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Originally posted by 女王ルナ: dont run anything at all in background while you play rust or youll experience stutters, drops, LONG load times, slow texture loading etc etc etc.

Set all settings to low
set resolution to 720
set your nvidia panel to Prefer max performance
( you might be able to set the graphics slider to 2 or 3 and lower the other options and still get your 50 - 60fps fine )

you should be able to run it fine with a solid 45 - 60fps with enjoyable experience.
also depending on the server also.

(if you get 16gb RAM, youll see much shorter loading times and a smallll FPS gain also since it wont be constantly paging/choking for RAM swap)

Optional: Overclock that GT 1030 by 240mhz, it gets a nice little boost of like 4-5fps and is stable withoutttt any voltage adding or tweaking. ( fps gains vary on games tho )
First sentence here is key - 8GB of RAM is very low. You will want to close absolutely everything except Steam. No Discord, no Chrome. Even with that you might only be able to play on servers with a small map if you're lucky.