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Originally posted by dsstrainer

[Bug] Hitting randomly spawned car chassis makes you aggro against bandits/outpost

[QoL] Should really make car chassis work like downed heli and let us mine it for metal and charcoal

This is the current intended behaviour - why are you hitting a car chassis? I'm not quite sure what the problem is here.

06 May


Originally posted by Eeliselleri

BUG cliffs have awful clipping. Some cliffs look like you can climb on them but it's actually just a wall

We're improving these currently, unfortunately could not be implemented into this patch but they'll be much improved next update.


Originally posted by rezidue

[BUG] small map that never had spawning issues now spawns you far out into the ocean floor. Dead before you reach surface.

Which server are you seeing this issue on? Seed + worldsize would be great to troubleshoot further.


Originally posted by glynboo

[QoL] 999,998 recyclers missing from Bandit Camp


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This month's update brings a complete overhaul to Rust's graphics including some changes to monuments, Nvidia Reflex for reduced latency and the usual tweaks, fixes and improvements.

Originally posted by rmichaelsm

[BUG] console is reporting on startup: "BoxColliders does not support negative scale or size. The effective box size has been forced positive and is likely to give unexpected collision geometry. If you absolutely need to use negative scaling you can use the convex MeshCollider. Scene hierarchy path "Roadsign5/SignCollider"

Thanks - this is an issue we're aware of. It's completely harmless and can be ignored.

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A Whole New World
This month Rust has received a huge visual update, the biggest to date! From new terrain, trees, rocks, cliffs, decor, grass, monument reworks and so much more.

This is the culmination of work by several people that took place on and off over the last couple of years. It greatly improves how the game feels and gives it a fresh look.

Most of the new visuals were developed alongside the transition of the game to the High Definition Render Pipeline of Unity (HDRP) that we subsequently dropped after unsatisfactory performance results. We didn’t want to waste the efforts made to make the game look better during that time and ported them to the current version of the game instead.

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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

02 May


This is planned, we even have the UI concepted. Just low priority currently.

30 Apr

29 Apr


Why did you take the screenshot upside down?


Originally posted by ScudzMckenzie

No, but now I can fill the hole in my soul with scrap faster and gamble it away.

No?! Do you know how long it took to place one million recyclers?


Originally posted by YShake

I made this exact joke on a comment section about the jump and nobody got it and downvoted it...

It's ok, they don't understand people like us.