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25 Sep

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New merch launch, demons, puppets, and insanity!

24 Sep

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The winners of the Merchandise contest are announced and the store is officially OPEN!

Up until the 1st October there is a 20% discount across the Rust store by using the code RUST20 at the checkout.

Click the {LINK REMOVED}link to visit the Store!

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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

18 Sep

17 Sep

15 Sep


Originally posted by Airick39

Battlemetrics says its 28016.

They're incorrect, you cannot connect on port 28016.


The server is on port 28015, not 28016.

11 Sep

10 Sep


Originally posted by NotUnKemal

Ok let me ask you a question back: Why is there a need of banning me from all Servers, when you can just initiate a Chatban?

You're banned from 36 servers. You're still able to join 2920~ other servers.


In my case, somebody asked ''What is the N-word'' and in my quick dumb thinking ( I was busy with fighting other players ) I just straight up told him the N-word. Boom not even 30 seconds later, I got banned for Abusive Chat.

So the context here is that you an idiot who writes before thinking and believe any punishment occurred from that is unjust? I don't quite understand how anyone believes writing any abusive slurs in the global chat is appropriate.

09 Sep


Originally posted by Goldeneyee

[BUG] Upon dying, randomly the respawn screen will be stuck on your place of death and won't allow you to drag making it impossible to select certain bags on the map.

Thanks, we'll investigate this issue.

07 Sep


Originally posted by PeterGriefing

[Bug] Nodes now often have two shiny lights to hit. One is fake and doenst contribute to the minigame. Don't know how to recreate but i had it with like 1/3 nodes

Thanks, we'll take a look into this.

04 Sep