s i just
2862s oh
2863s can i just like speed up the process and
2865s like push my shield to just
2868s get the metal away so we can get the
2870s heck out of here like straight up like
2874s hack it with yours in my mind it was
2875s like yeah yeah you might i just kind of
2877s push up with my shield and hopes that
2879s the metal will just break open we could
2880s just climb out
2882s so you're gonna are you doing this in
2884s order because your shield has caught the
2885s acid and you're trying to push that
2887s against or is this a brute force attack
2889s kind of thing
2891s kind of a mixture of the two if that's
2893s like so
2896s so rather than doing an attack
2899s yeah no no i i get what you're saying
2900s rather than do an attack this is 10 foot
2902s up so i'm gonna need a jump kind of
2905s ability from you so i'm going to ask for
2907s an achromatics check
2908s in the chat this is going to look really
2911s cool if it works
2912s if it works
2922s [Laughter]
2927s okay so you better do it right
2930s i'm just gonna like take a deep breath
2931s and like hold my crystal and be like
2933s okay
2934s just
2936s wait
2937s the crystals all work for carol's
2939s friends so i'm sure they'll work for you
2941s so it says that i have a i'm a i'm
2943s proficient in acrobatics does that mean
2945s i have an advantage or just just it just
2947s rolls like it means do you get an
2949s additional two to it so you just roll as
2951s normal software will take rid of it
2954s as the life elf that you are
2957s that's a success 13 plus 5 that's an 18.
2961s you're on the three successes
2964s as you all seen byron jump up
2967s pick the shield out of midair by slicing
2969s her hand and
2971s bang with a back fist and knocking it
2973s back up a little bit more and you kind
2975s of see that corrosion
2977s as the
2978s the um
2981s as it kind of gets towards you a little
2983s bit more and the kind of bends in and
2985s out but the cage is still there guys
2988s okay you've got three successes
2990s two failures
2991s what are we going to try next
2993s can i start oh my spiritual weapon's
2995s still out
2997s oh
3001s yeah
3002s can i give it a whack
3004s yep sure because your spiritual weapon
3006s is spiritual as well you can just do a
3008s standard attack because it can go where
3010s you need it to
3014s [Music]
3018s i'll uh put that because you've used two
3020s on that i know you've got it okay
3023s yeah
3023s oh that is a very solid hit
3028s you're on four successes
3030s nice
3033s another loud clang
3035s as uh have you got your meat tenderizer
3037s then
3039s oh yeah i do
3040s the spiritual weapon
3043s comes up
3046s now at this point it's up to thigh
3049s length
3050s thigh height by length high height
3053s on uh water
3055s so you're going to need to act quickly
3057s at this point guys
3059s um question uh
3061s taymor you're still on top right
3063s yeah
3064s okay i'm still indeed
3066s okay so if i push and i drew it one more
3069s time and you pull at the same time we
3071s could rip off the ceiling and we could
3073s get out do i like it
3074s so on a count of three i'm gonna have to
3077s i think so i think so i'm gonna have to
3078s stand on somebody's shoulders because
3080s there's no way sorry if that's okay if i
3083s could get it
3085s yeah how about you stand on your shield
3089s oh there you go
3091s oh my god
3092s you put your shield horizontal and you
3094s can stand it right
3097s that's right yeah if we could do that
3099s and then we can then we have to work
3102s together like you have to use everything
3104s to yank it off and i have to push really
3105s really hard and then as soon as that
3107s happens you're going to have to get them
3109s out climb up
3111s it's we're gonna have to really climb up
3113s this chain we're gonna have to act
3115s quickly but you're gonna have to trust
3116s me
3117s i'm gonna ask for both of you to make an
3120s athletics check
3122s yes sir
3134s so that's a double success and at this
3137s point the cage is on its last piece as
3141s you guys are pulling and pushing at the
3143s same time yeah
3145s and it's kind of like one good shove and
3148s you guys will be able to get out of
3149s there or one good piece or one good
3151s build of work it's corroded it's nearly
3154s gone what are you gonna do next
3159s yeah
3161s he's just gonna stop through
3166s did you have a better idea
3168s i was just gonna use my whole body and
3170s just kind of get my back into it since
3171s i'm already up there and just kind of so
3173s that way the metal is pointed up this
3175s way for easy access and not down so that
3178s way you have to do like oh you get cut
3180s here you lose some health or something
3182s like that i'd rather just be up so
3183s nobody gets it gets hurt so if you can
3186s do it
3190s absolutely
3192s okay
3204s [Applause]
3206s the music
3210s okay
3213s is this another athletics check for both
3215s of us yeah another athletics check
3218s all right
3223s [Music]
3229s there's acid on my hands now
3236s myron manages to push through
3239s unfortunately because it's a joint check
3242s the cage smashes into jaxes who takes a
3245s small amount of damage which we're gonna
3247s roll for
3249s it's okay you're okay just brush it off
3251s it's just a flesh wound
3253s okay that's slightly more than i thought
3255s 11 points of damage but
3257s jax is also the acid
3260s jax this is also in demon form so when
3264s comes back out tamor will be renewed
3266s from the wild shape so
3268s the
3268s butt more importantly the cage
3272s bursts open and there's a hole now big
3274s enough to get out you've got gossip
3276s culls
3277s um shield which is still horizontal so
3280s you guys can climb out using that and
3282s the chain going all the way to the top
3285s obviously at this point jack says you
3286s can get the mushrooms if you wish
3288s from your mage hand
3290s but the water is at waist height so you
3293s guys we're gonna need one last check
3294s from all of you uh not
3297s jack says obviously but
3299s rest of you guys a very easy
3302s uh acrobatics check to see if you can
3304s climb up
3306s and out of the pit that's quickly
3308s filling with water now it seems to have
3310s sped up somewhat
3312s can i make an athletics checkup like
3314s assuming i'm doing brute strength to get
3317s out there now
3318s nope acrobatics i'm afraid in this case
3325s well then
3327s so when i when i roll i want to make i
3329s want to do something as well after i
3330s roll if that's okay
3332s okay girlfriend let's see what happens
3335s well i have an idea and you're gonna be
3337s like oh
3341s okay what i want to do is i could still
3343s control my shield i just want to just
3346s pick up put it underneath tikka it just
3348s whipped him up all the way
3351s yeah oh my god
3354s like an elevator
3356s like an elevator
3359s no what's gonna be great is i'm not i'm
3361s not going to realize this is happening
3363s it's going to kind of sweep me off my
3365s feet and you're just going to hear
3367s as he like
3368s freaks out and grabs the [ __ ] edges
3370s of the shield
3372s oh not a duck
3385s you guys have your first
3386s bag
3388s of the mico mushrooms well done guys
3389s give yourselves a round of applause
3391s you've done a good job
3393s what i want what i want to do is once
3394s we're up to the top i just want to go up
3397s to
3398s i want to go up to tikka because i've
3399s been studying the birds right listening
3401s to how they are now i just want to pat
3403s it i just want to pat him on the back
3404s and just
3408s just
3411s i don't know what i said
3413s but i'm trying to console this angry
3416s upset bird
3419s that's um
3421s myrrh i'm gonna have you make me a
3422s history check right now just to see if
3424s you understand
3426s how the language goes here or would you
3429s prefer performance you can have either
3430s all history or performance i'll let the
3433s dealer decide what do you think
3435s i think performance for sure
3438s definitely dude make the performance
3440s [ __ ]
3449s like it's legible you didn't say
3450s anything about his mother it's it's fine
3453s you know
3456s you've maybe used the wrong word for
3458s feather
3458s but
3472s this is a family-friendly stream
3477s thought it was wholesome
3480s never bringing you to my
3481s thanksgiving dinner i don't know
3483s thanksgivings candy oh my god
3485s don't say thanksgiving okay um
3488s [Music]
3490s we're all out of the cage
3492s did we get out of the room too with the
3493s mushrooms yeah
3495s the water gets to the top and you kind
3497s of see it rise but it doesn't come any
3499s higher and it just sinks down again
3502s so obviously you guys
3504s had just made your way out of something
3506s difficult and that that's the point of
3508s those those skill challenges just like
3511s in the crosses front right you guys have
3513s to complete certain things by skilling
3516s just like here
3518s so uh yeah that's what you could
3520s probably expect more bits like that
3524s absolutely all right absolutely
3527s i'd like to uh kind of rub my
3530s acid-covered hands now as i
3533s come out of demon form into normal form
3537s are you okay
3540s sure we're not gonna need
3552s [Music]
3556s now guys let's have a little
3557s conversation here who was the mvp there
3564s i'm just kidding well i can already say
3566s it wasn't me
3570s don't tell yourself sure
3572s well the problem is all of us had
3574s something to do it was just a matter of
3578s who could that's right it was it was you
3580s all you were all part of a team it was
3583s great teamwork well done
3585s exactly exactly
3587s here there's my cracky self i'd like to
3589s eat
3590s me
3592s oh i do want to look back at the rest of
3594s the team kind of rubbing my hands and
3596s just smirk a little and i say i told you
3598s there was strength and chaos
3601s and just keep walking okay okay okay
3603s okay
3605s we're not attempting that
3608s wait wait i wanna i wanna catch up with
3610s ten more just um wait some more
3613s yes um before you said you're a part of
3616s the zarasien empire right
3621s well um
3623s a little bit
3625s right um
3630s yes just um
3631s when you were part of the zarzian empire
3634s were you
3635s were you hypnotized
3637s by
3638s that zaros
3640s at all
3644s i see what you're saying
3646s being around him is very
3649s intoxicating i must admit but i myself
3653s have never been in close proximity with
3655s the empty lord
3657s too many times
3659s why do you ask
