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Hi Pioneers!

Just a small crash fix, even though this has a workaround (Inputting items manually from your inventory) we don’t want to hinder progression for all the people who started fresh with this update who might not find the workaround themselves.

We are aware of a bunch of other issues like the EOS issues (being asked to log in on startup every time, etc.), and other bugs and we’ll work on them ASAP but if you think there’s an important issue that you would like to see fixed please let us know over at our QA Site: We’ll be checking all of your comments every day.

There’s more fixes coming soon but for now thank you all for your support and I hope you’re enjoying the new update <3

BUG F...

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Hi Pioneers!

Update 5 is now available on Experimental. If you have been following our YouTube videos you’ve seen lots of the new content already, but you can find all of that (and as usual a few exciting surprises) summarised in our Patch Notes video below. And if you want to go straight to the nitty gritty details, we have the full list of detailed patch notes further down as well!

With this Update we have worked on many of the base systems in Satisfactory to improve the game. It’s all ready for you to play with, but we are just starting the Experimental period for this release, and we appreciate all the feedback you can give us. If you have thoughts on these new features or find any bugs, feel free to visit our Q&A ...

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Pretty sure it’s ficsit branded and has a coffee stain on it. And not a coffee stain logo, just plain old literal stain of dropped coffee

this is correct!

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