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Last death location bugged?

about 9 hours ago - /u/Alistair_Mc on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We'll have this issue fixed in this Thursday's patch.


Rust Spas Bug

1 day ago - /u/Alistair_Mc on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thanks, we'll look into this one.

27 Mar

26 Mar

23 Mar

20 Mar

19 Mar

Gas station glitched spawn

13 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Is the server hosted in Australia?

(Please can you send me the map seed and worldsize and I'll check this out)

Stuck on loading screen after patch

13 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc on Reddit - Thread - Direct

There is a known issue if you're running boardless fullscreen with the discord overlay enabled.

Please try disabling the Discord overlay and try again.

18 Mar

If we give you molotovs do you promise not to burn down all the nakeds wooden shacks who have been on the server for less than 10minutes?

17 Mar

We'll look into this issue, thanks for highlighting it.

13 Mar

08 Mar

Steam Load Error

25 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Have you tried making sure your Steam is running the latest version? and ensuring you're opted out of any Steam Betas.

06 Mar

Originally posted by prettyfuckingfarfrom

[BUG] Other players can turn off the recycler you’re occupying

Thanks, we'll take a look.

Originally posted by Dawid_Tokyo

No scientists are spawning on cargo ship

I have 4 servers and none of them had scientists on cargo ship

Thanks, we're currently investigating.

We've since released a fix for this issue.

Originally posted by LeipuriLeivos

[BUG] The soundbug still exists.

This happens to me at Launch area. Something, like opening a box, opening door, putting stuff to box, etc. That sound starts to loop and it goes on and on for minutes sometime. You can't hear anything else than that looping sound and it is extremely annoying. I made base close to launch but its so unbearable I have to make another base further away. The bug has existed for so long already.

This is still proving difficult to track down unfortunately but we're still working on it.

Originally posted by jwark

Well cargo just spawned on my server and all the scientists were not on it.

Thanks, we'll take look at this.

Which server did this occur on?

We've now released a server-side patch to address this issue.

CCTV Update | Rust | Facepunch

27 days ago - /u/garryjnewman on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Riddler_92

Hopefully someone posts a thread of all deciphered codes for the cameras around the map.

I would have thought someone would have put them on the wiki by now 😔

CCTV Update | Rust | Facepunch

27 days ago - /u/garryjnewman on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by BloodyIron

Breaks EAC through Proton, can't even get into game now. :/ Thanks Garry.

We're enquiring

CCTV Update | Rust | Facepunch

27 days ago - /u/garryjnewman on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ashtobro

Been waiting for modular weapons too. This is like boat updates all over again

It's gonna be worth the wait

05 Mar

CCTV Update

27 days ago - on News - Thread - Direct

This update brings CCTV Cameras and Computer Stations for all your surveillance needs as well as various optimizations and improvements.
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