3662s well
3664s i
3666s i just know someone who has been in
3669s proximity to him and
3672s i just
3673s didn't know if there's a way to to break
3675s it
3676s to
3679s prevent it is it like a spell he casts
3681s is it a
3684s as far as i know zaros just is
3688s and any near him to simply fall to their
3691s knees in reverence
3697s why who did you lose
3700s um well
3703s my second husband was a
3705s temple knight
3708s i think the news spread of what happened
3710s with them ah
3714s zeros
3715s she drinks wine
3719s it was cowardly enough to steal someone
3721s else's army
3725s if it makes you feel good you are not
3727s alone in your hatred of zeros
3729s [Music]
3732s i'm glad to hear that
3733s and well
3736s even though we follow different gods
3737s rather polar opposite gods i suppose
3741s this whole thing is zaros's
3744s creation his mess i
3746s guess i could take solace in knowing
3748s that
3749s we're all trying to
3751s fix it and stop whatever he created
3755s i like the sound of that
3757s i want to put my my big clawed hand on
3759s one of her big old shoulder patterns and
3761s i'll say we'll find a way to bring your
3763s husband back
3766s thank you
3767s um you guys yeah but one second one
3770s second um she kind of reaches into her
3772s little book purse and she takes out a
3775s little shot and pours a little wine for
3777s her and just says um
3778s you like red wine
3788s it's so tiny in my claws
3790s yeah it's a shot glass it's like nothing
3793s crazy
3795s i'll i'll i'll raise a shot glass and
3797s i'll say to freedom
3799s the freedom
3800s [Music]
3802s i'm gonna look over them having a little
3804s dinner party i'm gonna say can we stop
3806s having a dinner party and save the world
3809s excuse you
3812s we're having conversations we're having
3813s an intimate conversation
3816s we're being timed
3819s okay okay okay
3822s in the interest of time ladies and
3824s gentlemen
3826s oh my goodness
3829s well now what's that
3830s wasn't that a great bit of uh
3833s story and lore all at once
3835s i love it
3851s i love how she just like drank her wine
3853s afterwards she's like he's gone
3857s it's fine it's actually fine i'm so
3859s happy it's fine it's fine
3862s you know three children
3864s he just you know decided sorry
3867s oh my judge
3872s right guys all my homies hate zeros
3875s oh my homies yeah
3879s right screw that guy
3882s all right what are we looking at here
3883s what about what do we look what do we
3885s got what do we got okay
3886s so
3887s the uh
3889s the second crypt inside
3893s you guys enter this crypt and it's small
3897s and inside although it looks square on
3899s the outside the walls
3900s have been turned into a septage
3903s a seven sided room
3906s there's a statue in the middle made of
3909s stone of a seven armed woman
3913s holding three arms up in the air with
3915s their palms held upward
3918s she also has four arms at her waist
3921s held outward with their palms upward as
3924s if to hold something
3926s engraved on her chest cruelly crudely
3929s with a sharp tool is the phrase
3932s give me many lies
3935s or you will be the next one who dies
3942s give me many lies or you will be the
3945s next who dies
3948s on the floor are seven circular tiles
3951s numbered one to seven which is strewn
3953s about randomly
3959s okay
3961s interesting um
3968s [Music]
3973s the tire yeah sure so these are small
3975s tiles maybe
3977s um
3979s the size of like an xbox controller or
3982s something he says looking around his
3984s desk frantically uh and
3986s you'd be able to embed their marks with
3988s the numbers
3990s um so you approach the number one uh
3992s it's a white square and it's just got
3994s the number one
3996s uh in numerals
4000s if i lift it um there's no way to lift
4002s it there's nothing underneath no yeah
4004s you can lift this yeah no it looks fine
4007s um
4008s it just looks like a plain tile
4011s [Music]
4013s can i make an arcana check
4017s yeah sure
4021s i'd like to make an arc on a deck on the
4023s uh statue
4024s while she's doing this
4026s um yeah sure what what kind of thing are
4028s you looking to see if it's magical
4030s are you looking to see
4033s um what what sort of thing are you
4034s looking for there jaxes
4037s mostly yeah what kind of magic is behind
4039s this if there's no magic it's probably
4041s um
4043s machinery like the last one but like is
4045s it trapped with glyphs or something you
4047s know things like that
4052s never mind uh it's a statue
4055s cool
4057s seven arms sure
4059s yep
4060s i think that's pretty neat
4063s hey wow one
4065s two three
4067s how many um how many claws does table
4069s have on each hand how many uh digits on
4071s each claw
4073s one
4076s [Music]
4078s i was gonna be in the background you're
4079s doing great
4083s i went to damon college i worked as a
4086s freaking clerk and a digman butler i
4089s know how to count
4091s was it a technical college
4096s it was a trade school
4101s hey i actually went to a trade school
4103s don't do that to me
4109s [Music]
4111s i got my liberal arts degree
4116s oh no
4118s [Music]
4121s okay here's the question looking at the
4123s seven sided walls is there anything
4126s interesting about those are they just
4127s seven sided
4129s it's just yeah
4131s there's just seven walls around you
4133s presumably
4134s um everything is about seven
4136s because there are seven hands
4140s i wonder
4141s i wonder if we actually need to tell
4143s lies in this room every single step of
4145s the way we cannot tell the truth because
4147s if we
4149s that's that's where my mind is going
4151s i think that we i each pedestal or like
4153s every every little we need to stay a lie
4157s in order to get can i walk wait what's
4159s up i'm already kind of into the center
4161s of the room i i hear myron thinking out
4163s loud and i just want to tilt my head
4165s back and yell out into the open air
4167s zaros is a great guy who deserves all
4169s the love in the world
4173s i'm just going to stare blankly like
4177s [Laughter]
4178s what it was like you didn't get your own
4180s idea
4183s did anything happen
4185s did anything nothing
4187s nothing happens i'm afraid perfect
4190s that's exactly what i wanted
4192s that's exactly what i wanted
4196s what do you do
4198s this is obviously
4199s a construct you think heresy is going to
4201s fly in this place i just wanted to see
4203s what would happen all right that's right
4204s right so can we can i get a repeat of
4206s what the if you i need seven lies or you
4209s also will sure
4211s so on the stomach on the chest sorry
4214s crudely with a sharp tool
4216s is the phrase give me many lies
4219s or you will be the next who dies
4224s what if we try placing a tile on
4227s a hand maybe that'll prompt something to
4230s give us another clue give us give us an
4232s idea where we're going yeah okay which
4234s tile should we pick
4237s i suppose we should start with one
4240s okay i don't know if the rest of you
4241s learned to count
4243s that's usually where numbers start
4246s but that's already there
4251s i'm gonna walk in right and get to go to
4253s the thing and i'm gonna go right by time
4255s and go one ah
4257s [Music]
4261s does this invoke any memories of a
4263s previous career that you once had on
4265s television what's the uh
4268s i don't wanna talk about it
4275s there might have been a uh there might
4277s have been a kids show on abandon
4280s or
4281s you know the younglings
4283s um it might have been the vampires
4285s they might have they might have picked
4287s me for my vibrant blue feathers but
4288s we're not going to talk about that right
4290s now we're going to talk about tile
4293s i didn't know you're standing in the
4294s presence of a celebrity
4301s oh god what is happening
4304s you guys are kidding me this is uh what
4306s the title hey if anybody would like to
4308s hire me for their birthday parties i
4310s have a con costume it's just anybody
4312s hire me i'll pay oh i'll take any
4314s payment i'll work for free thank you who
4316s are you talking about
4319s we're just gonna look around
4322s i said there were seven walls not to
4324s break the fourth wall but um
4341s and i place it in one of the hands
4344s what tile and which hand
4347s so there are four outstretched
4350s [Music]
4351s they're four outstretched um i guess the
4354s one on the lower left
4356s so like there are four they're all even
4359s like in front like this
4361s so there's like two on the outside and
4362s then one there
4364s so they're they're all no rough time
4366s so like you're placing the one in the
4368s left
4371s one in the left
4372s okay
4373s um
4374s make me a dexterity saving for i'll put
4378s it in the chat for
4380s never a good sign
4394s carol is very shocked
4397s as the hand throws the tile on the floor
4401s and it snaps into place where it was
4403s and then turns around and with the back
4405s of his hand slaps her with a hard stone
4409s that was kind of funny almost spills her
4412s wine
4413s that's gonna sting in the morning as the
4415s four hands go back to where they were
4418s hmm i'm gonna hide behind him we're
4420s trying to collapse
4423s i've never been slept that hard since
4425s helen at the bake sale
4429s [Music]
4434s what made helen at the bake sale slap
4436s you that hard
4438s did you did you tell her that she'd
4440s store bought a cake is this
4443s she did store buy a cake she did she did
4447s not cook that thing
4449s i refused to believe that that thing was
4452s stale
4456s certainly wasn't worthy
4457s of the great british bake off
4460s okay
4462s which is great okay um i want to try
4465s something
4467s um i think
4470s i think i want to take one of the tiles
4472s um i'll take tile number one again sure
4476s and i want to flip it upside down
4479s and put it on the same hand that nigh
4482s just tried out of curiosity embracing
4485s myself to be slapped
4490s [Music]
4492s ah god
4497s okay okay
4499s so
4500s the tile gets thrown down and
4502s instinctively you're kind of waiting on
4505s what happens there and you duck
4509s now i need to make one more
4516s come on
4519s oh no
4520s unfortunately
4521s the second hand comes round and boxes
4524s you in the air this time closed fist
4528s and this time
4530s it's a little bit harder
4534s oh boy that could have been so this was
4536s definitely a harder hit this was 15
4539s points of damage so
4542s it seems like every time you do
4544s something wrong with one of these tiles
