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200,000 people got their drops - not sure how since apparently they were barely online?

There's no way a streamer can adjust their schedule to suit every single Rust player. Between timezones, sleep, personal life, work schedules, etc. You will need to compromise - it's easy to get notifications when someone starts streaming.
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Originally posted by CaptainNebulous: Half of the streamers in the past two drops basically did 12 to 24 hour streams at the beginning and then were never seen again. So if you weren't there on day 1 or 2 you missed out. I think facepunch should make daily minimum hour requirements for streamers it recruits or risk being them blacklisted from future events.
Long streams like that are unsustainable. Streamers need sleep and need to do other things too.

We don't want streamers to get burned out of Rust and we definitely don't want them to be forced to play Rust when they aren't feeling like it. However, we of course have some minimum expectations from streamers (both in total hours streamed and occurrences).