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An update on Update 3 Release Date

about 14 hours ago - /u/JaceAtCoffeeStain on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Draighven

Well that went about as expected. We'll release it when it's done.

we were all hoping to have a concrete date for y'all :(

An update on Update 3 Release Date

about 15 hours ago - /u/JaceAtCoffeeStain on Reddit - Thread - Direct

An update on Update 3 Release Date

about 15 hours ago - Coffee Stain on Youtube - Thread - Direct

Resource Sink (Update #3 feature teaser)

about 17 hours ago - /u/JaceAtCoffeeStain on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ThostInLought

On one hand, the level of polish on this trailer is astounding. On the other, not enough pitchfork bait.

Firmly believe CS is at their best wearing a shit-eating grin. Don't ever change. <3


Resource Sink (Update #3 feature teaser)

about 17 hours ago - /u/JaceAtCoffeeStain on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by KysinSanawe

Clearly a machine that converts resources to items you can only buy with real money. Down with CSS and their cash grabbing microtransactions!!! I heard Jace pockets 5% of all purchases, spread the word!

at LEAST 5%

23 Jan

Originally posted by aston209

u/JaceAtCoffeeStain Question I would have liked to ask (and didn't see asked/answered I don't think?) - Are trains being updated at all for U3? Collisions; signals etc... or do you have any time scale for those sorta plans? Keep up the good work! <3 CHOO

there will be some changes in U3 but they will be minor + some bug fixes afaik

22 Jan

Originally posted by vatanuki

u/JaceAtCoffeeStain hey! Please tell Snutt that he is doing good job by looking at the camera way more, then he did in the last stream, but he still touches his face and neck a bit too much :p

uhhh okay! ill pass it on

Originally posted by KazMux

I'd have to agree his behavior seems a bit out of place. No news for a long time then you lead with a troll video. It's not like I'm angry or that I regret buying the game. I really enjoy it actually. I just visit this sub now and then to get some news on what's coming. I don't really see why you have to listen to a bunch of memes and trolling to get to this information.

it wasnt a troll video. if you look back at our previous feature highlights its the exact same format focused on 1 of many real features and also revealing information regarding a biome.

Originally posted by warrends

BLUF (Bottom line up front):

  • Microtransactions ... are not microtransactions
  • We can confirm that we are positive that update 3 will definitely drop at the beginning of February. But if it doesn't ... then probably just 1-2 weeks later.
  • We will be streaming and updating you more "commonly"
  • We are positive that your current saves may load in update 3

Thank you Jace for this definitive and commonly information.

np, friend :)

Originally posted by Badger67x

Can’t wait till the second week in March for update 3!

Jk jk but can’t wait

its like you work here xd

Originally posted by DaTTThomas

Jace is sexy as always.

wtf, get off reddit mom

Originally posted by Cazanator

This is the the most disappointing update one could hope for. The never ending trolls and memes from the CMs, particularly Jace, become exhausting. His conduct reminds me of how a teenager behaves. Perhaps I am from an older generation where companies and employees take pride in professional conduct.

As a former content creator for Satisfactory I was truly hoping for things like:

- An expanded portfolio of building pieces.

- Trains that actually work with signalling.

- Some type of objective or goal like a corporation value based on material sent up the space elevator. A way to measure how well you are doing.

And more.

A vending machine. KEKW, looks like the vision tank has run dry.

update 3 contains way more than a vending machine. as i said in the video. objective or goal wont become apparent until the story is added, which won't be added until near 1.0.

and yes, i behave like a teenager. an angsty one at that. i listen to linkin park and my chemical romance.

21 Jan

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