4547s statue hits a little bit harder
4551s um can i
4552s look closer at the statues there's
4554s something about the hands that are
4556s like different
4558s about each other that are giving us a
4560s hint maybe
4563s i'm gonna get you
4566s to make
4566s a
4567s an investigation check
4570s okay
4571s [Music]
4577s it's okay
4578s you know it's on the underside of our
4580s hands
4582s on one hand is
4584s scratched in on the
4586s two middle fingers no
4589s and then on the other hand across is
4591s scratched in lies so our hands almost
4593s look like they're tattooed no lies
4600s no lie
4603s which hands are tattooed lies
4612s so one's got no lies one's got no
4615s and then so the central left
4618s now the center right sorry i'm thinking
4619s of this wrong way on her side the way
4622s that she's looking her central right is
4624s no and then the true left is lies so it
4627s reads no lies
4629s i have a dumb idea i have a dumb idea
4632s and i'm probably gonna really regret
4633s this but in my mind it says
4635s work you can always discuss it first
4638s before doing it
4639s okay well what if the thing says no lies
4642s and all we did before was we just took
4644s the tile and put it in her hand what if
4646s every time she sent the towel to her
4648s hand we just
4649s say a truth
4654s maybe
4655s something for example for example
4658s i could take a tile and put it in a hand
4661s and say something about
4663s myself like
4665s um
4667s a truth i think
4669s tamora is actually a pretty good fighter
4671s and i could just put it down because
4673s it's the truth and
4676s by all means try because i've done i
4679s i'm out of ideas what what might the
4682s numbers
4684s what might they mean
4686s remember that you've got a contradictory
4688s statement here because on a chest is
4690s give me many lies or die no no fingers
4693s are no lies
4695s oh my gosh is this is this is this is
4698s this
4699s two truths and a lie
4701s oh god
4703s wait a minute oh you might be all over
4704s the tiles on the lie hand
4708s can we just stack all the tiles on the
4710s lie hand and not the no hand
4715s um
4716s you could try but i think that says many
4722s why don't you do that
4724s give that a go jexus
4729s so
4730s you pull down all the time
4741s so you've put all of them on the one
4743s that says no yeah in the middle unlike
4746s so the second hand yeah
4749s oh you're the third hand sorry
4751s yes
4752s yes okay
4754s i'm still gonna need a dex check
4756s okay but something different does happen
4758s this time
4760s okay
4766s so you're safe
4768s you dug
4769s on the first one
4772s after you've dug the first one
4774s all of the tiles apart from the number
4778s three
4778s [Music]
4780s all go back to the place and the number
4782s three she picks up and holds
4785s and keeps it there
4789s hmm no more checks
4791s you're all welcome
4793s so you're just sticking all of them in
4795s the hand and whatever one she keeps
4798s that is an idea this was also the third
4801s hand
4802s the third
4805s nothing three nothing
4809s and she said give me many like what the
4812s the chest has written on it give me many
4814s lies or you will be the next who dies
4819s gosh i was never good at math
4821s what about three is a lie
4825s well
4826s i
4827s the thing is the statements are
4828s contradictory
4830s so what if we just put
4833s oh god i don't want to be the one to do
4835s it but what if we just put like the
4837s number one tile on the first hand the
4838s number two tile on the second hand the
4840s number four tile on the fourth hand
4842s and see what's the number one you've
4844s tried the number one on the first hand
4847s we did it that didn't work
4850s twice i'm trying to save your health
4852s pool here
4855s i mean we could try and brute force it
4857s by putting all of them on each hand and
4859s seeing which one sticks
4862s i mean honestly
4863s let's go save time
4865s i will save time
4867s but will that be the only satisfying
4869s outcome
4879s [Music]
4884s one to nine right all the tiles
4890s i'm gonna take all the tiles and try
4892s exactly what jack what uh tamar did and
4895s do it on the next hand so not it's blank
4898s blank three blank i'm gonna try to put
4901s it number five
4903s oh so you're gonna try on the fourth
4905s hand
4906s the fourth hand so the one the one after
4908s the one that's holding the three yeah
4910s yeah i just want to put them all in
4912s there and see which one she takes and
4913s i'm just gonna brace for impact i guess
4915s i just
4919s uh
4920s let's give you the deck savings frame
4923s you know this is coming so at this point
4926s it's a much lower save so you're okay
4931s the first one is real funny though
4938s you take critical damage because you
4940s just stand there and take it
4947s it's only the first one but you do take
4949s 15 points of damage oh my god only the
4953s first
4955s well yeah remember if you get it wrong
4957s she goes for you again
4959s um and you guys have been progressively
4961s getting things wrong but
4963s this time the five stays on that hand
4968s on the fourth hand and she smiles again
4971s so it's something something 3-5
4977s oh no
4979s no
4981s oh
4983s i i've got an idea
4986s uh-huh i'm gonna put
4987s i want to take the
4989s number seven tile and put it on the
4991s first hand
4995s i see what you're doing
4997s yeah you get it she accepts it
5004s and put it on the second hand the number
5006s one tile on the second hand
5009s her eyes light up
5011s and slowly fade out and her chest opens
5014s up to reveal a small bag of mushrooms
5017s chris
5022s he spelled out the word
5025s oh
5026s okay okay
5033s [Laughter]
5038s no
5039s i love it you just you're like okay i'm
5040s ready all right i'm going to be ready
5042s for it to hit me and then just cram
5047s you've got a few between you you've got
5050s a few welts
5051s a few black eyes
5054s but you've only got one more bag of
5056s mushrooms
5057s it's a good one all right
5059s that's there so cats
5061s mvp there right
5066s who picked up those mushrooms by the way
5068s yeah who picked them up
5072s yeah we have them
5074s all right
5076s wow i want to walk beside tika while
5078s he's strolling and i will look down at
5080s this little bird man i will say that was
5082s awfully clever of you
5086s thank you i lucked out
5089s i didn't know you were so well versed in
5092s common languages
5094s at least used by humans i
5096s it has nothing to do with the fact that
5098s i used to be on a kid's show okay why
5100s are we bringing up the kids show all the
5102s time jesus let it go
5105s because you know
5106s that nobody started
5108s no yeah so when
5111s was that one uh
5114s puzzle from
5115s last adventure also from the kids show
5118s that one weird i want to talk about it
5123s it's all falling into place places
5127s um right
5130s rick astley was secretly an aviancy bar
5133s and i knew him
5136s all right
5138s i think it's very cool
5141s the bird knows the word
5144s so
5146s finally
5150s well done we have myself
5164s um
5166s okay steady yourself it's fine
5169s a door frame
5172s with the reflection of the door that
5174s you've just entered in
5175s it's blocking your way and through this
5177s mirror
5179s you guys can see
5180s what what's behind it
5183s this bag of mushrooms the final bag of
5186s mushrooms
5189s so it's a mirrored door in front of you
5192s and beyond the mirror
5195s you can see
5196s this bag of mushrooms it's a weird kind
5199s of thing where you can see beyond
5203s hmm is it one of those mirrors that like
5206s on their side
5209s uh they see a mirror but
5211s on our side we see through it or um what
5213s do you mean you're gonna walk up to it
5217s so it's a mirrored archway so you walk
5219s up and you see yourself there
5222s and the the
5225s you're looking straight at a reflection
5227s of yourself
5229s uh can i walk up to the mirror
5231s and check my teeth
5233s you see a reflection of yourself
5237s [Music]
5238s just like fiddle with my nails you know
5240s brush my hair out beyond your reflection
5243s is still the mushrooms
5247s but it's not behind us in real life
5250s no i mean did anybody turn around and
5251s look
5252s plain old i touch the mirror
5256s i'd like to touch the mirror
5258s and
5259s yourself holds out your hand and slaps
5262s it away
5263s hey
5265s oh
5266s what do you mean hey
5271s you're trying to be polite
5273s no need for rudeness
5276s well there's every need for rudeness
5278s when my name's taymor
5280s okay
5285s i like this mirror
5289s why don't you come up and try it for
5291s yourself mr bird
5295s [Music]
5296s an opportunity for a bird
5298s to look at itself in the mirror why of
5300s course
5302s [Laughter]
5305s uh
5307s no it can't be that simple um
5311s [Music]
5313s yeah i guess i want to just i want to
5315s just reach yeah i want to try and reach
5317s forward and touch the mirror too
5320s absolutely look at the state of your
5322s feathers you're not going through here
5327s that's funny
5328s it's true well i'm sure
5331s they let me through and i want to
5334s walk up and kind of put my hand on it
5337s i'm sorry hun
5339s you've just not bought the right type of
5340s wine
5343s excuse me
5345s this is a classy affair
5348s we're not having any of that box
5350s nonsense here
5352s oh classy you see the state of your eye
5355s shadow darling please there isn't enough
5357s class in here to fill a schoolhouse
5360s whoa i i wanna interestingly
5365s when you
5367s talk to
5368s somebody else's reflection they don't
5371s even ask
5374s they don't pay you any attention
5376s whatsoever
5380s wait i've got it
5382s maybe
5385s um
5386s i'm gonna
5388s my feathers my feathers what are you
5390s talking about you're in there when's the
5391s last time your feathers saw any sunlight
5393s while it's distracted and just like
5395s elbow tamor like you know like trying to
5398s like
5400s uh uh just like
5402s beckon her to go
5406s i can put sunlight whenever i want cast
5408s to spell and on the other side of the
5410s mirror there is sunlight we've cast the
5413s spell sunlight
5415s oh wow this is not distracting
5418s oh that's unfortunate i want to walk up
5422s to the mirror and i want to see if um
5425s just like examine it like i'm not going
5427s to say anything after like watching them
5429s yell at this mirror i don't know what's
5430s going on but i'm just going to see if
5432s it's breakable
5443s i want to take my shield and punch this
5445s mirror and break it like a door
