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18s thank you
63s foreign
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366s thank you
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591s thank you
626s [Music]
644s foreign
653s you're in my house this is this is not
656s my house it could be if you want to
660s hey everybody Welcome to uh the extra
662s experimental release experimental
665s release this is the excremental release
668s experimental release
671s experimenter experiment you know how
673s people always make fun of me the way I
675s say experimental or experimental do they
677s or is it like one guy
680s there's a bunch of people that do it
682s okay I wasn't aware no it's a good time
685s sorry to hear that yeah uh anyways so
688s the stream is experimental the release
690s is also experimental yeah everything who
693s knows what's gonna happen yeah maybe
695s this cup will go here
697s dude I set that up and you just
700s ruined it can I just want to mention
702s this sure speaking of cups I don't know
704s who who made this or who sent this to us
706s but this is genius uh you know
708s what I think Dave said that too was it I
712s think it's a prototype yeah uh it's like
715s it's like the front of a pipe as a
716s coaster it's genius what do you
719s guys think what do you guys think
723s ASMR yes
729s I wonder how that will sound because
730s there's a ton of noise uh uh
733s cancellation production yeah
734s cancellation so maybe maybe I need to
736s say something while I do it hey
738s everybody Welcome to the stream welcome
739s to the stream everybody can you hear
740s this I'm just tapping in your brains
742s right now that's right time to go to
744s sleep everybody nothing to see here
747s God I'm so curious what that sounds like
749s well we got the VOD to check it out yeah
751s I'm excited since so many people
752s complain about the audio levels last
754s time I've I've added a ton of
757s compression oh really okay so hopefully
760s everything sounds good uh let us know if
762s something sounds off you mean I mean off
764s more than usual yeah
766s um oh yeah this is not a normal setup
768s right it's a special occasions here so
771s we're not always like we don't get to
773s like trial the audio settings and all
774s that kind of and like try it again
776s the next week we don't get to do that
777s because we're usually at home so kind of
778s last second every time hopefully we can
779s build a set and like have it as our
782s streaming set but yeah yeah we always
784s that would be pretty sick
786s there's some funny comments today every
789s time I look at that there's some stupid
790s there
792s it's good but louder than you you sure I
795s mean that's good right is it too loud is
797s it okay is it not loud enough usually
799s nice shirt Jake yes it sounds like the
802s weeds okay I don't think that's a
804s compressor issue
806s maybe we'll see Jace is muted wow
810s incredible classic last time we were
812s supposed to mute both of us and I
813s apparently I only muted me oh yeah that
816s was so stupid man that was so stupid
818s stupid voice meters because I have it on
820s a button on my stream deck usually yeah
823s because I have like I have to do it
824s manually but I forgot that it's like
825s editing this is why I have trust issues
826s because like usually whenever snoot's
828s like all right no one can hear us now
830s I'll say some really unhinged stupid
832s uh and then I couldn't believe you
836s know when I checked the the last stream
837s yeah you could still hear me yep it's
839s about to talk about my rash again very
842s loud so here's the thing guys you can
843s turn down the volume on your computer
847s um
848s but that makes it less loud but is it
850s also is it like is it like peaking or
852s distorting yeah like is that is quality
854s bad yeah if it's is it too loud that
856s it's bad or is it just
859s a lot of snow it's fine quality is good
861s now you're good good
863s you can't do that we have to wait about
865s six minutes to hear from YouTube folks
866s yeah because we have uh we have um
868s closed captions on YouTube and that you
871s have to have like a certain delay on
872s YouTube if you want to have that okay uh
875s people it's fine someone said I need to
877s get like a Sensei beard I actually had a
879s really big beard like the biggest beard
881s I've had in my life up until Monday
883s um
884s and then uh by changing decisions I I
888s shaved it up for charity really damn I
891s didn't actually I don't know where I was
893s going with that that'd be so funny if
894s you could do that though I'm sure there
896s were people who've done it if they're
896s known for their beards you could
898s probably shave yours for charity snow
899s shave your beard for charity I know you
901s can do it for your hair but I don't
903s think I have a single beard you do for
904s your hair I already well
907s oh
908s do you think do you think they'll like
910s it yeah I mean it would be one dollar
912s for every millimeter of hair should do
914s that should sound like just a
916s envelope of just stubs yeah and
919s they like weigh it first and be like
920s this was 400 grams of hair I grew it all
923s by myself yes I've collected uh free
926s range
928s I just just like roaming The Meadows
933s I'd rather not think about it yeah Jay
935s shave his head I think I would shave my
937s hair for charity yeah maybe I should do
939s one day it's a good feeling and then you
941s don't have any hair for a while and
942s you're like oh oh I was worried
944s being curious
946s um I was gonna say yeah so he's bald
948s that's not his natural hair who would
951s have thought why aren't you wearing your
952s beanie it's it's a beanie season
954s for for for sure no look I wanted to
956s change it up all right tonight all right
959s um so yeah welcome everybody to your
960s stream we're going to be releasing
962s um the update seven the update seven
964s there's only gonna be one update seven
966s it's true today at 3 P.M CET which is
969s kind of unusual for us because usually
971s we wait until like the end of the stream
972s to release but this time around we're
974s gonna actually be changing it up a
975s little bit so we're gonna be releasing
976s it at 3 P.M but we're gonna keep
978s streaming for a little bit after that
979s and uh we're gonna be having like uh
982s Mark and and a couple of people that we
983s worked on the update to talk about stuff
985s I know a lot of people have questions
986s about blueprints specifically because we
989s dropped the video last week and I've
990s seen yes yes a lot of really good like
992s discussions and I've also seen a lot of
994s questions yes and I mean all that will
996s be answered when the update comes out
998s but we're also going to answer it here
999s on stream yeah uh if you're not if
1001s you're not able to download the game
1002s right away for instance it also just
1004s might be interesting to hear like you
1005s know the the the people who worked on it
1007s a bunch talk about it and here they're
1009s taking on various things or why they've
1011s done what they've done so you know might
1013s be might be interesting potentially they
1015s know what's up
1016s you know in theory yeah but but first
1020s let me talk about skillshare no uh this
1023s is the the expressvpns yeah yeah yeah so
1026s exactly whoa whoa really
1030s no no it wasn't okay why did my phone
1033s start playing music sorry what sorry
1034s guys
1035s I really didn't favorite song crikey wow
1039s not again I thought it was hellofresh I
1041s thought hella fresh is gonna happen
1043s during the stream by the way folks hell
1044s yeah people were already beaming
1047s at me before yeah oh so good
1050s um no actually actually we're gonna
1052s segment a little bit into because uh I
1054s don't know if you guys knew but we have
1055s we have a little bit of merch stuff you
1057s know
1058s Bad Boys
1060s um and they're all um from
1063s Melissa doggo.com
1065s uh you spell that with two G's Liz and
1069s lizard and two D two o's two o's one L
1073s um two Z's or Zeds depending where you
1075s are in the world oh yeah they have both
1076s right it's like yeah there's the uh
1079s lizard doggo with Z's for the uh
1081s Americans and Zeds for the British
1084s um English speakers you have to make
1085s sure you go to the right store yes heck
1087s got you covered on on oh is that only
1089s onesie my mistake oh yeah hello everyone
1092s I know how to spell lizard don't worry
1093s about it nobody good thing no one knows
1095s what it's uh onesie yeah one's it uh
1097s anyway so yeah uh Dave at heroic heroic
1100s replicas I've been working uh with us
1102s together and making this merch stuff and
1105s right now this is a sweet deal going on
1107s on lizard what a deal I should I should
1110s have brought my uh yeah I should
1113s have told you all about the deal and
1115s lizard doggo.com
1119s uh Black Friday is approaching and there
1122s are currently two new discount codes
1125s that are available you can pick one of
1128s them ice I think uh and uh I have in my
1132s notes yeah so there's two different
1133s discounted coats I'm gonna post the
1135s discount and copy paste this over here
1140s boom Oh no there's too many characters
1143s characters
1145s split this up I'll just get rid of this
1147s part the URL of coffee place it later
1150s dude chill it's still too long
1156s so yeah there's two discount codes
1158s there's uh thanks Jace
1160s um
1161s where for any order over a hundred
1163s dollars uh you get free shipping which
1166s is valid for a couple countries 37 in
1169s fact uh there's also thanks snoot who uh
1172s where for every fifty dollars spent you
1174s get any item under twenty dollars for
1177s free uh and it's up to ten or ten items
1181s on order and that's good for all
1182s countries perfect nailed it uh thank you
1186s skillshare response
1188s and now to talk about rage Shadow
1190s Legends dude he's making this is amazing
1193s oh I feel so good when you get like the
1195s perfect uh 200 out of 200 characters now
1198s yeah this is this is why they pay you
1200s the big bucks dude yes they do pay me
1202s big bucks it is it is the biggest skill
1204s as a community manager to be able to
1205s like when you're writing a tweet to fit
1208s it perfectly yeah
1209s I forgot to clean up the stream yep
1212s my dad's calling one uh texting me oh
1215s he's talking about those hemorrhoids
1217s again yeah I just remembered I don't
1219s have the satisfactory account here
1221s okay here I can do it for you on yours
1224s if you want or I could entertain hello
1225s everybody so yeah while snoot takes care
