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Originally posted by HD Plugin: Why would you enter literally any of your info for Steam ANYWHERE but Steam?

This what happens when gullible children use the internet.
Your mom is gonna be pissed that you lost that money off her debit card.
Yes, but it's not quite that simple.

Phishing websites will try to mimic the Steam website as much as possible to try and fool people. This is usually easy to spot by double-checking the URL in your browser's address bar.

However, phishing websites can also show a fake pop-up with a fake address bar with a fake Steam login page inside it and it looks entirely legit. You can check if the pop-up is real by trying to move it outside of the browser window - if it can't move outside, then it's fake.

Easiest solution is to start using a password manager which supports auto fill. There is no way for a phishing website to trigger the auto fill for your saved Steam password, so it it doesn't auto fill then it's probably a phishing website.

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