5449s go to punch the door and you take one
5452s point of damage as opposite myron raises
5455s their shield and you hit
5457s the shield myron
5460s come on
5461s you think i'm that easy
5464s hoy
5466s yes
5469s oh that didn't work at all
5472s no it didn't uh it just as a little test
5474s chris can i use thaumaturgy to change my
5477s eyes like purple just to see if the same
5479s happens on the opposite side
5482s you can absolutely okay
5485s so as you do it
5486s your
5487s opposite number does exactly the same
5490s because thormaturgy
5492s and the eyes turn apart
5495s can i make an arcana
5497s isn't it
5502s let me pop that in for you
5504s yes sir
5513s it was almost really bad
5515s so
5516s you get the feeling that this is
5519s um
5520s a pocket dimension
5521s so essentially
5523s you while you can walk through
5526s it's a very small dimension almost like
5529s the size of a wardrobe or something like
5531s that that will mirror whatever is
5534s possible for you to do
5536s in this dimension or anybody else that
5538s would come up to it for that matter
5542s i have an idea
5543s how do i do you guys have to bear with
5545s me here for a second let's stand in
5547s front of the mayor
5549s and
5551s once i've lined myself up with the
5552s reflection look at the um
5555s the mushrooms
5557s behind my reflection and try to reach
5559s back
5560s and see if i can't get my reflection to
5562s grab it
5564s oh that's fun hand it to me
5566s or you know push it through the mirror
5568s if i can't trick you
5570s you see what i'm getting at right
5572s sure so
5574s the
5574s mirror
5576s image of you just goes
5578s nope
5580s no it's gonna work son
5582s oh sure how convenient
5585s i'm gonna walk around to the other side
5588s if possible and see if there's like just
5590s happens to be like an entryway in or
5592s something like that if it's just this
5593s beer
5596s so um there's so the i don't know if jax
5599s has shared this um it's up to table but
5602s essentially this is a dimension within
5605s there so it doesn't matter where what's
5608s physically there this is a dimension
5610s within the room so it's not going to be
5612s like there's no other entrance the
5614s portal to the dimension is this mirror
5617s that you're looking at
5618s hmm
5620s yes i would probably i i would share
5622s that in hushed tones
5624s with my party
5626s oh this might be very tricky
5629s i want to go up to the reflection again
5632s oh okay
5635s oh i was just going to say i want to go
5636s up to
5638s because i tried beating that i tried
5640s punching the mirror
5641s so i want to try going up to my
5643s reflection and trying to do a compliment
5645s and see if i can distract my reflection
5647s in a way
5648s and then also kind of mimicking what
5651s uh tikka did trying to get my reflection
5653s to
5654s you know
5656s get the bag of mushrooms and bring it
5657s over so just kind of like reaching me
5659s like i just i absolutely love your armor
5661s it is so nice isn't that so great where
5664s did you get that
5665s wow did you get your eyebrows done they
5668s look so good just like
5670s oh
5671s compliment
5679s [Music]
5680s but you're not having the mushrooms
5685s well hey we didn't say anything about
5687s wanting the mushrooms
5689s no that does break a point
5691s i want to
5693s when i ask
5694s when i ask myron's reflection what it
5696s what
5698s what what will it take to get the
5701s mushrooms from you i'm not asking my
5702s reflection
5705s myron's reflection point blank ignores
5707s you doesn't even register
5709s i'm gonna look at my reflection in the
5711s mirror after what tika said and try to
5713s say it seeing that my reflection didn't
5715s respond and then say exactly what tikka
5717s said be like so what's it gonna take to
5720s get that that bag of mushrooms i'll
5722s trade for a trade
5726s hmm
5730s so your reflection looks at you and says
5737s you can have them
5739s come on
5743s yeah just come get him i love it
5748s i feel like this is a trap
5750s apparel insight
5753s yeah roll inside
5757s on someone else's reflection
5760s uh you she can see this going on so you
5763s guys can all see what's going on they're
5765s just your reflections are ignorant at 13
5768s um what what are you trying to get
5770s inside if they're lying if they're
5775s what's the uh they're lying they're if
5777s they're setting up or something
5779s they're lying she'll she'll get a hit in
5781s the head with a shield or something
5784s myron don't they're gonna
5786s the whole point
5788s i'll give you a clue at this point the
5790s whole point of these guys
5792s is they will mimic your actions
5795s and block the way
5800s well
5801s i already tried carol aaron of the other
5804s dimension
5806s i have a proposal
5809s hi
5809s uh how about a little competition
5814s well okay
5815s if you're if you're anything like good
5817s natured like the real
5819s real karen
5820s uh carol aaron you would have a little
5823s um wine bottle behind you am i correct
5828s i do
5830s and uh magically a goblet of wine
5832s appears
5834s have a little drinking competition
5837s yes i'm going to go back to
5839s just
5846s two wine bottles
5849s loses
5852s she's gonna drink you're gonna drink
5855s with your uh reflection
5862s okay um so your reflection gets drunk
5865s exactly the same rate as you
5869s i can handle it better great
5871s so carol's blaster
5875s things get a little bit wavy
5878s you think you can hear nickelback
5880s playing somewhere in the background
5883s you think back to the second husband
5887s oh my god
5888s oh no
5890s it gets all teary oh god i've got an
5892s idea okay so i've got nice
5894s is carol a messy drunk
5897s yeah a little bit she's like kind of
5899s messed up sad now she
5902s so um she looks at her reflection and
5904s goes
5905s feeling kind of
5907s nasty aren't you
5911s yeah
5913s yeah
5915s yeah
5917s yeah
5918s well i want this to
5920s immediately hit her with my uh my
5923s spiritual weapon
5929s doesn't go through
5931s the spiritual weapons hit and
5934s knock each other out of existence
5943s and just be like i wonder if you can
5945s cast me chan inside of there and bring
5947s it over and we'll distract all of our
5949s characters i like all of our reflections
5951s they'll just cast mage and at the same
5953s time i'm thinking about that too
5955s whatever we do they will mimic i'm
5957s thinking
5958s either more attackers charismatic
5960s options however will you hush child and
5964s i put my clawed hand over her elven face
5966s and i look over to tikka and i say go
5969s ahead
5970s okay great um i'm gonna walk in the
5973s mirror backwards
5979s um you feel the back against your back
5983s damn it
5985s okay yes okay
5990s i dread
5993s can i just i want to look at my
5994s reflection i'll just say why are you
5996s here
5999s i don't know
6001s why are you here
6005s i asked you first
6011s well then you've also asked me first and
6013s i in turn have asked you first
6019s should you really be talking to
6021s yourself hmm i do it a lot more you
6024s would know that
6026s i would
6027s that's why we're here having this
6029s conversation
6031s mm-hmm mature what's this
6035s so who are those fellas next to you
6039s there's no one next to me
6042s oh really
6043s [Music]
6044s it's just you all is there really anyone
6047s next to you
6048s or are those nagging feelings of
6050s loneliness pulling again table
6058s [Music]
6061s it appears to me that you are the only
6062s one alone here
6066s we're all alone
6070s tell me i wha
6072s what you're doing here
6073s [Music]
6075s tell me what you're doing here
6084s i'll just point gently to the mushrooms
6086s i'm looking for those
6089s where you found them
6094s and do you have any use for them
6098s yes
6100s oh really
6102s raytel i'm very interested
6104s well to stop you getting them
6107s ah
6109s that is your whole existence isn't it
6111s just to stop me from getting those
6113s mushrooms
6114s it must be available
6118s it's working out a lot better for me
6120s than you right now
6122s um is it are you sure
6124s have you got the best that's just what i
6126s want you to think
6128s i'm pretty sure that's what you want me
6130s to think yes
6133s do you mean
6135s these mushrooms
6138s and i pull out no i mean another very
6140s similar
6142s but are you sure these mushrooms aren't
6143s those mushrooms
6145s those mushrooms weigh three times as
6146s much as these mushrooms
6149s ah so there's less mushrooms in there
6152s how can i be sure that those are
6153s actually mushrooms
6158s well i'll put mine away
6161s i can't hmm
6162s this is the most i've ever spoken about
6164s mushrooms in my life by the way
6168s very odd conversation very stimulating
6170s i will say i have um
6173s sorry infectious
6176s uh
6177s well
6180s uh like tamara said it might
6183s there might be uh
6185s maybe let's alone in there what if
6187s what if you came out here
6190s and spell
6191s intermingled with us
6196s oh after you
6198s [Music]
6201s you know what
6203s so be it let's swap please for a little
6205s bit
6207s no problem huh
6209s fine then mirror the mirror dissipates
6212s and the mushrooms are free to get above
6215s the reflections
6223s [Music]
6229s and she
6230s all that ny did was say why don't you
6233s come out here because if they're out
6234s there then you can be in there
6236s [Music]
6238s okay whatever this is science i don't
6240s get i wasn't good at it was smooth
6244s oh i had
6252s you'll be very glad to hear that you now
6254s have the full amount of mushrooms needed
6257s to go into the final crypt
6259s east side of the graveyard
6262s so meyer was onto something yo
6266s who
6267s before we leave he was like you wanted
6269s to do that
6271s i did i wanted
6273s [Music]
6283s i was gonna okay that's fair i so my
6286s plan was kind of going to be like oh are
6288s there really mushrooms in there you
6289s should you should show me because then
6291s you wouldn't be guarding anything you
6293s know it probably wouldn't have worked
6294s but it was going to be so cool and
6296s smooth
6297s it was i i really enjoyed that
6298s conversation but i found it difficult in
6300s my head to follow how you would answer
6303s to yourself i was like oh god this is
6305s that
6306s you did very good chris thank you thank
6309s you my reflection
6311s like there was it's like there were two
6312s taxes in here they loved it
6314s absolutely not but thanks
6319s so much
6322s you guys