1228s of there's an emergency a crisis I'm
1230s gonna handle the emergency you're the
1232s pro you just showed how
1233s proficient you were at that Jesus
1235s uh so yeah make sure to check out lizard
1238s doggo uh that's a bunch of cool shot
1239s this there's mugs these mugs are from
1241s there there's ceramic uh and uh pretty
1245s dope the nice thing about having ceramic
1246s mugs is that you can have them in you
1248s can put them in the microwave
1251s um I know that we were thinking of doing
1253s enamel cups originally uh and that would
1255s be cool too but uh ceramic it is and uh
1259s yeah shirts are coming too soon as well
1261s I think they're on pre-order at the
1263s moment or maybe they're already
1265s we will see
1266s how much for the floating name guys
1268s those are extra extra expensive you need
1271s to use another discount code for that
1274s one and I don't wanna I don't dare tell
1276s you about that when I stream
1278s it says did not make micro would say
1280s okay never mind then ignore me what do I
1284s know
1286s dollars
1292s oh you're killing me Chad you're killing
1294s me
1295s how much were the space elevator
1296s painting so that one is not for sale
1298s that one is a it's not a painting
1300s actually it's well it is a painting but
1301s it's it's one of those like you know the
1302s corporate like roll-up thingies what are
1304s they called
1306s Roll-Ups okay yeah they're cool roll up
1308s God damn it
1310s um but I think uh over on if you go to
1314s good smiles there's also outside of you
1315s also part of a good smiles and they have
1317s another merch store where you can get a
1320s couple of community made posters and
1321s stuff like that
1323s um so also check them out pretty dope
1326s foreign
1327s yes
1330s it's not the very image of proficiency
1331s look I am
1333s so good at this I'm I'm the same person
1337s I need the uh the link to YouTube
1339s the link to YouTube uh
1342s uh I'm just straight up in your YouTube
1344s right now sorry yeah go for it no don't
1347s look at that why do you have that as a
1349s recommended oh dear oh god oh oh that's
1353s disgusting no man oh my God
1356s oh my God why are you copy why are you
1359s sending that link to yourself on teams
1361s what are you doing I'm not
1363s he's
1367s getting good tips here man
1370s for the plant everything's for sale yeah
1373s this is the whole thing is gonna
1375s go out
1376s it's hard yeah for sure
1378s the need is done sick uh I did I tell
1382s you this I don't think I tell you this I
1383s was so scared of uh logging out of
1385s Twitter the other day because like the
1387s market services or whatever because we
1388s have to oh yeah on everything oh yeah
1390s yeah so I'm just like I'm not touching
1392s if you want to use Twitter it's uh and
1395s you have two-factor authentications
1396s eight dollars a month eight dollars a
1398s month yeah
1399s not much for Jace oh it's a like
1401s it's an auction it's one of those like
1404s speed dating auction things where it's
1406s like you get to get a date with Jace
1409s I wish I could sold for four bucks I
1411s wish I could do the you know just like
1413s um
1414s I think it's a Texan thing where like
1416s they have the the auction and they're so
1418s oh yeah yeah I mean everyone is but yeah
1421s I don't think it's just text them yeah I
1423s I I'm thinking mostly of like the meme
1424s auctioneers where it's like they're so
1426s fast and it sounds like a song and they
1428s add like music that's so funny imagine
1431s like Eminem's music in the background I
1432s mean it kind of is yeah yeah holy cow
1434s it's so impressive
1436s um
1437s so yeah welcome to the stream it's
1440s already derailed insane incredibly uh I
1444s think I think it's fine yeah I think
1445s it's fine it's better than usual yeah
1447s um so yeah with that being said we we
1450s got the we got the ad out of the way
1452s from the screen we did the ad read the
1454s the slowestly executed by the way
1457s what do you mean
1459s Dave's just sitting there like God damn
1461s it what do I even bother with these guys
1463s yeah
1465s I need to send like this let's just say
1468s this
1469s uh we're gonna jump over to some
1471s Community highlights real quick uh if I
1473s can find us yes yes whoops that's not
1475s supposed to go there and so for those of
1476s you who don't know uh we have Community
1478s highlights and these are basically we
1480s show off really cool screenshots from
1482s people in the community who have uh you
1484s know made really cool builds or just
1486s taken really beautiful screenshots or
1487s both and um and we just show it off to
1490s you guys and we do this actually every
1491s single week so um there's a lot of
1492s people on Twitch already you probably
1494s follow us you probably noticed that we
1495s stream every single Tuesday around this
1497s time every week but folks on YouTube if
1500s you don't know already you can go to
1501s twitch.tv coffee stainstudios devs where
1504s we're actually live on Twitter right now
1505s on Twitch right now as well
1507s um but yeah every week on Tuesdays we
1509s have a fun little developer stream where
1511s we just uh just do some random random
1513s stuff check out some Community
1514s highlights uh give some updates as well
1516s so do consider following us over on
1518s Twitch if you don't already so you can
1520s uh
1522s if you're really into like getting like
1525s the latest latest really because we do
1526s try to stream every week yeah uh and
1528s we'll give you updates on like what's
1529s going on yeah so like you know if
1531s there's no updates then we give no
1532s updates but the second there's an update
1533s we we put it out we put it out on the
1535s community segment on that Stream So do
1537s check it out but also we just have fun
1538s so even if there's nothing to talk about
1539s we just have a good old time anyway so
1541s let's get to it because time is running
1543s out fast Ah that's fine all right first
1546s up we got front we're just gonna get
1547s this out of the way it's a bridge wow
1548s it's a bridge bridge meta again for
1551s those who don't frequent uh twitch
1552s streams uh Bridges often make their way
1555s onto our community highlight segments
1556s because uh I don't know I don't know why
1558s they just they just do
1560s really good design they look cool this
1563s is another Bridge that's right we've
1565s seen bridges of this like suspension
1566s kind of design before haven't we yeah I
1568s think this is really based on Tamar
1570s Bridge Tamar Bridge which I don't know
1572s if that's a real Bridge or where's uh
1574s where's tomorrow does anyone know where
1575s to Mars
1576s is this like a Deez Nuts joke
1582s tomorrow is a beautiful city
1586s I have no idea for this or not well it
1588s doesn't look well is that the one
1591s oh this one oh okay it's this one there
1594s you go yeah yeah okay we you guys don't
1596s see it but we see and we we confirm we
1598s stand is a bridge it is a bridge there's
1600s a bridge all right next to this from uh
1602s oh lito or zero light zero holy cow I
1607s mean it's just dark I don't feeling so
1609s good
1614s I was I was doing these on a train and I
1617s was like rolling into the station like
1619s come on come on just finish him
1620s uh I mean this is a Vibe this is a Vibe
1624s uh I kind of dig it yeah so uh whenever
1627s people get this bug or like the the
1629s screen is glitching out like this not
1631s necessarily this particular one I've
1633s seen uh I've seen this one before but
1635s sometimes or most often when people
1637s reach out to me and they have like these
1639s type of glitches uh very often
1642s close like shortly after they also get
1646s in touch me back and say like hey Mike
1647s Hardware broke uh so a lot of times when
1651s this happened and you verify make sure
1653s to verify your game files first because
1654s that often fixes these kind of issues
1656s but sometimes some people have like
1657s weird glitches and verify your
1659s Hardware verify your Hardware I guess or
1661s check your drivers and stuff like that
1663s uh or be like aware that uh oh something
1666s might happen soon
1668s um so this is what we do on community
1670s highlights in front of thousands of
1671s people
1672s um we show off
1674s when your computer is about to die but I
1677s think this is fine because it doesn't
1678s look like any of the other dishes I
1680s think it looks really cool it's actually
1682s really really nice I think this is just
1683s like a UV uh
1685s mess up or something with the texture
1687s because it doesn't it doesn't have any
1689s of the the regular texture on the on the
1693s bean well it does though does it yeah
1694s it's like the gray in between right this
1696s is bananas error I have no idea what
1698s this is I don't know maybe it's an
1699s optimization
1701s hey the game runs faster all right we'll
1703s take it yeah
1705s the the beans look like that now yeah
1707s okay next to this from uh reciper oh
1710s this is cool yeah so this one uh fun
1713s facts we like our producers during
1715s Monday meetings they also grabbed like a
1716s couple of cool shots from the from the
1718s community as well sometimes just they do
1719s our jobs for us yes yes so they have
1722s like a little mini Community highlights
1723s so this is this is uh one from this week
1725s yeah that I thought was really
1726s impressive
1728s um I don't wanna I I'm glad I'm not the
1730s one who set this up
1731s because uh figuring out the signals here
1733s would have been a bit rough Series yeah
1736s jeez I mean it's it's weird though
1738s because when you look at it you're like
1739s uh I mean I guess it's fairly
1741s straightforward but like you need to
1742s figure this out beforehand right on
1745s paper or in your head or something super
1747s impressive and also just really cool
1748s that we can do this in our game yeah I'm
1750s also super stoked that like there's so
1752s many trains already like within the loop
1754s uh so they've clearly thought out like
1756s how to
1757s um buffer the trains yeah right right
1760s right yeah because you're right you can
1761s see there's three up on that long side
1763s there yeah yeah it's really impressive
1765s yeah it looks like a fairly efficient
1767s kind of layout for for what they've got
1769s there really great job super nice yes uh
1772s next is from C Wiggins New York City oh
1775s wow yeah so so they were like I'm gonna
1779s try and make like a alternate take on
1781s stairs okay uh because the stairs in the
1784s game are a little bit like the the
1785s spiral stairs they're a bit funky right
1787s now you can't Zoop them and like they
