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I think it's one of these scenarios:


The community as a whole is amazing, but there are some of those squeaky entitled wheels.

The community as a whole is absolutely incredible, one of if not the most supportive, creative, dedicated, and positive communities in the entire industry! I've said it countless times before.

The greater goal of the video however was to inform the community of the process (as we have done with many other processes in game development) and encourage other developers to have the same transparency with their communities. This wasn't made as a reaction to one or two negative comments (which we always get but no more now than ever before, really).

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I'm just a hobby developer working on a basic game, and I've learned that I have this incredible ability to fix one bug, then magically create 74 more. I can't even begin to imagine how that works with a game as complex as Satisfactory. If you ever need bugs added to your game, feel free to hire me. I'll message you my info.

I do have a few questions though.

If we all gather around the campfire, does Snutt break out one of his guitars and play "Wonderwall"?

The serious question though is, since Update 7 my game has started crashing more. It's something I didn't experience in Update 6. I report the crash every time, but it's the same crash. I am like 87.2% sure that the crash is due to my hardware as the crash often happens right at the start of an auto-save. The weird thing is, that it's not every auto-save.

Should I continue to report the crash? Does Coffee Stain want this information or is once enough?

If you mean report via the crash reporter - yes. We have a database of crashes that are reported in and each individual occurence flags as another occurence, which can help alert the team.

If you haven't done so already, I recommend reporting it on the QA site with the stack trace you get from your crash reporter. However, you don't need to post that one each time.