6325s you're not going to hear any arguments
6326s that's
6328s the final crepes
6331s is upon you guys now
6334s before you do anything else i will be
6335s extremely kind and remind you that a
6338s bunch of you have taken some hits today
6343s they in fact everyone except for taymor
6345s in fact
6347s what's it like to be perfect taymor
6350s oh it's just glamorous i should show you
6353s sometime
6355s all right well i'm gonna go over here
6362s you know cool uh shieldiness and all of
6366s your freaking nat twenties
6368s oh the backflip you still talking about
6370s that backflip yeah it was flawless we
6372s have no we have time for uh do we have
6375s time for like a a short rest so no no
6378s don't you have like a group heel no no
6380s that's several hours i do have a i have
6382s a um prayer of healing which is uh just
6385s like a 10 minute spell but like we
6386s probably have 10 deadlies kill 10
6388s minutes i sh i should apologize to
6390s gossip's fan base here because the other
6392s day i went into gossip stream and said
6394s hey now you've rolled all these natural
6396s 20s i can't wait for all the natural
6398s ones you're gonna roll next time you're
6400s the reason i got that one
6412s that's a big word these days let's not
6414s in this economy
6418s oh come on bro this is bullying
6420s one in one
6422s i thought you were eclair
6427s well tikka
6429s uh you get five points of health so does
6432s myron
6433s uh
6434s and
6436s so does carol
6438s i also saw that in my inventory i have a
6441s potion of healing
6443s you do have a potion of healing yeah i
6445s actually have two of them
6448s um
6450s yeah
6452s that was me
6452s it's up to you if you use it for this
6454s week
6456s for if you think you're worthy
6458s enough for next week
6461s i don't we all have two
6464s this is i i don't know
6468s that was it was a clever choice of words
6470s i like that
6473s we're ready to move forward
6475s carol i'm going to
6476s take here heal yourself and admire in
6479s here take this i'm just going to give
6481s iron a
6482s yeah what's called
6483s uh
6484s pure wounds and i think you can find
6487s that yeah yeah i'm gonna use care wounds
6490s on myself too
6492s she just says like
6494s myron go smash everything
6497s oh just go on everything
6500s okay guys
6503s i'm sorry hold on oh yeah
6505s there we go
6507s so that that was tikka's so tikka got
6510s maximum it
6512s eight points
6514s no not maximum sorry but a decent amount
6517s um and
6518s myron got six not too bad either so you
6521s guys are feeling a little bit better now
6524s oh you're gonna place the mushrooms on
6526s the scale
6529s [Music]
6530s should i do i would like to place the
6532s mushrooms on them yeah sure
6535s unless you're halfway through my
6536s sentence i got no no
6539s that's fine i'll do it i'll do it
6541s okay
6543s let's do it all right uh i'll take
6544s everybody's mushrooms and put them on
6546s the scale
6550s okay
6551s so
6553s um the scales kind of move down
6556s and suddenly
6561s as this huge stone
6563s door opens up in front of you and musk
6567s with a foul smelling odour and you can
6569s hear the
6574s bubbles underneath from some lab
6576s equipment going
6578s there's a steep stair
6580s down
6581s into a green luminescent light
6585s would you like to go down
6589s yes please
6590s yes
6591s yes please
6592s okay i'll go first i'm gonna whistle
6594s like a bird to encourage
6597s encouraged
6599s i love this i love this whole idea
6603s no buddy
6606s you can do it
6608s what is this what did
6622s into what can only be described as a
6625s foul laboratory there are work benches
6629s with notes
6631s and there are four capsules five in fact
6634s sorry one's been broken open and you can
6636s instantly see that there's some
6638s something's escaped somewhere but that's
6641s not your problem right now right now
6642s there are still five capsules
6645s full of hideous beings all around you
6649s what are you going to do
6656s can i run a uh
6658s insight check on one of these
6661s i guess would insight be the best yeah
6663s yeah
6664s an invest investigation an investigation
6666s from one of these capsules
6668s yeah
6669s absolutely
6670s why don't you
6672s yeah let's let's have a i'll bring up
6673s the investigation check for you there
6675s you go
6676s when you roll forward we'll see for all
6678s of you guys
6679s and we'll see um
6681s what you guys come up with
6684s all right
6690s where
6692s why
6693s on youtube
6694s there we go
6696s oh yes so carol
6699s definitely leads the challenge here
6702s uh and you can see this
6705s experiment
6706s within
6710s green scaly
6714s scales absolutely everywhere and in the
6718s other one
6720s you can also see this
6725s mushrooms sprouting all over the place
6729s bits of flesh torn off
6733s oh we hate it we we don't like it
6737s i want to lightly growl under my breath
6740s and just kind of spread typical
6743s zerosians
6745s like it they did this
6751s i want to walk over to the desk over in
6752s the corner
6754s sure
6756s i'm going to follow her and hang on
6760s let me refresh my thing isn't responding
6763s ah no problem nothing's wrong
6766s we'll say that you
6768s walk in the side
6770s uh are you looking for anything in
6772s particular
6773s oh i'm just
6775s glossing over the document seeing if
6777s there's anything worthy of note
6781s any names i recognize perhaps
6784s there is a large list of experiments
6788s and underneath most of them
6791s the words all hail crosses
6796s what
6797s olympic process
6800s what's that chris
6802s chris i know you don't know who this is
6804s but that's does the name where hisatel
6807s appear anywhere on these documents
6811s if you think it would be great then yes
6815s i'm sorry for the editing um
6823s so he's a majority he's one of the
6825s zerosians and in the cutscene of crosses
6828s um there's a majorat in one of the
6831s frames that looks like this guy but we
6834s don't know if it's actually him i'm just
6835s like oh okay i don't think i should put
6838s that because i haven't been given the
6839s permission yeah
6842s yeah so probably best to keep that
6844s um
6845s [Music]
6846s so do you want to ask again if there you
6849s could find that name and i'll just say
6850s no
6852s that's okay we can just scrub it from
6854s the records
6855s typical zeros
6857s apologies uh mods for the extra work
6860s there
6861s um
6863s you do find within a journal and it
6866s talks through each part
6868s of this of uh like a month's worth of um
6872s long long
6874s experiments
6877s fusing together things and the slow
6880s leaking
6881s of a fetid substance above ground
6885s now the fetid substance because you guys
6887s are underground at the moment presumably
6889s has come up from this very lab
6896s well there was it say anything about how
6897s this leak
6899s sorry going
6901s no go for it you do you're good
6904s wanted to ask um
6905s is there anything that
6907s talks about how this leak occurred or
6909s like if there's a way to stop it
6913s there's nothing in there
6917s okay i want to walk up to um
6921s one of the while they're reading
6923s i'm gonna i'm gonna walk up to uh
6926s this is probably a really dumb idea
6929s but i want to get a little close and
6930s look into
6932s um
6934s this uh creature here
6936s while they're reading just to kind of i
6937s can hear them in the background talking
6939s about it but i also want to investigate
6941s and to see what's really going on here
6944s okay so you're the one in the northwest
6946s yeah like over here yeah i don't want to
6949s i don't want to get too close because
6950s like
6951s i've learned from
6952s them before not digging close to
6953s anything
6957s stay away old times
6964s [Laughter]
6974s sure so
6975s you can kind of see that um there's some
6978s some kind of wires attached like
6980s something so they're definitely alive
6982s because some things you can catch the in
6984s and exhale
6986s of the chest
6988s so when you were told to make sure that
6990s you destroy what's going on underneath
6993s this is probably what they were
6995s referring to they didn't know what it
6996s was but obviously
6998s how can these monstrosities live now
7003s if they're fueled by the things that
7006s have occurred crosses from
7008s to happen
7011s okay i'm gonna i'm just gonna while
7012s they're reading and doing everything i'm
7014s just gonna insert myself and like tug on
7017s on carol's like shirt be like hey
7021s um
7022s it's it's breathing
7024s that thing
7025s it's it's actually it's actually alive
7028s just
7029s saying okay okay just
7032s don't
7033s don't provoke it um
7036s letting you guys know that we are we are
7038s we are
7039s we are in a den
7041s and they're alive
7043s right
7046s let me look through these documents is
7048s there um she's gonna look through the
7050s books more is there is there anything
7052s that
7053s uh
7054s mentions maybe like a power source we
7056s could shut off so these things can die
7059s in their sleep
7060s without this little
7062s bit inside or
7063s something like that i'm going to get you
7065s to make me an investigation check so i
7067s have got something in plans for this
7069s okay oh
7071s no at least it's her oh
7075s okay i was like you were thinking the
7077s one there weren't you gossip you were
7078s like oh it's the one and then it just
7081s rolled over to the third one i was just
7083s like
7083s that's not me
7085s yes
7087s okay
7088s so um
7090s the
7091s the heat
7093s and the air that's coming is all
7094s actually natural
7096s way underground so it's being piped up
7098s from natural gases from something really
7101s evil
7103s the lux below ah
7105s that's why my skin feels so much nicer
7110s oh yeah you're glowing do you know what
7112s i mean oh it's it feels great in here
7114s like a sauna can i open this door
7118s um that's the door you came in through
7120s sorry
7126s there is another door down there but it
7128s looks like it just curls up and meets um
7130s on the other side like on the stairs and
7132s stuff so it doesn't look like there's
7133s anything else around hmm
7136s okay according to this book there's
7139s something below us actually
7142s warming these things maybe if we
7144s destroyed that then
7146s these
7147s beasts will die and we won't have to
7149s release something strange
7153s here as well
7155s yeah this is this boiler thing can i
7157s investigate this yeah
7159s for sure so the boiler is like it's
7161s almost like a steam vent
