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0s hello
2s hi
5s ah
7s I'm on YouTube again mom
12s okay whatever let's do this
15s hey everyone my name is Jason I'm a
17s community manager at coffee stain
19s Studios and today we got a bit of a
20s banger of a video Wednesday video by the
23s way I mean when has that happened never
25s that's when but yeah something new
26s Wednesday video and it's because it's
28s kind of time sensitive we have to put it
30s out today or else
31s or slashing that's how things work at
34s coffee I'm kidding completely kidding um
36s but no uh we are making this video today
38s because first of all there's a few
40s things we want to talk about the first
41s thing is fixmest fixmest starts tomorrow
43s that's why this video is coming out
44s today fixmest will come to satisfactory
46s again on the Early Access and
48s experimental branches of the game now
50s the fact that like we've been working on
51s Update 7 a bunch and we haven't had a
53s lot of time to put into fixed Miss in
54s fact we've had no time to put into
55s fixmest that means that the fixmest this
58s year will be the same as fixmest last
60s year exactly the same so that is you
62s know it would be better if if we had
64s some new stuff but we think that a
66s fixmest is better than no fixmest and
68s this is all we can manage this time
69s around I hope that's okay with you all
71s uh and if you you weren't around for
73s fixmas last year then um you can try
76s this one you can get all the cool little
77s bits and Bobs that you might have missed
79s last year as well so I think it's going
81s to be fun regardless it's a nice little
82s seasonal event people tend to like it so
84s I hope it's okay that it's the same one
85s as last year have fun it's gonna be good
87s also
88s it's all gonna work with blueprints so
90s let's see what you do this time it's
91s gonna be good and the next thing that I
93s want to talk about is the big thing I
94s think it was probably even in the
96s YouTube title it might have been right
97s there who knows it's gonna be the
99s release date for Update 7 on Early
101s Access okay we um I actually talked
104s about this on stream yesterday so if you
106s don't check out our streams
107s coffee stand Studios devs you should
109s because sometimes very rarely almost
111s never but sometimes you get information
113s before everyone else does and so the
115s release date for Update 7 to the Early
117s Access Branch will be on this Tuesday
119s 6th of December so next week it will be
122s dropping at 3 P.M CET which I think is
125s 2PM GMT or UTC now I know previously we
128s would uh release these things later
130s usually at like 5 PM GMT or something
132s like that as you would have seen with
134s the experimental version of Update 7
135s that was also earlier we're gonna be
137s releasing it earlier again so that we
139s have time here to fix any issues that
141s happen with the the launch as well so
143s like we're losing it earlier so we could
144s work on it if need be okay if there's
146s any fires we can put it out and people
148s don't have to like do overtime for that
149s okay so hopefully that's a fair Affair
151s thing to do and the final thing that I
152s want to talk about real quick is going
153s to be the update 7 release stream so
155s there's going to be a release there's
156s gonna be a stream okay and the stream is
158s going to be next week on Tuesday
159s December 6th and we're going to be
161s starting at 2PM CET so that's one hour
164s before the release uh we'll hang out do
166s some fun stuff and uh I might be doing
168s some giveaways as well uh there should
170s be some game key codes that I'll be
171s giving away for uh I guess satisfactory
174s or um Goat Sim valheim a deep rock
177s midnight Ghost Hunt so if you want to
179s win some prizes join in for that I think
181s that if you want to win any of those
183s prizes you will have to watch on Twitch
184s because we will be streaming on Twitch
186s and YouTube but you if you want the
187s prizes you might have to be on Twitch
189s okay uh so yeah there'll be some fun
190s stuff like that and we'll also be
192s revealing our patch notes video that
194s should be done by then we'll see how it
196s goes but yeah so we're working on that
198s at the moment yeah it'll be a lot of fun
199s so I hope to see you there so it's gonna
200s be coffee scene Studios devs
202s or here on this YouTube channel 2PM CET
205s Tuesday next week and yeah that's pretty
206s much all I wanted to cover today all the
208s important news is now out there I hope
210s that was interesting or something to you
212s if you enjoyed the video please leave a
213s like and I hope to see you again in the
215s future take care everybody have a lovely
216s day bye