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Originally posted by Lancopolis

Did you fix when I sort by players so the servers with the most people are first the screen doesn't scroll all the way to the bottom automatically? That'd be awesome! I have to manually move the scroll bar up and sometimes it just fly's to the bottom of the list again.

Why don't you boot up staging and if you see problems let me know via F7 or by joining #staging on our discord

Originally posted by RustiDome

Hey garry, has the EAC issue been fixed on staging? each time i join i load in then blam eac error and kicked :(

Yeah just fixed it. Delete the steam dll that is next to Rust.exe if it's still there.

Originally posted by deathStar97

ok, next show ALL servers, not only 100 or less as it currently is

Try staging branch m8

21 May

We're aware and are investigating.

Originally posted by fpsmoto

One issue the Oil Rigs cause are too many boats lingering in that area. Perhaps they could be sunk by shooting scientists if there are no players around? I've found more than a dozen boats at one oil rig, which means they won't respawn on the map until they've decayed.

We're aware of this issue and will be working on a solution.

20 May

Originally posted by BasedWebDeveloper

Notice OP says "Oil Rigs ruined Rust even more" it really shows how little it takes to push the game into full zerg mode and ruin it for everyone else. As if nerfing oil rig will even fix the underline problem that is the group based progression system.

Even after you nerf it OP will still have many more bad wipes than good. Should really look into changing the system or adding a disadvantage to big groups. You should also try play solo for a few wipes to get a real feel of what it's like, it's really not that fun anymore.

The only players this system benefits are large groups, it promotes them and makes sure they can stomp on everyone with ease and little to no resistance, even on a fresh server. This just makes the experience trash for everyone else and makes us play different games.

People say join a big group but most of us that play solo have been in big groups and hate how easy it is, little to no challenge and you know this. Playing solo or s...

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I'm not really following - You saying the oilrig is group based? While the oil rig is vastly easier with a group as with everything it can be solo'ed with some patience and practice.

Solo Rust has never been easy, it never will.

Originally posted by T4gg3D

Any sources?


Oil Rigs need to be tuned down

4 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc on Reddit - Thread - Direct

The oilrig loot will be rebalanced in the next patch.

The oilrig loot will be rebalanced in the next patch.

18 May

You won't be blacklisted long as you don't change vanilla gameplay.

Rough guidelines here:

17 May

This is a known issue which will be resolved in the next patch.

16 May

12 May

Originally posted by Lucifer995

Make your config read only.

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Rust/cfg right click on keys.cfg, properties and make it read only.


This is a bad idea.

10 May

09 May

07 May

03 May

Originally posted by Epiglottic

[BUG] I seem to be having audio issues.

1) When cargo ship is around and scientists shoot and when the horn goes off my audio for camp fire, chopping wood, hitting nodes, etc. seems to get cut out or not play at all.

I was able to reproduce it on 3 community servers.

I've experienced this myself, we'll take a look.

Originally posted by Baconislikemyfamily


Furnace skins not showing when placed.

show skins in inventory but when placing furnace its not skinned

Thanks, we're currently investigating this issue.

Update: This issue should now be resolved with Fridays client update.

02 May

We'll come clean.. it's Rust VR porn.

Originally posted by speedyporpoise

Names are SOOO SMALL on team in the map

We'll take a look at this.

Originally posted by BawbtheGoat


Change the way door collisions work in relation to items, not allowing doors to be placed if an item intersects them.

How to recreate:

Place an item near or in a doorframe, such as a workbench, and try to place a door in said doorframe.

This is currently the intended behaviour but we'll review it.

Originally posted by Vativ

[BUG] you can still place bags on oil rig lmao

We'll put out a fix for this on Friday.

Update: This issue should now be resolved with Fridays client update.

Originally posted by Zedgeftw

Compound bow arrow not textured

This is a major disadvantage during night time

Please fix quickly

Thanks - We'll look into this.

Update: This issue should now be resolved with Fridays client update.

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