7163s um and you would imagine that this is a
7165s way to get the heat out somehow
7168s um
7169s everything is kind of shaking like it's
7171s a boiling kettle as well
7176s low level kind of boiler sounds in the
7178s background
7180s well there's got to be a shutoff valve
7182s or
7183s you know there's no way they didn't
7185s build and build in a fail safe we've got
7187s to be able to turn this thing off
7189s so in the northeast you can see a lever
7193s oh hmm
7195s that looks
7202s okay that's what those were i'll go to
7204s those other ones
7207s okay
7209s is there anything
7212s but else there's there's some discarded
7214s paperwork down here
7216s it gives you the impression that this is
7217s carried on and that things have got
7220s worse somehow
7223s like
7224s it's it's been left suddenly for some
7226s reason and like it should have been
7228s something should have been released or
7230s something should have happened by now
7232s it's it's not a critical failure point
7234s but it's getting close do you know what
7236s i mean like
7237s there's a lot of noise there's some
7238s spitting some hissing coming out from um
7241s the release valve over here
7244s it's it's feeling like if something
7246s doesn't happen soon it's gonna
7249s go off almost
7251s at that point
7252s would
7254s be able to handle
7257s already considering what's in the
7258s crosses front you and the players at
7260s home will all know that kind of hideous
7263s stuff
7264s what's going on there
7267s with all of this around in here
7269s how are you gonna guys gonna stop this
7272s getting out into the world
7275s set it on fire
7277s didn't it work
7278s already tried there
7287s there's got to be a way to shut this
7289s down um so this thing i'm looking at
7291s here uh is this
7292s is this just decoration or is this an
7294s actual pressure pressure gauge it's a
7296s pressure gauge it's pretty high it's
7298s just below the red
7301s all right um so i'm going to call out
7303s the guys i'm watching a pressure gauge
7305s here and there's a lot it's there's a
7307s lot of built up pressure
7309s so if you guys are going to mess with
7310s those switches over there i'll tell you
7311s what happens from over here
7314s you can see if we can't shut this thing
7316s down
7317s carol right up ladies first
7321s all right i would like to look at this
7322s so we're gonna have at this point
7326s another skill challenge and you're gonna
7327s be time limited because of how close you
7331s are
7332s so just like the first skill challenge
7334s we did with the cage you've got a number
7336s of successes
7337s and as things change throughout the
7339s skill challenge
7341s things might go wrong they might go well
7343s but there's a determined outcome that i
7345s won't go through with you
7349s i don't know what i should be doing
7353s so you're trying to release pressure i
7355s think is that the idea cathart
7358s yeah to stop this place exploding and
7360s allowing the gases
7363s well it's anybody can
7371s exploding
7372s myron would you like these levers you
7374s can have them if you'd like yeah i just
7376s want to partake in this experiment
7378s i just want to be a part of the
7380s experience
7382s go on go on i'll keep an eye on the
7384s creatures
7386s you millennials and your experientials
7390s right what are we gonna have here
7396s what do you think
7398s okay um i would like to look at my do i
7401s have valves on my end
7405s um
7406s so there are there's a lever there
7409s within that piece there of equipment
7412s and you can kind of see that there's
7414s bits of the work tops here and here cut
7416s out and you can see how things are
7417s changing so everything in the in there
7420s at the moment is kind of shaking and
7421s vibrating around with the pressure
7423s again you're on a timer so the pressure
7426s needle now gets one step closer to the
7429s red by cathar
7432s i would like to pull the letter pull it
7434s yes
7436s okay all the lever carol
7439s you pull the lever
7444s and the pressure goes down slightly and
7446s it kind of
7448s eases off
7451s myron you try to try to pull something
7453s on your end
7455s okay what color green or red
7458s i don't know green means go means stop
7460s so i'm gonna pull red
7462s okay okay
7467s do it do you want to do a check or
7468s anything do you want to see if you can
7471s figure anything out you bought yourself
7472s a little bit of time
7474s yeah i feel like as a character i just
7477s kind of don't really think about things
7479s until after the fact but i feel like in
7481s this situation i really should
7482s investigate
7484s i kind of just want to read whatever
7487s the red is straight and you you can put
7489s it up or down which one are you gonna do
7492s i'll pull down
7494s can i can i see
7497s like
7498s can i can i investigate around me and be
7500s like okay can i tell if this has been
7502s pushed up or down before like if it's if
7505s can i tell which way to go am i looking
7506s at it
7508s that's gonna be an investigation check
7509s quite a high let's do it it might help
7512s you out smart
7514s i'm sorry i'm rt
7516s that's right i'm a genius
7522s so previously
7524s the
7525s lever has definitely been in the down
7527s position more than it has in the up
7530s i want to go up
7532s oh okay you want to go off the down has
7536s been activating everything so i want to
7537s go the opposite turn it off i'm going to
7539s go up
7541s keeping pressure in line
7543s oh okay
7546s yeah i want to go up
7547s i'm gonna trust me so you press the red
7549s lever up
7551s okay yes
7552s the dial at that point
7554s goes all the way down to zero as all the
7557s pressure is drained
7566s all of the liquid is drained from the
7569s experiments
7570s and they all begin to smash through the
7573s glass towards you
7587s combat
7588s in my skills
7592s okay guys could you all roll for
7594s initiative please
7599s i know you've been waiting for this all
7600s session but i wanted to make it as close
7603s as front as possible for you all and the
7605s viewers at home
7608s i hope you appreciate it viewers
7611s we're about to die i hope you enjoy
7614s so first up
7617s is this
7619s lovely looking experiment near him near
7622s tika in fact
7624s um who's just gonna run straight over
7628s and have a go here we go
7631s now this is a relatively small room so i
7633s don't you guys can move anywhere in it
7635s so i haven't put grids down because it's
7637s so small so please feel free to do
7640s whatever you need to do
7642s all right
7645s now what are your weapons that you use
7648s uh as tikka
7651s um i have claws the crossbow the dagger
7655s guitar solos the dancing rapier
7657s a dagger
7661s okay
7663s so
7664s the
7667s i'm gonna need you to make that a
7669s constitution saving check that's in the
7671s chat at the moment please cathart as the
7673s dagger of guitar solos gets increasingly
7677s hot towards your side is looking to
7679s cause you some burns
7681s fortunately it's no problem and you
7683s manage to get rid of it and as it hits
7686s the ground he goes
7689s [Laughter]
7692s but you've managed to avoid it
7696s next up
7698s is tikka himself
7701s okay um in that case i'm going to
7705s throw out my dancing rapier behind this
7708s thing
7709s oh
7710s nice move
7712s all right yeah where oh god i was just
7714s looking at it there we go
7717s let me draw it on here for you there you
7719s go
7721s okay there's a dancing right here in
7722s that green
7724s i'm going to attack it with my my dragon
7728s claws i'm just yeah the
7731s i'm assuming they're dragging claws
7732s honestly
7734s um
7738s so we'll just attack it real quick i'm
7741s gonna rush this don't forget you've
7742s you've flanked it so you can get
7744s advantage if you need to so you can do
7746s that again if need be
7748s okay yeah we'll run one more
7751s then
7752s okay well it looks like i did
7755s so the 17 is a hit roll damage and let's
7758s see how well you do
7762s so six points of damage on the
7764s experiment so you you fly up and um
7767s before i do any more cinematic talk do
7769s you want to um do your dancing rape your
7771s attack as well
7773s yes stack it with the dancing rapier
7775s afterwards yeah
7776s yeah go for the dancing rapier now let's
7779s do the attack and it's advantage because
7780s you're flanking obviously
7783s all right
7785s it's a solid hit let's roll for damage
7787s on the rapier
7793s okay no better okay
7796s so
7797s how i see this in my
7799s head is you
7802s you've dropped the guitar
7804s solo dagger on the floor
7806s you've thrown the rapier through the
7808s legs and then pulled out the claw and
7811s slashed it once and the rapiers spun
7813s around and caught across the large back
7816s of this experiment at once
7819s the experiment turns back to you now and
7822s begins to growl raising its hand with
7824s one giant claw ready for the next time
7827s it gets an attack
7830s now
7833s we have this experiment here
7836s which runs directly
7838s towards table
7843s come on now it will
7847s use its multi-attack
7850s to go
7852s with its own set of claws
7855s okay 17 hits
7858s it's
7862s okay
7866s second attack
7869s uh misses
7872s so
7873s just four points of damage as the first
7875s clause slashes across tamil's front and
7878s it's not even enough
7880s to cause you to bleed it's just some
7882s bruising lightly across your neck
7887s now i'm going to have to get that look
7888s at
7891s myron over to you
7896s i think i'm going to be an idiot i'm so
7898s excited so i love it
7902s nice that's a big mood of this whole
7904s campaign to be honest
7911s right
7914s i'm going to be an idiot so i see all
7916s these creatures and i'm super excited
7918s because i like i like to i like them to
7920s kill them so what i want to do is i see
7925s to help tamora are to help tikka that is
7928s the question oh i'm fine
7930s i'm fine honestly i'm fine too but you
7932s know
7933s we're good
7935s okay well then i'm just gonna attack
7936s this
7938s i'm gonna attack this guy over here i'm
7939s just going to walk over
7942s i'm going to go over here and i'm just
7944s going to i have two attacks so i'm just
7946s going to grab my sword and i'm just
7947s going to scream and i'm just going to
7949s get so excited i'm just going to start
7951s whacking the heck out of him i'm just
7953s going to be like
7954s go ham
7957s yeah
7960s exactly
7961s i'm just so excited so i'm going to use
7963s my frost brand
7964s and i'm going to i get two attacks
