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Please help the developers by reporting any bugs, using the following points:

You can report bugs in-game by pressing F7.

[BUG] Something game-breaking that shouldn't happen.

[QoL] Quality of Life change that doesn't necessarily break the game, but would be nice to fix.

Please try to include helpful evidence related to the bug, such as screenshots, videos, or GIFs.

Describe how to recreate the bug, if you know how.

If your bug has already been posted, upvote it and reply to it with your info.

Post your system specifications if the bug seems to be hardware/graphics-related.

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4 months ago - /u/Alistair_Mc - Direct link

Originally posted by swasilik

Constantly get "Disconnect: EAC: Client integrity violation" when trying to join a server. Never had this error before.

If you're encountering this issue, please try to verify files. This should resolve the issue.


4 months ago - /u/Alistair_Mc - Direct link

Originally posted by thethugbaker

Eggsuit paint can't be seen unless you get right next (and I mean right next to) to someone. I'm guessing this was done to reduce their camouflage effectiveness, but it kind of defeats the value of the skin if I have to have someone basically hug me to see the paint on it. I tested this on multiple graphics settings and it's happening to my entire team. We're the egg squad.

This isn't intentional - We'll have this fixed shortly.

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