1789s rotate in a funky way uh hopefully we
1791s can fix that so keep her on your toes
1793s yes
1794s um so uh
1796s soy games with like I'm gonna try and
1797s make something off it and then they
1799s realized when they were making like oh
1800s this is too much there's too much work
1803s they just stopped that height or
1805s something no no it's like it's just a
1807s setup of like setting it up so they they
1809s the way they claim it like exterior pain
1811s put a lot of thought into this and it
1813s turns out it's just way too big of a
1814s hassle to actually use oh but it looks
1816s really cool it does look really good
1817s yeah I feel like I've seen these kind of
1819s staircases out and about in like the
1820s real world yeah whenever I see certain
1822s builds that kind of resemble things in
1823s the real world
1825s um I don't know that's always like
1826s appealing to me also I love the uh being
1828s down the button there for for scale for
1830s scale yes
1833s um otherwise we'd have no idea how big
1835s this is yeah because I guess it's like
1837s it takes a while to run up the stairs or
1838s something I don't know oh yeah yeah it
1840s looks really cool there is a big Cliff
1842s yeah but it's this is really good stairs
1844s yeah I don't die uh next is from tomsa
1848s 744 was made this like secret lab not
1852s sponsored nuts wait
1855s I actually don't know what what you're
1857s referring to but sharers chairs yeah oh
1859s yeah because you bought a chair recently
1860s well I didn't buy a secret lab chair but
1862s secret Labs oh wait they make the gaming
1864s chairs yeah yes Gamers Gamers I paid way
1868s too much for a chair yeah if you if you
1869s got it you got a game you gotta have a
1871s chair that's right and it guaranteed
1873s plus 25 MMR if you buy this job
1878s I'm sorry about Martin Satisfaction by
1880s the way uh Miami Martin satisfactory
1882s yeah yeah I'm sick I'm 6K 6K yeah 6km
1884s dude yeah uh so yeah this is really neat
1887s it's like a it's a little lab for
1889s Crystal and silica cool and I like the
1891s interior oh nice little it's so comfy oh
1893s man it's so clean I saw someone in chat
1895s before say something like I'm getting
1897s I'm getting all depressed looking all
1898s these people with their amazing builds
1899s yeah I get it uh these builds are
1902s amazing but you know what it's okay if
1903s your Builds on it's cool fix it requires
1906s efficiency and functionality so that's
1908s fine yeah but uh it's also super cool uh
1910s fixer also believes that these kind of
1912s builds Inspire pioneers
1915s yeah because like um even if you can't
1918s come up with all this stuff on your own
1920s like I think uh just browsing the Reddit
1922s and like browsing the Discord and
1923s checking out like the architectural chat
1925s and stuff like that yeah it really gives
1927s you ideas and like sometimes all you
1929s need is like figuring out how to do like
1931s segments or like small pieces and then
1934s with that it sort of develops into your
1936s playstyle and your style and stuff like
1937s that yeah
1938s um so I feel very inspired when I see
1941s stuff like this and sometimes I'm even
1942s like oh I remember this cool thing they
1945s did with like the pillars and the train
1946s stuff I want to do exactly that and like
1949s find the post and I'm like it yoink it
1952s uh next is from from scratch games from
1955s from from scratch games good one yeah uh
1958s more nice freed stuff Happening Here uh
1961s they've uh I think we featured them two
1963s weeks ago and they had like a smaller
1965s build like this okay and now it's it's
1968s evolved it's looking good yeah and it's
1970s got the Billy eilish Green in there the
1972s extra points for that you gotta yep yep
1975s uh oh damn what is it what does it make
1977s so it's a 3200 concrete oh nice a minute
1980s you don't see many elaborate concrete
1982s factories no and that's kind of one of
1985s those days yeah uh I appreciate it I
1988s appreciate that it's like another post
1989s that's already finished too with the
1990s train station like integrated into it so
1992s just like sending it out Yep looks super
1994s good uh okay on the other hand
1997s [Laughter]
1999s we gotta get this train this train gotta
2003s be out of here
2011s it's my first day
2016s so uh we featured joint travel uh a
2019s couple of weeks ago and the madness
2021s continues
2022s I remember them I remember that yeah I
2025s had I had way too many I just kept
2028s playing Words and worse
2030s um oh God they haven't learned uh I
2034s think they're doing fine I think they're
2035s doing fine yeah
2037s um all aboard the spaghetti train I I I
2040s I do appreciate these though like I
2042s remember once I got a safe route from
2044s someone who had like an issue and
2046s they're like can you fix this for me and
2048s I loaded up their save file and you
2050s couldn't see the ground
2052s you couldn't see the ground you also
2055s couldn't see a single Foundation it was
2057s just it was just like a like a web your
2060s issue you're playing the game too much
2062s or it's like your issues you're playing
2064s too much they just never did any
2065s punishment but like I guess it worked
2067s they had they had like hundreds of hours
2069s in and at a really elaborate Factory
2071s they were further than the game than I
2072s am
2072s if it works it works yeah it works it's
2074s fine and I mean this is still a still a
2077s Vibe and I think you know what in 2022
2079s Vibes the most important thing make sure
2082s you get your Vibes for breakfast lunch
2083s and dinner okay you can quote him on
2085s that next one's from JK uh what do I
2089s identify with this so much it's just
2091s like me it's not straight but it works
2093s yeah yeah it works but yeah it's a
2094s little bit off it's a little bit off
2096s yeah I wonder I so I'm curious how they
2100s managed to do this I think it's like
2102s because it's so close to The Foundry so
2105s like it shouldn't be allowed to place it
2106s there but somehow they managed to do it
2108s yeah ah it's fine it's fine that's fine
2112s don't worry about it great job JK yeah
2114s yeah
2115s well Hannah's and Chad hi Hannah
2118s hope you're feeling better
2120s uh next is from craft craft architect
2122s craft craft I keep thinking about Metal
2125s everywhere I keep thinking of South Park
2127s when I hear craft craft craft craft
2128s dinner oh I didn't craft it I haven't
2130s seen that whatever it's very it's an old
2131s reference but it checks that
2133s um craft Architects have featured like
2136s have shown similar builds before and I
2138s feel like they're just getting more and
2139s more like you this is this is similar to
2142s what you just said like I can't see
2143s anything but hold up continue
2147s please Factory stuff okay
2151s what no one clipped that please
2153s [Laughter]
2155s what is he talking about
2158s this is a Christian stream dude chill
2160s but yes as far as the eye can see like
2163s you can see really far back too and it's
2165s just more Factory yeah it's truly
2167s incredible so first I was like oh that's
2168s just the wall but no it's it's a frame
2170s thingy and there's more it's like a
2173s mirror you know like when you step into
2174s it oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
2176s like oh it's so far away but it's just
2178s but this is not that it's not a mirror
2180s it's yeah it's actually it's massive
2181s it's so insane super nice
2183s all right there's the same energy as the
2186s the one before from the true SCP
2189s uh
2190s uh something is this is right there's a
2194s there's a rage inside me that's uh
2196s growing this is the you know when you
2198s have a box and like where is the square
2200s oh yeah yeah yeah it goes and the square
2202s hole and like where does the triangle it
2205s goes to the square hole yeah yeah yeah
2206s yeah yeah they're like no no no no no
2208s yeah
2211s ah yeah instructions unclear this is
2214s this is frustrating but you know what uh
2216s I appreciate that as well it's kind of
2218s like you know art is supposed to start a
2220s discussion and make you feel something
2221s and I would say this is this is a work
2224s of art I'm sure there's like a really
2225s really good justification for why this
2227s is the way it is yeah uh and not just an
2229s accident yeah yep for sure this I don't
2232s know if this is because I think this is
2233s a packager it's hard to tell from from
2235s the shot alone but uh it kind of looks
2238s like when when we dropped up day three
2240s and we added like we have to use pipes
2242s for your coal generators and stuff like
2244s that it would just be
2246s like it would be a conveyor belt going
2248s into the pipe hole because it's like the
2251s conveyor is still there but the building
2252s has changed right it kind of it's like
2254s the opposite of that because it looks
2255s like we've removed pipes
2257s from this building and this is like
2259s someone's loading up their safe Halls
2260s like my pipe's just going to nothing it
2262s just looks so funny how hard it is also
2264s something that's kind of funny is
2266s the art of reload
2269s of course it's for the gun but like I
2272s feel like it's just it just curses the
2274s image even more oh that's so funny I
2275s didn't think about that like why don't
2276s we reloading the pipe in the conveyor
2278s huh yeah uh it's like a magazine you
2282s just Chuck it pipe out of there yeah uh
2285s so there's a lot of like this energy
2287s going on here what is happening yeah
2289s there's been a shift in our community
2291s yeah why
2293s I wonder so I'm assuming the way they
2295s did this and I don't think you're
2297s supposed to be able to delete pipes
2299s without deleting the pumps too but um I
2302s assume they put the pump down
2305s remove the pipe and then add a hyper
2307s tube or something like that or maybe
2307s this is a bug on on
2309s but it looks kind of cool it looks I
2311s feel like they could have made the pipes
2313s and because like because the hypertube's
2315s right with soft clipping they should be
2316s able to build through it it might be
2319s yeah it might be that you're just
2320s placing the pump on the ground
2321s on the ground and then they put the
2323s hypership through it but then yeah
2325s whatever this is cursed but it kind of
2327s looks like it could be a feature because
2329s we could ban them and then the Reddit
2331s you're out of here absent marker that's
2334s fine it's fine so make sure to spam
2335s boost so you get that boost from the
2337s pump when you're in the hyper tube
2338s everybody