7966s once
7967s which is
7969s this and then this attack
7978s i'm a phrase because the first one is so
7981s bad we're going to need you to roll a
7983s d100 and see what happens
7986s [Music]
7989s he jinxed it he really did
7993s guys come on
8009s hey if you casted channel divinity your
8011s enemies
8013s will have advantage
8015s on their first attack role against you
8017s next round all enemies
8021s so in the next round of combat
8023s just you
8025s great
8030s because you failed you don't get your
8032s second attack because you failed so
8035s spectacularly
8041s oh man
8042s okay
8044s well um
8045s carol
8046s sees tikka get rushed by this thing and
8049s she's gonna
8051s you know she actually has a shield and
8053s she whips it out and uh it says live
8056s laugh love and she's going to use it to
8059s crash this guy uh
8061s 10 feet and knock him prone
8077s uh are you gonna knock it are you going
8079s to knock it prone or are you going to
8082s push it back 10 feet well once the
8086s i'm gonna oh it's like a choice okay i
8088s thought it was 10 feet and not
8090s but i wanna you can do that you you can
8093s choose
8095s so you get the knock it prone
8097s yeah so it's it's on the floor so now
8100s anything that attacks it has advantage
8102s as well
8104s um so that's good
8106s anything for um
8112s oh did you also knock it back or no
8115s did i also want to knock it back
8117s you can if you want to
8119s i think you can
8121s definitely okay
8123s so you knock it right against this wall
8127s does my rapier get an
8129s opportunity straight because of that
8131s no
8134s yeah unfortunately it's if the creature
8137s willingly moves away from you because
8139s they've been moved by something else
8142s unfortunately in this case
8144s i believe the case is not
8146s okay but it's slammed up against the
8149s wall you push it back on and it hits its
8151s headphone and kind of goes down to the
8153s floor
8154s it's pretty good
8156s very good oh yeah solid work
8160s all right
8161s oh great
8163s i think okay i think that's the end of
8165s my turn yeah
8167s because i dance all right caroline's he
8168s get carol and tikka's he could share a
8170s quick fist bump just all about
8173s it
8175s oh
8177s this experiment however
8181s has seen you fail terribly gossip
8184s oh no
8188s oh oh
8190s no
8203s not too bad
8205s uh second attack
8208s oh
8209s also with the bench
8212s [Music]
8214s oh good so the first crawl comes in
8217s and it's feeling far too cocky ghost
8219s swiping you literally duck under no
8221s problem at all
8223s quickly
8224s dodge out of that blow like a
8226s professional boxer not an issue
8231s tamar
8233s yep
8235s ah
8236s i kind of yawn and stretch
8238s and then i want to saunter very slowly
8242s right here
8244s not yet out of reach of his
8246s of his
8247s uh grip holes and i want to just i'll
8250s look at my nails and i'll raise my staff
8253s up towards him
8254s and i'll say you're not even worth the
8256s time and i want to cast
8259s lightning bolt
8260s but have it go to him and on to this
8264s shroom's not be down there
8266s oh beautiful
8269s oh i like that
8271s let's go
8275s oh it does
8278s oh it doesn't like that
8279s oh let's go
8281s i don't know
8283s yeah you place it and i'll i'll change
8284s it around so we can get the full effect
8288s you know it's a good idea when the dm is
8290s like oh yeah let me that's
8292s that's okay i'll do it don't worry um
8294s it's because the uh the spells there
8297s will say um just for a fact that
8300s uh
8302s so the lightning clock goes through like
8305s that
8306s yep something like that yeah
8308s the spell has to uh be lower so we don't
8312s get to see it unfortunately
8314s but on the plus side farther back oh no
8317s it's really long never mind okay yeah
8320s it's it's it's like massive in
8322s comparison
8323s oh that dies
8325s oh
8326s 20 points
8328s let's see if they're dexterous enough to
8330s move
8334s oh the experiment is not let's have a
8337s look for the
8338s little clause guide a little ripper
8344s so
8345s the experiment obviously doesn't see it
8347s coming and the lightning just
8350s shoots through his stomach
8351s um the
8353s guy down below
8355s unfortunately uh just manages to step
8358s out but still takes a large chunk out of
8360s his side
8362s it's pretty good there pretty good
8364s um you've noticed
8366s that the experiment there is down like
8369s it's looking pretty bad it's got a
8371s sizable hole in its stomach whereas the
8373s shrimp zombie looks like so i'm calling
8376s it shrimp zombie because you have
8378s the the guy down at the bottom looks
8380s like he's uh hardly been affected at all
8383s the the more human looking experiment
8385s should we say
8388s so
8390s pretty pretty interesting
8393s um
8394s [Music]
8397s his turn
8400s [Music]
8402s um it's very annoyed at you
8405s axis
8407s runs over
8411s um
8411s [Music]
8413s oh he's a speedy little boy
8416s oh yeah
8417s and there's he's gonna go on man
8420s some
8421s poisonous spores from the mushrooms
8424s growing on him all at you could you make
8426s a constitution check please
8430s yes
8433s you can
8435s i hold my breath fantastic
8440s uh nothing happens at all the protection
8442s from poison it's obviously when you
8445s understand
8446s nice okay
8448s um
8449s however
8452s absolutely
8454s fed up with this
8457s turns to you
8459s and just goes for a straight punch with
8461s its fist
8466s and fails miserably
8469s there's a lot of duck there's a lot of
8471s ducking
8476s he tries to punch it just kind of
8478s bounces off i'm like
8482s he just catches
8483s just robe
8497s the experiment here just spends its turn
8499s getting up off the floor doesn't do
8501s anything else
8504s nice
8505s tikka over to you
8508s all right so i guess on my screen i
8510s think when we're messing with the
8511s lightning bolt my rapier there it is it
8514s vanished temporarily
8516s but um i am going to
8519s use my um
8521s what is it called again i was just
8523s looking at it but i have a bracer that
8525s summons magical daggers
8527s i can just pull daggers out of their
8528s throwing knives and i'm going to pull
8530s two throwing guys out of it and throw
8532s them both at the experiment
8534s and okay absolutely um
8537s i guess it's this so it's just it's just
8539s dagger yeah so just roll dag up so
8542s you've got a brace of daggers across
8544s your chest like a bandolier and you just
8548s as you throw them out towards the guy
8550s okay so i technically just have to do
8552s this twice right
8554s correct yeah
8555s all right so we'll
8558s okay
8560s all right okay here we go
8564s and this is the the attack roll for the
8566s other one okay
8567s okay so i wrote
8570s yeah absolutely
8573s okay
8576s oh it's a good hit too soon
8578s ten points okay
8581s roll the second one
8584s [Music]
8587s hey that's good too right
8590s yeah okay
8592s so
8593s the um actually what happens here is
8596s that you you throw the first dagger and
8599s it's as the experiment's still standing
8601s up and he looks up just at that point as
8603s the very point of the dagger
8605s straight into the eye socket kind of
8608s leans back and roaring and the final
8611s dagger goes straight into the chest and
8613s he just smashes down on the grass
8615s there's bits of glass cut through him
8618s he is gone
8621s first kill to tikka
8624s tikka's gotta kill
8644s [Applause]
8648s yeah you can do that yeah sure we'll
8651s allow that where would you like it to
8652s fly
8654s i think a safe bet would be to put it in
8656s between myron and the fungal zombie
8659s the shroom zoom yeah
8662s true and um
8663s i'm assuming i can't it can't also
8665s attack so i'll just leave it
8668s uh yeah i would say move or attack but
8670s that makes sense for it to go there
8672s that's a good placement
8673s okay all right uh
8676s next up we have the experiment here
8678s who'd um tried to poison table
8683s no good
8685s um it is gonna look at itself
8689s and at this gaping hole in its stomach
8692s it's gonna place its hand on it
8696s ah and it's gonna try and heal itself
8699s cure wounds
8701s what hey we're not allowed to do that
8704s yeah only the pcs are allowed to heal
8709s how dare you have a heel this isn't the
8711s fantasy adventure i signed up for
8715s i wonder what the book said
8718s [Music]
8721s okay that's illegal
8723s over to uh myron
8726s gossip
8727s okay
8732s okay so i am gonna keep attacking this
8735s one right here the one that's right cool
8738s girlfriend um so i'm just gonna hope for
8741s the best and i'm just gonna continue
8743s using
8744s my sword
8746s and hope for the best oh gosh oh my
8749s goodness
8751s it who are your
8752s got it you can't do the thing
8754s right
8757s what is happening how do i
8760s uh so have you got your sword there you
8762s go
8763s oh i'm a genius here we go i figured it
8765s out big brain here we go
8768s oh yeah there she goes
8771s nice
8772s hello
8773s hello
8774s okay i'm gonna
8776s here's your damn
8777s [Music]
8781s okay let's have a quick look yeah 25
8783s hits
8784s absolutely there's a 36 hit
8791s i wonder the zombie
8794s let me check my book
8796s 10 points pretty good for the first hit
8800s are you gonna do a second one
8802s oh absolutely i'm so
8807s oh excited i want to be stupid
8810s yes
8811s okay
8812s always oh boy
8815s boys yeah absolutely i don't know i
8816s don't know i don't know if this is gonna
8818s help increase the damage here if i'm
8820s just gonna look like a dumb dumb role in
8822s that one but i want to have my animated
8824s shield again kind of just enemy like
8826s summoned and then just be right behind
8828s the creature to get closer to me and
8830s push it to me so i can just take my
8832s sword and just
8834s and just like carricated in there and i
8837s just want it i think it'd be funny
8839s you're like a creature
8841s just pushing the zombie into your sword
8845s yeah that's right okay oh my gosh siren
8852s i'm gonna have it make a
8855s strength check
8857s okay
8858s um
8860s all right i'm just gonna hit rolling you
8862s are gonna
8863s yeah
8864s we'll see what happens here because um
8867s yeah i like what you're doing but i'm
8868s not sure how to do it
8870s okay um
8872s let's do that that's a solid hit
8876s um and he rolls really badly against the
8878s strength check okay
8880s let's uh let's roll damage let's see
8882s what we've got going here
8887s [Laughter]
8891s no
8893s it's not bad that's a 7.
