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23 Feb

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Originally posted by 女王ルナ: dont run anything at all in background while you play rust or youll experience stutters, drops, LONG load times, slow texture loading etc etc etc.

Set all settings to low
set resolution to 720
set your nvidia panel to Prefer max performance
( you might be able to set the graphics slider to 2 or 3 and lower the other options and still get your 50 - 60fps fine )

you should be able to run it fine with a solid 45 - 60fps with enjoyable experience.
also depending on the server also.

(if you get 16gb RAM, youll see much shorter loading times and a smallll FPS gain also since it wont be constantly paging/choking for RAM swap)

Optional: Overclock that GT 1030 by 240mhz, it gets a nice little boost of...
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22 Feb


Originally posted by fight_for_anything

How pissed would Alistair be if we hashtag #BringBackSlient?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Salvage yards with a DJ, Sci-Fi Maps, Roller Coasters, and Crabs!

20 Feb

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Originally posted by CaptainNebulous: Half of the streamers in the past two drops basically did 12 to 24 hour streams at the beginning and then were never seen again. So if you weren't there on day 1 or 2 you missed out. I think facepunch should make daily minimum hour requirements for streamers it recruits or risk being them blacklisted from future events.
Long streams like that are unsustainable. Streamers need sleep and need to do other things too.

We don't want streamers to get burned out of Rust and we definitely don't want them to be forced to play Rust when they aren't feeling like it. However, we of course have some minimum expectations from streamers (both in total hours streamed and occurrences).
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200,000 people got their drops - not sure how since apparently they were barely online?

There's no way a streamer can adjust their schedule to suit every single Rust player. Between timezones, sleep, personal life, work schedules, etc. You will need to compromise - it's easy to get notifications when someone starts streaming.
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What's the server name or IP(s)?

19 Feb

18 Feb

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16 Feb

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Originally posted by Jinx:
Originally posted by Mr. Gentlebot: It's not easy to do that nor do hackers bother when scammers can phish their information; ie those sites I mentioned, chances are you used one of them. So unfortunately one way or another, you gave away your account info which caused the issue.
I haven't put that information in any sites, I only use steams official website and nobody on my friendslist have my info.
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13 Feb

12 Feb

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Watermelon Ice Cream Hammer is my favorite skin from the Rust lore.

11 Feb

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Originally posted by Capuno: GNU/Linux was a supported platform, the developers made money advertising the game with the SteamOS icon claiming it worked on gnu/linux, but they sadly found it a funny joke to later disable the support, effectively scamming all the GNU/Linux players. Do NOT buy this game if you are on GNU/Linux.
Not a very effective scam if you offer everyone a full refund.

You're welcome!