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Please help the developers by reporting any bugs, using the following points:

You can report bugs in-game by pressing F7.

[BUG] Something game-breaking that shouldn't happen.

[QoL] Quality of Life change that doesn't necessarily break the game, but would be nice to fix.

Please try to include helpful evidence related to the bug, such as screenshots, videos, or GIFs.

Describe how to recreate the bug, if you know how.

If your bug has already been posted, upvote it and reply to it with your info.

Post your system specifications if the bug seems to be hardware/graphics-related.

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10 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc - Direct link

Originally posted by hunted5

[BUG] Players banned with the centralized-banning are still able to access the server via rust+

[BUG] TAB in F1 menu no longer toggles tabs

[BUG] using aimanager.nav_disable 1 on your server will create massive amounts of spam in console and logs

Thanks for the reports.

1 - This is the current intentional behaviour and not a bug, something we can explore implementing in future.

2 - Thanks, we'll look into that.

3 - We'll have this resolved shortly.

10 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc - Direct link

Originally posted by WatchScotch

Censorplayerlist now enabled by default on servers

Either it isn't, or it doesn't work because battlemetrics seems to be still reporting every name normally, using the steam playerlist also shows the names normally.

Edit: I just checked a facepunch server and it is enabled there, so maybe it didn't get pushed to all servers?

As /u/hunted5 has correctly pointed out. If server owners are using Battlemetrics paid service the list will not be censored due to they're grabbing the player lists from rcon.

We're exploring solutions for this.

10 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc - Direct link

Originally posted by SGTShamShield

[BUG] Animals don't always register hit sound when shot, and often run at hyperspeed away from the shooter.

Thank you for the feedback, we'll look into the hit marker issue.

10 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc - Direct link

Originally posted by mingoflemingo

[BUG] Animals are de-rendering at a super close distance. Ill tag it, it takes off like a bat out of hell and is out of render range in less than like half a tile, and just poof it's gone. My settings are the same as always with draw distance all the way up.

This is linked to your "Graphics Quality" setting. I agree, they do tend cull too early. We'll explore increasing their culled distance.

10 days ago - /u/Alistair_Mc - Direct link

Originally posted by iddk_

[BUG] teammate's nametags don't appear in alot of situations, full killed my teammate at mili tuns on accident and lost the entire thing because of this shitty bug

Is it that they're not displaying at all or is it the delay?

Edit - We plan to release a fix for this issue shortly.