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For anyone wondering

about 10 hours ago - /u/garryjnewman on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by JoeDaniels_1

can consoles run it though, or are you doing crazy optimisation? also with the addition of new monuments which will be CPU intensive, like the new excavator, how will they cope. Im not being funny, but rust isn't the easiest game to run, and although I don't agree with what the first chap is saying, I do think it will be a monstrous task to port over

It’s not like you press a button and it works, it’s a process of platform specific optimisations and compromises. Our feeling is that 60fps is more important than anything - everything else can be compromised on.


Originally posted by PticaUbojica

Will HDRP be ready?


Originally posted by mcshkan

Damn I was hoping it'd be on this wipe

Not this wipe I'm afraid.

Because we plan to change it in the near future, we're not currently working on the change.

For anyone wondering

about 22 hours ago - /u/garryjnewman on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Nikooohz

rust will 100% not come to current gen consoles, thats a no brainer. it will release on next gen consoles

you are 100% wrong

13 Jul

12 Jul

Originally posted by Mad_OW

[BUG] Whenever I go into the paint sign mode, stroke thickness and strength are on their weakest setting, yet the UI usually shows them somewhere else (e.g. on the strongest).

I have to change both settings back and forth to be able to paint, every time.

We'll take a look at this, thanks!

07 Jul

Originally posted by ShaunDM

[BUG] if you open Map you can't see names of your teammates because font is small and unreadable.

We'll put out a fix for this next week.

Update: This is now fixed.

06 Jul

Originally posted by RustiDome

[BUG] Horse steering feels delayed and clunky. Not sure if intended or not

This was due to an optimization pass on horses. We'll look at improving this going forward.

05 Jul

Originally posted by tea_money

[QoL] Chinese new year lantern doesn't glow when turned on.

Thanks, we'll take a look!

Originally posted by imaginary_kyle

[BUG] My horses are eating pumpkins at a rate of 1 every 7ish seconds. Put 120 pumpkins in a trough, came back less than an hour later, they were all gone. Replenished them, checked back after a minute or so and they had each already eaten a stack of 20.

This is not the intended behaviour, we'll take a look.

Update: We've released a server update to address this issue, horses should no longer consume food when full stamina.

04 Jul

Originally posted by confyx

[BUG?] or just me, but im getting this in console about twice a second. don't know where to ask so..

IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

at SamSite.WeaponTick () [0x0009f] in <a85cfe9df6984a3b87f0d164ca8d2296>:0

at InvokeHandler.DoTick () [0x000d6] in <601108536c3240edbf72be469a46e9bd>:0

at InvokeHandler.LateUpdate () [0x0000c] in <601108536c3240edbf72be469a46e9bd>:0

(Filename: <a85cfe9df6984a3b87f0d164ca8d2296> Line: 0)

Thanks - We'll take a look at this.

Update: This is now fixed.

Originally posted by Leotashy

Atleast give us bleach then >:(

You can't be trusted with bleach.

Originally posted by spykids1010

[BUG] players on a boat are weirdly facing their legs are facing backwards

Thanks, we'll investigate this.

Update: We've released a client update to resolve this issue.

Originally posted by Leotashy

[BUG?] Eu facepunch small 1 has the same map for 3 wipes now. I don't know if it's intended or not.

We'll get this corrected for the next wipe.

July Update

15 days ago - holmzy on Steam - Thread - Direct

Horse breeds and hitching posts, client and server optimizations and more!

  • Added cinematic animations for video creation (see devblog)
  • Added player tick rate convars to the server (see devblog)
  • Added Streamer mode to options menu
  • Added new horse model and breeds
  • Added Hitch-Trough deployable
  • Added Minicopter fuel gauge
  • Added Minicopter pilot IK
  • Added 'hattip' gesture
  • Added a bunch of secret achievements
  • Fixed exploit to stack foundation steps
  • Fixed swamp fog too bright at night
  • Fixed water purifier disa...
Read more

Because you're bottlenecked by your CPU, the CPU doesn't need to do much so you're able to render more frames increasing the load on your GPU.

It's best you limit your FPS to your monitors refresh rate.

July Update

15 days ago - on News - Thread - Direct

Horse breeds and hitching posts, client and server optimizations and more

28 Jun

21 Jun

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