2339s yeah I don't know if people maybe the
2341s people on YouTube you probably haven't
2342s heard of this but uh when you're in the
2344s hypertubes if you do exclamation boost
2345s in the in-game chat you go quicker
2347s [Laughter]
2349s we we talk about all the time when I
2351s don't know every week but if you were on
2353s the twitch stream you would know yeah
2354s you would definitely know if it works
2356s for you uh you know take a screenshot
2358s and share with us with everyone on the
2359s uh not in not in chat not in chat no in
2362s game in game in game right and then uh
2364s share screenshots yeah of it working for
2367s you on our Reddit reddit.com
2368s satisfactory game right
2371s next one is from dermundi yes all
2375s faithful he's been around for a while
2377s for a while yes speed and power words to
2380s live by two different trains one speed
2382s and one hour yeah
2385s yeah
2386s so
2387s what kind of speed is it what are we
2390s kind of well one of them is going to be
2391s like a one Carriage you know uh train
2394s and so it's gonna zip around the map
2396s real quick and the other one's gonna
2397s have like 13 full of coal or something
2400s he's gonna do the let's give it up thing
2401s where there's another train bumping it
2403s up from the back there it is yeah
2404s that'll give you extra speed let's say
2406s you got extra speed yep get the jump
2408s packs
2410s um I just like this uh it looks like a
2415s gateway to something we don't know
2418s what's behind the wall like that's the
2420s thing for me like it could definitely
2421s power because you see the generators but
2423s it looks secretive and it's like I want
2425s to go there I feel like it's like it's
2427s the wall from Game of Thrones but it's
2429s satisfactory Universe yeah
2432s there's nothing that lizard dog goes on
2433s the other side God
2436s uh I like this next one oh actually good
2440s though Milo Milo Milly or Milo
2443s maybe yeah uh this is really good super
2446s cute actually super good really clever
2449s yeah
2450s can't throw there's only a way we could
2452s like throw balls or like hit them around
2454s with a stick or something but if we
2456s could do that then OverWatch would sue
2457s us
2460s wow I've never you know when you're in
2463s the spawn Hub you know it's like a mini
2465s game where you can throw a basketball I
2467s never played OverWatch oh I think I've
2469s seen it in one of them yeah yeah it's
2471s like it's like a spaceship starting
2473s right yeah yeah I've seen that one
2474s actually
2475s yes yeah right that's true because uh
2478s ball threw a basket hoop uh was
2480s originally from OverWatch I believe yeah
2481s yeah they invented it yeah there's one
2484s in DSX as well
2486s do they have to like pay royalties to
2487s Blizzard I did sex was before OverWatch
2490s that's a good question I don't know
2493s who is suing who
2496s the plug thing dude I just pop there's
2498s more and more games popping on my head I
2499s have like this kind of thing where like
2501s the best I wonder if this is just like
2502s like a cosmophobia
2504s that's true yeah that's another one like
2506s God damn I wonder if is this the biggest
2508s Trope in video games it's like having
2509s the single biggest yeah I think so must
2511s be
2512s earlier first uh next we have from Bob
2516s to be on clothing when I saw this the
2518s first time I thought this was like
2519s someone drew this oh
2522s and I'm still actually clever it's the
2524s Storage storage container it's really
2526s cool because it's like a
2532s but like yeah I mean because at first my
2535s brain with the truck here it just
2536s immediately read it as you know like
2537s there's always like little package that
2539s gets picked up out of it yeah that's
2540s what I read immediately and then when I
2542s paid a little more attention like oh no
2543s this little custom built and it's a
2545s storage container
2546s that's really cool yes
2548s 14 15 minutes left yes you can almost
2551s count Chad wait dark clock like behind
2555s or something I'm good 14 36 yeah okay
2558s yeah we're good
2559s um yeah and uh I just want to imagine
2561s like a truck coming down and there's
2563s actually like putting the storage inside
2564s because they're pretty big like it's
2566s just the same size as a yeah the
2568s instructions and then flips out because
2571s they're out trucks and they fly across
2572s the universe a little truck that could
2573s yeah uh next is from fishy pants
2576s love this name
2578s oh damn I love this build yeah it's like
2580s a Seaport Factory I love the little like
2582s they're making uh what's it called uh
2584s the the thing is that ships have on the
2588s sides when they're uh oh I don't know
2589s what they're called yeah but like on
2591s like the catamaran things right they go
2592s there's like two different yeah fairies
2595s I'm thinking of the like uh fenders
2596s that's the word they're called fenders
2598s yes okay I think I love the big hand
2600s holy pontoons or maybe it's just
2603s like a Swedish maybe I think they're
2605s called fenders in Swedish but maybe a
2607s lot of people are saying tampu no
2610s pontoons maybe whatever it looks cool I
2613s love it it's very creative uh and then I
2615s also we also need a little bit of a
2617s close-up of hair on the damn the hand
2618s here which holy how do they do this
2621s is this micromanage or is this like do
2623s they actually sit there with beams just
2625s went nuts because it looks like
2627s it's beads all the way yeah this could
2628s have just been hand done it could have
2631s just been handmade oh and it is a hand
2633s I'm actually uh I'm actually
2637s um I love the big Crystal thing or
2639s whatever that is yeah like orb chunk or
2641s whatever that is is that what Sam Moore
2643s is gonna be used for yes they figured it
2645s out you put it in your hands yeah you
2647s put it in your hands oh boy did you just
2649s hold it yeah it's like a stress ball
2653s yeah
2654s figured it out yep yes and then lastly
2657s oh holy cow yeah so Vincent went hard
2661s yeah went hard uh yeah this is insane
2665s this is such a cool build uh what's it
2667s called sister Cannon yeah this is a
2668s sister Ray it's just a ray yeah where
2671s they moved the Juno Cannon to midgar
2672s yeah so Vincent spoilers by the way oh
2675s is that meteor
2678s oh my God
2678s [Laughter]
2681s I didn't think about that
2683s oh geez
2686s um so Vincent's I posted previously it
2688s might be even sort of maybe someone else
2690s it was um uh but they go on a different
2692s name on the on previously on the okay
2694s we'll get to that in a second but um
2696s uh yeah super cool they like they took
2699s their midgar build and they're just like
2700s we're gonna add the sister right there I
2702s also love this last picture
2706s they added a rectophobia mode for the
2708s Diamondback oh my God showing up looks
2710s like it's got a Halo too yeah it's so
2712s funny oh wow yeah what an incredible
2716s build this is such a cool build like
2718s from this angle too like using the power
2720s like I love this build so much
2722s that's so cool
2724s um so yeah
2726s today it almost went forward again this
2728s one
2729s do we have like the broken sector I
2732s think it's down here yeah yeah I think
2734s you can see the hot that's it yeah
2735s that's it right there yeah
2737s sector six is it
2740s sector seven slums is still I can't
2743s remember yeah
2745s amazing yeah love it love it so much uh
2749s so yeah those those were some of the
2751s submissions that that we found on the
2753s for the community highlights very well
2755s done everybody
2757s um as usual like when you post this
2759s stuff please make sure to use the
2760s hashtag satisfactory screenshots if
2762s you're on Twitter uh and if you're on
2764s Reddit make sure to use the screenshots
2766s flare and then it's easier to grab them
2768s uh a little bit of big big of an
2771s announcement so if you guys remember
2773s last month I think or maybe a month
2776s before then time flies uh we held a
2779s little like a Reddit competition a
2780s competition on Reddit because our Reddit
2782s subreddit reached 200 000 members thank
2785s you everyone for joining the Reddit so
2787s uh we thought we would celebrate that by
2789s having a little competition
2791s um and and we did and it's time to
2793s announce the winners Jace boy I'm so
2796s excited are you using it I'm okay okay
2800s so yeah
2801s um so this was uh two there's gonna be
2804s two winners picked to win uh a fabulous
2807s prize of 250 of worth of merch on
2810s instagram.com and uh one of these picks
2814s were from Community voting and the one
2816s other one was from coffee stain voting
2818s uh and we also gave a bunch of keys and
2820s stuff but um the two winners are I mean
2824s one of them you probably know if you've
2825s been on the Reddit but
2826s bam holy cow like cave dudes holy cow
2830s yeah made this like amazing looking uh
2834s the cave do JP I guess yeah yeah this is
2838s from
2839s um uh uh Simpsons baseball yeah yeah
2843s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
2846s um uh we're Hagrid Captain Hagrid
2850s Ludicrous Speed uh went at ludicrous
2853s speeds that's right yep yep yep and then
2856s my favorite part of that uh that was my
2858s favorite episode in this in the Netflix
2859s series yeah yeah Netflix series yeah
2863s dude I love Netflix yeah I watched I
2865s watch uh Disney movies yeah nice
2868s um no this is insane though insane
2870s actually look how this spans like the
2872s entire level it kind of does and the
2875s detail holy interesting uh if you wanna
2878s if you wanna see more of this check out
2880s the Reddit I think it's in the uh I
2883s think if you search for their name this
2884s will pop up uh super cool so that was
2887s the community voting uh pick and we also
2890s have a pick from coffee stain and our
2892s pick was Bob the B B I didn't vote for
2897s this one yeah insane looking like
2899s cyberpunk-esque uh City
2902s thingamajig yeah do you have is this the
2904s only picture you got over here yeah
2905s because they they have more pictures
2907s over on the on the Reddit I believe
2909s right yeah because it's the Reddit
2910s competition
2911s um over on the Reddit uh and like this
2913s isn't just this facade here it's like
2915s all built out you can like there's so
2917s many other pictures there's like little
2918s stores and stuff I would absolutely live
2921s there yeah and it goes like into the
2922s underground and like that yeah
2924s there's like uh ramen shops and stuff
2925s yeah there's like Ramen yeah that's so
2927s cool that's why I would live there but
