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Originally posted by peon: Are you sure the linux client was discontinued because of unity? Unity has pretty good linux support but maybe garrys team has changed the backend so much that it is possible.
Hah, no. Unity is quite bad with Linux. Vulkan support was totally broken causing graphical glitches and memory leaks. They've somehow had the same bug appear, get fixed, and come back three or more times (keypresses getting duplicated). List goes on.


19 May

17 May

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We're working on anticheat changes which should allow you to play on Linux via Proton when complete.

15 May

14 May

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Originally posted by BombsOnyaMoms:
Originally posted by Ayy Doll-Fit Lure: Because like so many other games nowadays, it's using psychological tricks to get you to keep coming back to it day-after-day, which is habit forming over time.

This is why the TC system works the way it does, to keep you logging in every day to refill it or risk losing all of your progress. Once you log in, chances are you are going to do more than just spend the 10-15 minutes on the quick 'farm run' you originally inte...
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13 May

12 May

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What does the page say in the red box when you click "Check for missing drops"?

09 May


Originally posted by Alpenrust

[BUG] Small Oilrig Heavy Scientist hover in air

Please can you name the server you're playing on.

07 May


Originally posted by LaserTurboShark69

Guy had a wife and kids!

Two wives! ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° )


This post just got someone FIRED, I hope it wasn't a modded server

05 May


Originally posted by Specialist-Light-394

how are nvidia night filters still not fixed? its been months

We're currently exploring avenues to prevent this abuse.


Originally posted by hunted5

still bare feet sounds client sided? So you were just patronizing when you said this:

This was resolved in our testing in the March update:

• Fixed phantom footsteps continuously playing

• Fixed incorrect sfx footsteps playing

If others report this is still occurring we'll reinvestigate.


Originally posted by Shriv3rs

doesn't look like they fixed soft siding. Sadge

It's fixed, changelist note "Fixed several overly strict antihack configs resulting in unable to damage construction"

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Above-Ground Trains
We wanted to get some trains onto the above-ground rails this month.

We have some more train content in the works, but for this initial release we're mostly reusing existing assets in order to provide something to try out until that content is ready.

The above-ground Work Cart closely resembles the underground one, but now has coupling points at each end that can connect to other train cars. The bogies (also known as trucks - the wheel assemblies) have also been updated to rotate with the track more realistically.

We've taken some static train wagon models that we had and made them functional. These don't actually ... Read more