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Originally posted by GeekGaming3443#RustCases.com: everytime if a cheater gets banned they buy a new account that means every 1 ban = money
They buy stolen/hacked accounts, actually. FP doesn't get that money.
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Originally posted by Marmarmar34:
Originally posted by Zeebot':
So facepunch and steam should work together to make accounts safe. None of us legit players would mind having to jump through some more hoops to play a cheat free game. Steam and facepunch make it easy to get a new account. Why do they do that? It's pretty obvious it's about the money. Profits would drop if accounts had to be verified, for a few reasons.
Using steam authenticator and not clicking on sus links is all ppl need to do. It's not valve's or FP's fault people are stupid.
Yeah and even if they have Steam Guard enabled some people will just go and type their username, password, two factor, etc. into random skin giveaway websites, gambling websites, fake Twitch drops websites... enough to get on the account and start playing.

If we added another step then these phishing websites would just ask for that info too and people will give it.