2929s um yeah super super good yeah uh we do
2932s want to mention one thing though that's
2933s true because when we were doing this
2935s voting there was uh I mean this this was
2938s the clear winner uh but there was a very
2940s close second
2942s um and we just wanted to include this
2944s one we just thought it was interesting
2946s that this one came second yeah so so
2948s please notice that this is not just me
2951s and Jace all right this was the second
2953s midgar again uh
2956s yes yes
2958s um so it's uh it's uh uh rigged yeah so
2962s for the YouTubers here the people from
2964s YouTube all right you don't probably
2966s know this but soon and I always talk
2967s about Final Fantasy
2969s um oftentimes Final Fantasy VII and
2971s everyone now check gets mad at us
2972s whenever we do they're like you guys
2975s you're satisfactory that often we talk
2978s about it literally everything no we've
2979s done it three times this stream uh but
2983s this was voted by the entire office yeah
2987s and came second okay so it's not just us
2990s all right we are accurately representing
2992s the company
2994s in that a lot of his love Final Fantasy
2996s and are wowed by this build so uh yeah
2998s definitely a consolation uh runner-up
3001s um honorable mention yeah that's the one
3003s for extreme blueberry yeah 99. so
3006s congrats to Bobby and La K
3009s GP I guess yeah
3012s um well done someone will reach out to
3013s you I think it's Hagen who will reach
3015s out to you and uh we'll hit you up with
3016s the information and stuff like that
3020s um yeah
3021s great job thanks everyone for joining
3023s the Reddit and everyone who uh submitted
3025s there's a lot of really really cool it
3028s was uh like literally hundreds that we
3029s all went through and I'm really curious
3031s how it was going to go in in like our
3033s voting because it was a lot of really
3034s cool build stuff like yeah
3037s sure yep six minutes left Jace can you
3040s believe it what do we do I certainly
3043s what do we do yeah how do we get here so
3045s fun fact actually uh so we have it
3047s rigged up here so it's actually going to
3048s be me and Jace pushing the button today
3050s uh we have we have a special button I
3052s was thinking of like you know those like
3053s push button thingies that you can like
3055s the physical ones I was thinking of like
3057s trying to hook that up but it couldn't
3058s quite get it to work uh but we have the
3060s button here and we're going to be
3061s sending it live so for those who don't
3063s know we're going to be releasing Update
3064s 7 on the experimental Branch if you
3067s don't know what the experimental branch
3068s is then maybe you're new because we we
3071s talk about this all the time but it's
3072s essentially like our public test realm
3074s singing sort of thing where you can opt
3077s into the experimental branch and that
3078s gives you access to like the more
3080s experimental build who would have
3082s thought that that was why it's called
3083s that
3084s um and
3085s on the experimental Branch you get
3088s access to like sort of the the bleeding
3090s edge like development build sort of uh
3093s where you get things earlier but you
3094s also get buggy like you know it's it's
3097s anything can happen if you are intended
3100s to switch to experimental please pack up
3102s your size before you do anything it's
3103s really important because people had it's
3106s like the way the system works with with
3108s steam and epic like sometimes the
3110s something funky happens with Cloud sync
3112s or stuff like that or maybe sometimes
3113s even we mess up the stuff in in the in
3116s the game and like maybe you're safe he
3118s says we as a game developers in general
3119s not like we've never no no coffee stain
3121s never made a mistake of course but uh
3124s other developers May yeah so yes so
3129s important to back up your save files uh
3131s if you're on Steam the way you get into
3132s the experimental branch is by right
3134s clicking on the game you hit properties
3135s you go to the betas Tab and in there
3137s there's like a drop down list and then
3139s you pick experimental in that drop that
3141s list and it will reinstall uh in your
3143s directory and if you're on Epic it
3146s should show up as its own like little
3147s game in the library
3149s um it should be clearly marked as like
3150s experimental and that will uh create
3153s like a not a copy but it will a separate
3156s install in separate install yeah uh
3158s which is kind of smooth like they both
3159s have different advantages uh like it's
3161s nice that steam has like the cloud
3163s syncing is handled for both uh because
3165s it's the same app
3167s um but it's also nice like an epic you
3169s can sort of have it both installed at
3171s the same time yeah it's pretty sweet
3173s uh and we're less than five minutes
3176s seven holy cow that's uh that's a lot of
3179s updates
3180s um
3181s so what's coming in update seven you
3183s might ask well the main thing is
3185s blueprints I mean it's like it's
3187s blueprints uh blueprints so I'm gonna
3190s give you all the real story here okay so
3191s we we knew that we were going to make a
3193s update this year uh we weren't certain
3196s what would be in it and we were we
3198s wanted to do blueprints uh because it's
3200s good to get that out there because we
3202s kind of want feedback in like testing
3203s and get that out as soon as possible
3206s um because that sort of goes into like
3207s the whole thing where we're working
3208s towards 1.0
3210s um so but we weren't sure we're gonna
3212s make it so that's why we sort of like
3213s waited on announcing blueprints uh it's
3216s also like I guess it was a little fun to
3217s for us as well to do that it's good I
3219s mean it's also you know good to keep
3221s some things kind of hidden then we can
3222s announce that and cause a big bang I
3224s mean I hope you guys understand from
3225s like a a fun slash hype marketing
3227s perspective that that can be beneficial
3228s too so
3230s um but it really like really is like uh
3233s close like it really came yeah like I
3236s wasn't so some of you may know like I
3239s want to break for it before I want to
3240s break I had no idea that we were
3241s actually not doing blueprints I came
3243s back and I was like oh cool that's what
3245s we're doing let's go then right so uh
3247s it's a very a late decision too because
3249s we didn't start working on it until like
3251s very end of update six uh or or
3254s something like that because we also
3256s weren't sure we wanted to do it
3258s um yeah but it was like on the list of
3260s like when we were looking in towards 1.0
3262s it's like if we're gonna do blueprints
3264s this is this is it like now or never
3265s essentially
3267s um so that's why it went down the way it
3268s did
3270s um so yeah literally like the week
3273s before
3274s we posted we were like maybe blueprints
3276s don't make it in and like but we're
3278s about to announce it it was like ah they
3279s uh we'll we'll see what happens
3282s um
3283s so yeah good times but they they it's
3285s there
3287s um but as you know this is on
3288s experimental and it is experimental uh
3291s especially the multiplayer aspect of
3293s blueprints uh is still a bit work in
3295s progress uh so you know you play
3297s experimental at your own risk here we do
3299s want people to play it so we can get
3300s feedback but you know there's a chance
3302s that there's going to be some bugs maybe
3304s crashes who knows
3306s um but if you do come across any issues
3308s with update seven please go to our QA
3310s site questions.satisfactorygame.com and
3312s let us know uh about the bugs that you
3315s come across share screenshots whatever
3316s uh and then our team can look at that
3318s stuff and fix what they can fix yes so
3321s we can stabilize it as quickly as
3322s possible and then put it out on the
3324s Early Access Branch so that everyone has
3325s access to it
3327s um we can answer a couple of quick
3329s questions here so somebody asked like
3330s what tier is blueprints unlocked and
3332s we're gonna talk we're gonna dive into
3333s this at like once the update is out
3335s we're gonna have Mark and we're gonna
3336s have Dylan who worked on the blueprints
3338s uh to talk about about like the decision
3342s making behind it and how it works and
3343s all that stuff but blueprints will not
3345s be unlocked in tier four I believe uh so
3347s it's a mid game it's a mid game like
3349s thing that you get
3351s um and I already forgot the Mark told me
3355s but I already forgot the like
3357s how much it costs uh it's uh eight
3359s dollars a month eight dollars a month
3361s hahaha
3367s they already got me
3375s uh endless supply of holy
3379s it's paid to win dude yeah
3382s uh yeah so uh get a little check mark
3386s next to them
3390s oh anyways all right we got 40 seconds
3394s yes
3396s um 30 seconds okay but we forgot we
3398s forgot how much it actually costing
3399s games so yeah well Mark is going to be
3401s here and like I think so we're gonna
3403s talk about that stuff
3405s so get get ready mark because you're up
3407s uh and maybe Dylan as well
3410s um but yeah but first but first we're
3412s gonna we're gonna start uploading Bill
3413s I'm gonna we'll buy a web page here so I
3415s don't up uh let's see look yeah
3417s you're looking cool uh it's like this
3419s one and then
3421s all right
3426s you all ready the delete button is right
3428s next to the launch button here we go one
3431s oh wait it's not working
3465s I don't know
3467s but come in here yeah
3474s we didn't really think of a way to get
3475s out of it we should set this up we don't
3478s know how to get out
3479s get out we also didn't have any uh we
3482s didn't have like a video to play or
3483s anything yeah no so yeah so so this is
3485s yeah the left of a Halloween stuff
3489s get out of here all right uh the update
3492s is out hopefully do you need a hammer
3494s though
3494s [Laughter]
3497s wow great a comedian over here
3503s foreign
3535s huh huh did they miss the hand joke yeah
3538s they did no
3542s I pushed the wrong button oh
3544s God
3547s wait did you hear the hand joke
3549s oh we heard the oh we got the
3551s hand wait when did I cut out
3555s or maybe I accidentally pushed it like
3556s just a second or whatever oh only mute
3558s it for 10 seconds okay well they got it
3559s they got it okay cool cool I was certain
3562s I pressed the studio live yeah so we
3563s should be good we're professionals here
3566s we don't never mess up good one yes
3569s um but yeah maybe so can somebody
3571s confirm that the game is it out yeah I