8895s [Music]
8896s that's just damage
8898s but it it kind of gets in and it the the
8901s very
8903s i nearly said something that
8905s the very front of the sword kind of that
8908s edge just slides in and the demons just
8912s and he just manages to push himself out
8915s and away
8916s so he's still going
8918s but he's a little bit worse for wear
8921s that was so cool okay
8923s but yeah you've now got this pressure
8925s point
8926s [Music]
8928s before okay before uh we move on to the
8930s next turn can i just shout out a little
8931s bit to myron myron would you mind um
8935s would you just
8936s would you mind
8939s oh take a step to the left
8942s uh a couple several steps to the left
8944s unless you'd like a new haircut
8946s i i love my haircut that you gave me i'm
8949s just so nice i don't want another one
8952s i'm just going to casually okay good
8954s well stay in the distance but like kind
8956s of go here yeah like you're up there
8958s you're diagonally away because i can see
8960s exactly where this is going in a second
8963s all right okay uh
8966s harold
8967s over here i just want to make sure
8970s carol
8970s okay
8972s so
8973s um
8974s carol sees uh three dudes right here so
8979s she would like to cast bane
8982s oh
8983s and uh
8984s there's a charisma throw yep and uh if
8988s it fails it'll take a d4 a negative d4
8991s to every
8993s um
8993s attack role and saving
8996s yeah for sure
8998s um
8998s [Music]
9001s yeah
9002s i can feel i i can feel the the synergy
9005s here between you guys
9008s it's happening it's going
9010s i like it when the creatures died
9019s the two experiments are paint
9023s um
9024s [Music]
9025s so we'll put these on just to show that
9027s they're banned they don't actually do
9028s anything but they're baned
9032s uh which leads us to the next oh sorry i
9035s do pick your pun go ahead cow
9037s i just have uh both my bonus actually i
9039s just wanna summon my spiritual weapon
9041s that's all
9043s okay where are you putting um go for it
9046s yeah cast spiritual weapon and put it
9047s wherever you want
9049s all right
9050s there
9052s okay
9053s oh that's something right behind this
9054s guy
9056s oh sure yeah
9059s okay
9062s so the experiment over here unbeknownst
9065s feels like it's not doing very well
9069s with pain
9070s but it's still at this point i'm gonna
9073s try and attack
9075s um
9076s and it's looking around it's not really
9078s sure what to do
9080s so
9081s it turns to the shield
9083s and it casts
9085s reduce on it
9087s so that it doesn't attack push him into
9089s the sword so gossip could you make that
9092s constitution saving throw please
9095s i'm so excited
9097s [Music]
9099s lean into the experiment he says oh no
9103s [Music]
9104s so you fail just
9106s and the shield shrinks down
9109s and is no longer pushing so the the
9112s experiments got a bit more free reign to
9114s move where it wants it turns to you and
9118s raises a giant claw
9124s and
9124s fails miserably and hitting you no
9127s problem at all now here's the thing your
9131s ac now
9132s will be lowered by two because your
9135s shield's on the floor and it's not able
9137s to protect you
9139s but if i grabbed it it goes back up
9141s right
9142s nope it's reduced
9145s like it's small it's gone forever
9148s not forever
9151s it lasts only lasts for one minute
9154s so
9155s if if you survive this
9157s you'll be okay but for now your shield's
9159s on the floor it's unusable
9162s well great that's unfortunate table
9166s hey it's me
9168s uh you know
9171s we just turned down the steam
9173s if you wanted it to get more hot in here
9175s all you had to do was ask and i cast
9178s fireball at the wall
9180s there it is
9184s okay let's go
9185s right
9187s right
9190s over there
9191s nice oh goodness oh we're not going to
9192s show you guys
9193s i don't think
9194s maybe myron's poor eye eyebrows
9197s i know i just got a gun
9201s now they're gone i asked you to move
9204s at least i will say that the
9207s the zombie will say that all three of
9209s them are caught i'll be nice
9214s that's okay let's see what we've got
9216s going on here
9218s [Music]
9220s oh and of course the experiments have to
9224s roll at d4 right actually
9227s all of them and they have the rule
9228s before
9231s it doesn't matter because a 16 would
9232s still beat the deck saving throw um yeah
9237s so
9237s [Music]
9239s and the
9240s before the shrimp guy
9245s um one of them however
9247s which is
9251s uh the second one
9252s so this one here yeah
9255s he's uh he's gone oh i know
9257s um
9259s what
9261s they're all gone i didn't bear with me
9264s once
9268s it is in fact just the shrimp
9271s guy that's left the guy with the uh the
9273s bits and bobs on him so i'm gonna add
9275s him in i accidentally deleted them all
9277s then nobody saw that
9279s um we'll add them in there
9283s um
9285s and yes all as well
9287s okay
9288s so after table we go back to
9291s um this guy i think i'll just move him
9293s below because he was the last
9298s technical difficulties
9303s online
9305s yeah
9306s um
9307s so he's pretty crispy right now table
9315s um and he's gonna try and send you to
9317s sleep
9318s as he sends out some sleepy spores
9321s towards you
9322s night night
9326s you've got to meet it to beat it and you
9329s meant it
9331s baby
9333s for the folks
9335s just needed to get 13 and got a 13. so
9340s you're not asleep uh let's see if he
9343s funks you over the head with a fist
9349s nope absolutely not
9351s no problem right now
9363s carry on just destroy me it's fine
9373s i'm gonna i'm gonna hit it with my
9374s dancing rapier and then i am going to
9378s lob a crossbow bolt at it
9380s all right
9392s that's a hip
9394s all right 16.
9399s yeah they're not really wearing much
9401s armor it's just uh spores that's uh
9403s keeping him up and going
9405s oh that makes sense
9409s we will hand crossbow him
9412s let's see how the hand crossbow goes and
9414s we'll
9416s talk this through
9419s it's a good hit
9421s all right nice well done
9425s oh okay
9426s i'll take it
9429s yeah you take it right that's that's no
9431s big deal
9434s um still going still feeling pretty
9436s strong this looks like it's going to
9438s take a few big hits
9439s you could have it down before it takes
9441s another turn i think if you will kind of
9443s work together on it
9446s leads me on to
9447s myron before that so the dancing rapier
9450s let's say cuts across the back of one
9452s knee puts it down to one down to uh
9456s one knee on the floor which means that
9457s as the crossbow bolt lands straight in
9459s the shoulder he's not able to duck out
9461s the way or moving it just because he
9462s just
9464s kind of pulls it out to one side myron
9468s over to you i'm
9469s i'm so excited i want it to die so i
9472s want to move my character
9475s i'm such a monster what has become of me
9478s okay i just want to move over there
9481s and then
9484s if we put you there you can have an
9486s advantage against it versus the
9488s spiritual weapon
9490s do that
9491s yes hey there we go
9493s okay okay so i want to
9496s i want to grab my my sword and then look
9499s at tapeworm just work go ah watch this
9502s and i just want to
9503s whack it like a ball right in the head i
9506s just want to like so the good news is
9508s that you can use this this is two-handed
9510s now as well so you get versatile damage
9512s because you've not got a shield right
9517s i'm so excited
9519s what is happening to me
9528s just attack it and just roll no your
9530s rolling advantage yeah attack and then
9532s advantage
9535s nice
9536s so
9537s number one's a solid hit
9540s okay and then i'm just gonna damage it
9543s normal just hit that button no versatile
9545s normal
9547s oh
9549s we'll scrap that off that's fine
9551s quick versatile and then normal because
9553s you're doing it two-handed i like that
9555s one better
9556s oh wow yeah i'm not surprised right like
9559s you've gone oh my goodness okay
9565s is this is this how you guys feel to pvm
9567s content is that
9569s yeah just like i'm so powerful
9572s no that involves me being good at it
9577s okay so i want to so i so as my sword
9579s goes through this way i just want to
9580s pick it up and go go in the opposite
9582s direction just whack it and it's like oh
9585s i love it it dies i love it it dies if
9588s it dies i want to let out this this like
9590s not like evil but just be like
9593s like at the end it's like out of pure
9595s excitement
9598s oh my god what is wrong with me okay i'm
9600s just gonna my gosh
9603s an advantage again
9614s yes
9618s [Music]
9623s and the second slice you cut him plain
9626s into
9627s and he's dead
9628s well done
9630s you've defeated
9638s saw nothing
9640s with the final enemy defeated
9644s you can easily tell
9647s that the evil from this lab has gone
9650s there's no more liquid in these vile
9652s experiments and everything is as it
9655s should be
9656s you make your way back
9658s towards
9659s the cathedral
9661s okay as we're walking i'd like to
9664s look over at myron and just say now i
9667s see where the irworth get their
9668s reputation from
9670s i'm just gonna i'm just gonna give away
9672s a wink and then just like pat her on the
9675s on the side be like yup
9677s [Music]
9677s [Laughter]
9679s just yelp
9681s me up dark
9683s that's dark we're talking about an
9685s entire civil war
9687s yep
9690s out of character i'm sorry
9694s oh yeah i slaughtered the other seven
9695s planes no big deal
9699s no one
9700s talked about it water under the bridge
9703s so you return to the generals and they
9705s are jubilant and excited at once about
9708s your
9709s fantastic victory everybody is cheering
9712s there's even
9713s a small smirk on the face of krill
9717s hmm
9722s all of a sudden
9724s the generals stop
9727s fear glazed over their eyes
9730s krill begins a
9744s and to see who he is
9748s you'll have to tune in next week
9750s to see how our adventurers deal with it
9754s no
9754s thank you so much from all of the folks
9757s at jagex and from myself chris at rolled
9760s our door code uk
9761s guys any last words before we finish off
9764s tonight to our intrepid viewers and the
9767s true heroes of giuliano
9771s it's true thank you so much for watching
9774s yes yes thank you for watching
9777s i'm so excited appreciate it
9781s we're all gonna die don't forget
9785s when in doubt and we'll all see you soon
9790s thanks so much guys thank you for a
9792s great evening and we will all see you on
9794s the next episode and the final episode
9798s of the old god awards thanks so much
9800s good night
9803s night do your homework