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27 Jan

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Originally posted by Marmarmar34:
Originally posted by Zeebot':
So facepunch and steam should work together to make accounts safe. None of us legit players would mind having to jump through some more hoops to play a cheat free game. Steam and facepunch make it easy to get a new account. Why do they do that? It's pretty obvious it's about the money. Profits would drop if accounts had to be verified, for a few reasons.
Using steam authenticator and not clicking on sus links is all ppl...
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Originally posted by everytime if a cheater gets banned they buy a new account that means every 1 ban = money
They buy stolen/hacked accounts, actually. FP doesn't get that money.

26 Jan

21 Jan

20 Jan

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Play on smaller maps with less players.

But really look into getting more RAM and an SSD. If you only get an SSD then you should configure your Windows to use the SSD for virtual memory, or install Windows onto your SSD (recommended).

19 Jan

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13 Jan

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They are back! Join us! Starting Sunday January 15th at 1PM PST / 9PM GMT for the next Trust in Rust Charity[] tournament!


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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

The windows work on higher quality settings; the skin artist and submitter are updating it, so it works on 1-6 settings.

Not a scam, if you're unhappy, do reach out to Steam support to get a refund but do remember the money raised by this skin goes to charity.

Update: Fix is now applied.

12 Jan


Don't do this, pooling is creating game objects in advance and loading them into memory to prevent stuttering and additional GC freezes during gameplay, overall to improve performance. If cleared over time these objects will just end up in the pool, and you'll gain no performance and just have a worse gameplay experience due to various performance issues caused by clearing it.

11 Jan

10 Jan

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If we ever do this I wonder how many posts I'll see here about how character customization is ruining the game

08 Jan