3573s can't check it because I have the
3574s staging build open
3576s um no update well I guess the game got
3578s deleted guys maybe I should check the
3580s maybe someone wrote to me like just a
3582s second like stall stall the truth let's
3585s see here
3587s uh update seven will be coming out on
3591s 22nd of November no
3594s no
3596s wait a second wait
3597s experimental push back push back to okay
3600s why didn't anyone tell us earlier yeah
3602s what the we set up the stream and
3603s everything
3605s how annoying
3607s what the Mundi got it
3609s wait it's shipped only to demerne thanks
3612s for the community highlight yeah so it
3615s should be out yeah should be out so uh
3617s make sure to if you're not seeing the
3618s update happening on steam or epic uh
3620s restart the clients like the steam epic
3623s uh application yeah yeah yeah and it
3626s should pop up and it'll get updates and
3629s uh good times will be had by all
3631s yes yes I saw one person say well bye
3635s because it's here leave then I mean why
3638s did you come here at all
3640s what were you hoping for
3644s all right uh all right you got other
3647s people coming in oh wait maybe it's more
3649s okay tell me first
3650s check the notepad
3653s I already forgot the schedule
3658s oh right I haven't I didn't decide it
3661s um and it says uh uh QA guy uh Lizzy was
3664s saying that the build's alive now so we
3665s should be we should be sweet
3668s uh
3670s uh should we do I'm a bit conflicted
3674s well because either we have both Mark
3676s and Dylan on at the same time I think
3677s you should have both of them on yeah
3678s okay let's do that and then I'll even go
3680s get my hella fresh are you are you
3682s hearing me uh Dylan and Mark get your
3685s butt over here
3690s build us on fire yeah true it should be
3694s fine
3695s because like the thing is like it takes
3696s so long it's like even if there was
3698s something we discovered like that
3699s would still not like it's still too long
3702s yeah yeah yeah okay it is a pretty we
3705s talked about this a couple of times on
3706s stream but it's it's a quite complex
3708s like build system we have for for uh
3710s like when we're working on the source
3712s code and all that stuff and then when we
3714s need to push it on like the different
3715s builds like the different uh platforms I
3718s mean like on Steam and epic and stuff
3720s like that this it's very complex like
3721s build system that handles like how
3724s is built and uh hey good looking all
3728s right
3729s um
3729s so um
3731s it takes like 20 minutes or something
3733s like that to to get it ready
3736s cool yeah uh all right yeah so we're
3739s gonna have a couple people who join talk
3740s about blueprints uh there's gonna be too
3742s many people on the couch so one of us
3744s have to leave
3745s uh or both of us here we go you guys can
3747s just do the stream around here this is
3748s paper rock let's see who goes okay Rock
3750s Paper Scissors Shoot
3752s Rock Paper Scissors Shoot oh I won so I
3756s get the time off for everybody
3758s dude I was so curious how are you gonna
3761s handle that
3764s foreign
3765s oh that's so good holy
3768s genius play Hey Pokemon welcome
3772s in Let's see we gotta we gotta make sure
3775s we all fit in here
3776s tight squeeze can I give you but no that
3778s doesn't work
3781s all right I might need to just actually
3782s we're gonna do this
3784s we'll be right back after these men
3814s foreign
3830s thank you
3862s foreign
3877s we're back look at us back to the future
3880s so I'm joined by Mark our game director
3882s and I'm enjoyed by Dylan
3884s yeah
3887s and I'm gonna oh I forgot to update
3889s these uh but so I think I think maybe
3893s not everyone is has been to the stream
3895s before so let me just quit really
3897s quickly like what what you guys do and
3899s uh tell us tell us a little about
3900s yourself what's what sign are you like
3902s absolute bored right uh yeah I'm Mark
3905s I'm the game director for satisfactory
3906s which means I keep track of division and
3909s I do a bunch of design work as well like
3911s balancing and stuff like that
3913s and I'm a programmer and I did a lot of
3916s the programming for blueprints and other
3919s systems in the game but uh most recently
3921s blueprints stressing out yeah stressing
3923s out about blueprints yes
3925s yes so uh yeah remind me again when did
3928s we decide to have blueprints it was
3930s pretty recently right it's not a whole
3932s lot of development time I think the
3934s proper decision was uh started this year
3937s it was at the beginning of the year we
3938s did like a big look at the backlog and
3941s everything that was in there and
3941s whatever could stay and should go yeah
3943s and we had a big push for blueprints
3945s there was like multiple people that were
3947s like we should really do Blueprints and
3949s uh so we decided to do them and then I
3952s don't know when we made the decision to
3954s do them now but yeah my first I checked
3957s my first submit for when I started
3958s prototyping it was uh late August and
3962s then I got pulled up to do update six
3963s stuff so then it's yeah it was
3966s basically at work started working like
3968s September I think yes
3971s very neat
3972s um so yeah some people asked like what
3974s do you need to build what is the
3975s material I can check I can check my own
3977s here because I get them rolling on it
3979s come on
3981s is it working all right I'm pause
3985s that's a lot of stuff
3988s just list that
3990s wait wait that's not correct though
3991s isn't it if you build it yeah there you
3993s go yeah why does it say it's like uh
3996s monitor frames wires concrete and steel
3999s beams yeah magic I'm not going to give
4002s you the ratio you have to figure that
4003s out on your own and uh the unlock cost
4006s uh the same Parts but higher amount of
4008s gotcha uh so I already forgot this but
4012s this is tier four right is this part of
4014s the mam or is it part of the general
4015s like online no it's just in the tier
4018s yeah okay so just in a month it sounds
4020s gotcha we actually moved one of the
4022s Milestones to tier three because we felt
4024s it was getting a bit crowded in uh tier
4026s four and it's the the one with the Xeno
4029s measure in it the improved melee combat
4031s one oh gotcha because the costs were
4033s kind of like
4034s to your free costs anyway you don't need
4036s steel Landing here to unlock it so it
4038s made sense to just move it now they both
4039s have four Milestones but that's just a
4042s little thing I don't think that's gonna
4044s impact anyone in any way yes
4047s um so yeah if you guys have any
4049s questions about blueprints feel free to
4050s shoot them our way like while we're
4053s doing this
4054s um because this is not like this is we
4056s don't have like we didn't play it
4058s anything no no we didn't have a plan
4059s anything so we're just going to talk
4060s generally about Blueprints and like the
4061s designs we were working so hard yeah so
4063s we can start off a little bit like
4065s we can start off a little bit like sort
4067s of the I talked a little bit in the
4069s video on the major Decisions by
4072s blueprints because we've talked about
4073s this a long time about how like if we
4075s ever do blueprints it's not going to be
4077s just like copy this part and paste it
4079s there there's been a lot of like
4082s work on like what makes it like figuring
4086s out what makes blueprints work in
4088s satisfactory
4090s because like
4092s like I said in the video like it ruins a
4094s big part of the game if you're just able
4096s to just like copy paste everything
4097s willy-nilly
4099s um so uh I think it was Qantas who
4102s pitched the like idea of having like a
4104s building yeah uh I don't know when he he
4108s recently told me again when he made when
4109s he thought he made the pitch but it's a
4111s pretty old one yeah I think it's from
4112s backend update five
4115s he made the concept for it yeah and
4117s we've stayed very stayed very true to
4119s the the concept as well remarkably Drew
4121s actually yeah like the Prototype like
4124s the markup State mock-ups he'd done was
4125s like it's basically Less Pretty version
4128s of what we have which I think is kind of
4129s amazing it's it's identical to the
4132s Prototype uh building we had I think
4134s because it was the the Prototype mock-up
4136s was just like beams and then the ramp
4139s and like are you talking about oh yeah
4141s when we were looking into how the the
4143s model yeah yeah work yeah yeah we built
4145s like a thing with beans oh yeah oh right
4147s yeah yeah to try it out and when when I
4150s when we were going when we're making the
4151s trailer or the teaser video I saw that
4153s mock-up and I thought that was the model
4154s first and I was like I don't we have it
4156s like celine's like we don't have like we
4159s don't have the model yet but I'm like
4160s but I'm looking at it it's in game it's
4163s done yeah
4165s um but yeah it's kind of it's kind of uh
4167s interesting because I think one thing
4169s for for my perspective is like it's kind
4171s of hard to gauge sort of how Community
4172s would sort of
4174s you know take blue like if you say if we
4176s were just to say you know hey we're
4177s making Blueprints and that was it I
4179s think a lot of people in our community
4180s would have a lot of different ideas as
4182s how they want blueprint to work and I
4186s think in in a lot of cases you don't
4188s really need know until you try it sort
4190s of what makes sense or not because it
4192s sounds good on paper that you're just
4194s able to just click copy paste everything
4195s and just
4196s no builds huge manifold of whatever but
4201s I think uh from our point of view like
4203s satisfactory has always been sort of the
4205s Minecraft idea that like you are
4206s painstakingly putting everything
4207s together
4208s so
4210s yeah and I still think there's like
4211s different opinions and that's probably
4212s why there were discussions in the past I
4214s mean it's the same thing for zooping
4215s right where there was this idea that you
4218s had to kind of build everything by hand
4219s and there's certainly satisfaction that
4220s comes from that but we also realized
4222s that there's a lot of tedium there and
4224s one thing that I was really happy with
4225s when we did the zooping is that
4227s realization that now you suddenly have
4228s way more time to do other decorative
4230s stuff in your factory and you burn out
4232s less quickly from the game actually just
4234s allowing you to do more fun stuff yeah
4236s and I think it's going to be the same
4237s with the with the blueprints yeah we
4239s have to find that balance because we
4240s don't just want people like you
4242s explained already in the video I like to
4243s just plop down entire Factory lines we
4246s kind of want them to puzzle around with
4247s it make modular pieces maybe share ideas
4249s with each other yeah and really keep the
4251s gameplay alive and they're rather than
4252s just it becoming a copy paste yeah I
4255s don't I mean I don't know if you guys
4255s remember how tedious it used to be to
4258s place I think of 4096 signs at once no
4262s it was really tedious right right but
4264s now oh you mean again no no you can just
4267s do it over and over yeah we all need
4269s four thousand
4273s oh you know who you are
4279s but uh
4281s yeah like I completely forgot what
4283s am I trying to thought there
4285s um
4286s yeah so so a lot of people were asking
4287s like in the video like if we're gonna be
4289s able to Zoop blueprints I don't think we
4291s are all right no no we have uh I I never
4294s went into this in the build in the in
4297s the video but there is like different
4298s build modes for the blueprints because
4300s they do stack and like you can
4303s um what's it called Snap them towards
4305s each other and stuff like that and I
4307s think that's something that we're also
4308s going to be probably working a little
4309s bit more on it's like how the snapping
4311s will actually work because like if you
4312s have uh actually let me jump into the
4314s game and I can demo a little bit uh uh
4316s which button is it it is this one
4319s build a new blueprint Chef uh no make
4323s well now no but I can sort of show it
4325s off here so
4326s um unfortunately you are you the jetpack
4328s and stuff like that didn't carry into
4330s the this Pawn but uh we can make two so
4333s it should be close though
4334s let me kill it
4336s where did you put it it's I think near
4338s the waterfall okay I'm gonna go find it
4340s later we don't have time
4342s uh so yeah if you do something like this
4344s uh I'm just gonna do half of this for
4347s now
4348s the friend like wow amazing blueprint
4352s fantastic
4353s great job
4354s gonna limit this how yeah
4359s I'm like I don't know
4362s uh that was you guys job well this is
4365s doing a good job what's that directory
4368s where it creates
4370s this menu blew my dude
4373s holy uh
4376s [Music]
4382s with this menu and I'm like so I guess I
4384s have to make this work on the back end
4385s though
4387s all right holy so uh quick Creator
4390s like this essentially you're creating
4392s the menus that we have in the game
4393s essentially like with the categories and
4395s stuff like that this is easier to use
4396s than the way that we yeah it's so funny
4399s uh
4401s cool cool guy whoops
4404s cool guy
4407s can I put Emojis here
4411s damn it
4413s all right whatever trying to crash the
4415s game on stream dude I love it
4419s it's gonna happen
4421s I I I'm pledging for this uh
4424s babe okay so the thing I was going to
4427s talk about is um
4428s if you place a blueprint such as this
4431s one
4432s um
4434s and uh for instance this one you can
4437s snap to the blueprint like left and
4438s right oh this is a bit iffy here I found
4440s a bug
4443s you're holding control yeah
4445s is it because of oh okay you're not
4448s built yeah
4449s this is what I mean like there's
4451s different build modes for this as well
4453s so like it will snap differently
4454s depending on what
4455s um
4457s what build mode you're in uh and I think
4459s it's also changed a little bit since I
4461s made the video as well because you used
4462s to have to have like the vertical build
4464s mode as well to be able to snap them
4466s like this uh but now it's possible to do
4468s this but if I do this
4471s let's see if how this works because me
4473s and Mark talked about this yesterday
4474s yeah so now it snaps to like the it
4476s still has like the
4478s the whole blueprints
4481s um and it's like it's possible to like
4483s maybe have it so I have calculates like
4484s the bounding box for yeah I think this
4486s would probably be iterated on yeah um we
4489s talked about doing that but uh but there
4491s are some issues I mean there's more
4493s things that we need to fix still as well
4494s so we will look into that further but
4497s this is this is a good point actually
4498s because we do need more feedback on this
4500s because one of the big things that we're
4502s wondering still is like how do players
4503s want to build yeah with these maybe you
4506s have like a crazy idea of combining
4507s Blueprints and then we need to somehow
4508s make sure that the system does
4509s accommodate that yeah exactly
4512s um because
4513s I haven't said this actually but this is
4515s important I'm gonna go to the full
4516s screen for this part but uh yeah this is
4518s the first iteration of the release of
4519s blueprints like we are going to be
4520s equipment working on this uh we actually
4522s wanted to do a little bit more for this
4524s release but we really really wanted to
4527s release at the end of this year so
4529s usually what we do is we delay you know
4531s if you feel like we're not happy with
4532s the release we usually delay and it's
4533s not like we're not happy with this
4534s release but it's more like we want to do
4536s more things I think with Luke Princeton
4538s uh what we have right now I think this
4540s is a pretty solid like first iteration
4542s though but
4543s there's more coming is what I'm trying
4546s to say
4547s um I can't say exactly what's coming
4549s because it kind of depends a little bit
4551s of of timing and production but also a
4553s little bit on you guys like when you
4554s feed kind of feedback we get
4556s um because you know it's kind of like we
4558s haven't had that much time to ourselves
4560s to like try and see what how what kind
4562s of emergent design that comes from this
4563s yeah and I think that's uh that's kind
4565s of the problem and we knew that when
4566s when getting into it as well that we
4568s were not going to be able to finish it
4570s to the Quality yeah because we normally
4571s go for but we wanted to get it basically
4573s in player's hand so we can see how
4574s people start using it so we don't waste
4576s time developing features yeah like that
4578s yeah yeah that's a waste of time check
4579s up our background oh yeah that we waste
4581s time on stuff that people don't even
4582s care about and then you know yeah and
4584s it's going to impact the game to such a
4586s big extent it's kind of important that
4588s we get as much feedback as we can before
4589s we reach our 1.0 deadline here's the
4592s dedicated server by the way it's it's on
4593s this so I just want to show real quick
4596s if you were wondering what the other
4597s side of this workbench looks like this
4599s is what it looks like uh with the sick
4601s monitors with the missing type
4605s that's really cool uh blueprint storage
4608s box yeah your refunds go in there when
4610s you dismantle so you don't have to you
4612s don't get little boxes and stuff
4613s everywhere
4616s actually because I was like constantly
4619s whenever we were looking at I'm like why
4621s is there a portable box like what is the
4622s point of that oh yeah I didn't get it in
4624s there oh that's so clever and then you
4626s can also load it up with stuff that's
4628s genius it's a big brain moment
4631s so if you put stuff in the Box to set
4633s account for like the building yeah so
4634s it'll pull from the box first and then
4636s if it doesn't find in the Box it'll try
4637s to take from your inventory holy
4639s dude big stuff that is big brain
4641s I did not think about that holy was
4645s that a pontus thing I mean it's always
4647s had the stuff I feel like it was yeah I
4649s think that was part of the original
4649s design even because it's always had the
4651s storage box in the in the concepts uh
4654s and I never got what the point of that
4655s was other than like maybe just for
4657s Aesthetics but not that makes that that
4659s that that makes sense that makes sense
4661s though
4662s um
4665s so yeah
4666s um who is this pontus what a letter
4671s um do you guys have any fun blueprints
4673s you want to try and make uh um I wonder
4676s who I actually want to check one thing I
4677s wonder if we fixed this bug
4679s checking up yeah but it's actually kind
4682s of relevant because like can I say
4684s something about bugs real quick so I
4685s just found some uh railroad tracks I
4688s would have avoid them immediately in the
4691s internet printer yeah there's uh some
4693s issues running them and at least one
4696s crash can result if you connect from an
4698s outside track to an inside track
4700s it's not it's not supposed to be
4702s possible but you can currently so you
4703s know what can I complain about something
4704s I have I have an advantage here because
4706s I'm on this side and I'm playing the
4708s game and I am like literally you
4710s literally talking what there's a bug
4713s that's been in the game for a long time
4714s oh okay you know how we have like um and
4716s this isn't directed you I know yeah I
4718s know it looks like I'm like uh
4722s um
4722s [Music]
4723s what was I talking about yeah so so
4727s you know how we have like Bill and
4729s release it's like a future in the game
4732s um there's one item in the game that
4735s ignores it and slatters it's ladders you
4737s have to press twice
4739s wow see if I release that's literally
4741s unplayable though still
4744s but I don't use build on release like
4745s your together game designers
4750s um
4751s I think this is a very different
4753s implementation on this one oh yeah I
4755s also made this before zooping Yes
4757s actually okay fun story actually zooping
4761s came from this moment of building the
4762s ladders you told me this yeah yeah so
4764s like the name zooping came from Mark
4766s being like building a ladder and be like
4768s Zoop yeah I think we were like talking
4770s about how it should function and I tried
4772s to just explain it without it yeah
4776s I need the soup all right
4780s um let's see okay so let's build uh
4781s because one thing that I found when I
4783s was testing this is that every every
4784s blueprint is like still based on like
4786s the 4x4 uh like uh origin so like when
4790s you're placing blueprints they're always
4791s based on like the full uh scale of it
4793s yes and I'm curious if that's still the
4797s case or not
4798s uh
4799s because there's uh there's like a very
4801s specific uh shout out to to DC van who
4804s taught me with this by the way uh oh
4806s they fixed it yeah nice job uh this
4809s was very buggy or maybe oh maybe
4815s hell yeah
4817s it's funny you guys don't you guys know
4819s what's happening yeah it looks great
4821s snoon yeah
4822s um put that right up there you guys have
4824s no idea how buggy this game can be
4825s sometimes like you you think it's bad on
4828s experimental you ain't seen okay
4830s I'm just saying uh but that's how it is
4832s when you're developing it no but um so
4834s so one really cool use case here is like
4836s if you're building uh did I mess it up I
4839s think I messed it up
4840s all right close enough
4842s I I went too far but you get the point
4844s so like there's a lot of builds where
4846s you do like uh
4848s static kind of stuff like this and it's
4850s like you know to make an angled pillar
4852s like this it's like a bunch of different
4853s steps you have to take uh it's nice that
4855s you can just be like uh curved killer
4863s very nice
4864s suit and then we'll put that in the I
4868s never named the category uh oh I should
4871s eat the auto save dude if you've tried
4873s to save a blueprints never mind
4876s let's go
4877s uh uh best category
4882s and then we'll put like the car
4886s apply
4887s and then we'll create another category
4889s whoa we'll call this
4892s the second best
4896s and we'll use the thumbs up
4902s I don't know if it was meant did you
4903s mention it that you can share these too
4905s yeah yeah okay in the video yeah yeah
4908s I even showed the the oh okay which
4910s maybe doesn't make sense because like
4912s we're on a div building like the
4913s directories because do they create the
4914s directories for the bloopers as well on
4916s the library yeah it'll be under the save
4918s game and then Blueprints and then under
4919s the session name so okay multiple
4921s sessions you need to move the blueprints
4922s you want to the session gotcha okay yeah
4925s it's not it's not Global because we
4926s didn't want people starting the game
4927s with all their blueprints but you can
4929s choose to move them over if you want
4931s yeah
4933s um
4934s curve filler apply changes
4937s save
4939s all right now it can be like
4942s description over here
4945s Hello friends dude I'm gonna use this so
4948s much I'm gonna put it on my heart bar on
4949s six because I leave five for some reason
4951s oh I forgot the ladder
4954s try this too because this didn't work
4956s when I uh
4958s when I test this that didn't work yeah I
4961s didn't it created like a new one oh yeah
4963s that should be fixed oh oh oh it's oh
4966s this this is the same moment I had like
4968s when I made the video you have to like
4970s create the or I know I can just move it
4971s actually this is that was not scripted
4974s in the video by the way some people said
4977s that it was it 100 wasn't uh I was legit
4980s like what just happened
4982s where'd it go yeah we're probably gonna
4983s change that so it's not it's like if you
4985s load a blueprint and save it again it's
4986s going to be in the same directory
4988s uh do we have a quick key for the
4991s blueprints uh no right now yeah because
4993s we have like X and you know q and Z
4996s available
4997s is it gotta expect a hole oh yeah I
5000s think so I think we we had something on
5002s there and then we removed it
5006s for a long time
5008s uh now it's like a map yeah man yeah
5012s nothing says math like Z yeah yeah yeah
5014s we would expect to M because yeah
5017s uh
5020s uh see here yeah nice yeah so now that
5022s issue is no longer there uh cool I love
5024s how am I just like pointing out the
5026s that you guys will never see
5029s we got to remove a beam over here
5032s important
5035s save again this is something to set the
5038s category
5041s add blueprint here
5043s yep that's kind of Jackie isn't it yeah
5045s I guess but just try to add and see what
5047s happens it should it should game crashed
5051s yeah yeah just kind of a weird
5053s interaction
5055s all right and then uh yeah and I can
5057s just
5060s as many as you want baby like that's so
5062s much that's so much nicer than just
5064s having to do that thing over and
5065s over again I had this in one of my
5067s builds where I did exactly this whatever
5069s but it actually lines it would actually
5070s look good but
5072s um it was such a pain in the ass to do
5074s this same with the curved building and
5076s yeah everything like this because you
5078s can do so much cool stuff yeah and then
5080s you only have to do it once and that
5082s happened yeah you just copy paste it
5084s yeah
5084s [Music]
5086s um
5087s and I know a lot of people feel like
5089s that oh it's just four by four it's like
5090s nothing it's like pretty much useless
5093s um but I I just I used to agree kinda
5096s but I kind of disagree now when I tried
5098s it out a little bit because like you can
5100s you can do really
5102s like even if you can't put like a power
5105s plant and like hook it up you can still
5106s do like the hookup sort of in in the uh
5109s in the blueprint so like just placing
5111s the power plants and then a nuclear
5113s power plants and then just do like
5115s pulled pipes and like whatever kind of
5117s constellation you want to do there
5118s through the blueprint like that still
5120s saves a ton of time you know being able
5122s to do uh this kind of stuff where like
5125s say you have like more four belt or
5126s whoops so you do do this right uh and
5130s then you just pull a belt from here
5135s and then just do like you know stack
5137s make a bus or whatever you know stack
5139s this stuff
5141s um
5142s you know doing this in the blueprint and
5144s just doing it once and then figuring out
5145s like where to apply that in your build
5147s is is very it's still like in the in the
5152s um
5153s in the like
5155s atmosphericasm here but like The Same
5156s Spirit as the game you're still you know
5158s making figuring things out how it
5160s applies to like the 3D and how you can
5162s design the pieces yeah a little bit yeah
5165s exactly uh rather than making a whole
5167s base I found a bug killer
5169s yeah there'll be a couple of those we
5171s don't talk about that actually there was
5173s it was actually a pain to get the uh
5174s just the conveyor polls to be able to be
5177s placed on the edge because they don't
5178s want to be wait what is this is
5180s confusing
5181s ceiling man yeah but if you don't aim it
5184s at the ceiling yeah yeah
5187s I just thought it was funny that it was
5188s like yeah is that a regular it is a bit
5190s confusing yeah uh but let's let's talk
5193s about that too because that's also new
5194s in this update uh We've added a bunch of
5197s like quick fixes for um not quick fixes
5199s but like improvements to um Quality
5202s alive quality of life to uh oh my God I
5204s keep pressing the wrong button over and
5206s over again
5208s so like if when you're using when you're
5211s building uh Logistics stuff now
5215s you have like the
5219s conveyor belts will automatically switch
5221s to like the wall mounts if you're aiming
5222s at a foundation or a wall or something
5224s like that and if you're aiming above
5226s you'll get the ceiling mount uh and uh
5229s this was uh a lot of people are really
5230s hyped about this one in particular
5233s um because like in the video I put out
5236s it's like all right that's cool that's
5237s cool cool and then see them out like
5238s yeah dude this is the
5241s um
5244s and uh what was the thing you can stack
5247s them you can't Zoop them yeah yeah you
5249s can stack them right so
5252s that line pretty cool and I mean that's
5254s pretty nice yeah that's pretty nice uh
5256s something else is that the same oh
5258s my God it is ah pretty cool yeah that
5260s was actually a hassle and I now notice
5262s that there's a small issue that we will
5263s have to fix oh because there's still you
5265s see that the color is different on the
5267s top
5267s make sure into the other parts because
5270s you have to have a larger separation
5272s from the ceiling the first time than
5274s between them and when you stack them
5275s which is super annoying I'll make sure
5278s not to say this on stream so uh yeah so
5280s nobody knows yeah nobody knows uh
5284s yeah that's fine that's just uh I forgot
5287s to do that yes that was a placehold of
5289s thing but artists fixed it since then
5290s yeah but this is this is super nice uh
5293s I know I know this it's like I I was
5296s watching a bunch of streamers play and
5298s they were like in situations where
5299s ceiling mounts would make sense and I'm
5301s like
5302s yeah
5303s I kind of wanna
5306s unplayable yeah exactly it's over at
5308s this point uh this is about interesting
5310s blueprint right here
5314s you know for when you uh you know
5316s absolutely positively need to do that
5319s for some reason don't question my
5322s methods okay
5325s foreign
5337s just real aggravating
5339s I mean there were when I turned on it
5341s they were like they were missing the top
5342s part so like they would all be like it
5344s would all be perfectly wrong yeah yeah
5347s we managed in this every possible step
5349s yes all right let's save this blueprint
5351s call this
5359s yeah
5361s we need a new category no we needed a
5363s step counter that's what I mean don't
5364s forget the subcategory best category and
5366s then subcategory
5370s I'm flying
5373s I don't know why I guess I can also
5375s point this out
5377s um
5377s categories and subcategories are part of
5379s the save game so if you do share your
5381s blueprints that information will not be
5384s carried over they will just show up in
5385s the undefined category
5387s so if you're looking for them there's a
5389s couple of icons missing for the wall
5391s mounts and stuff
5393s up here oh yeah I knew I can seem to be
5396s added oh right I think we but we do have
5398s an icon for the uh
5400s but is it in here yes
5402s huh those must come in late though yeah
5405s yeah it came in like yesterday
5407s uh whoops
5409s there it is look at that
5411s wow that's very nice yes
5414s it is very nice
5417s so yeah
5420s [Music]
5421s uh what was I do yeah yeah so I want to
5423s try this out and it's like the unity
5425s logo now that I think about it wait what
5427s yeah oh yeah kind of true yeah now you
5430s mentioned it we need to change it
5433s do you think yeah was it this one no it
5436s was they on the rights the cubes
5438s let's see here
5441s banned this a little bit
5444s uh I'm running out of space
5446s help
5447s all right
5450s and then we take the Masterpiece nice
5454s Masterpiece yeah dog you stack that on
5456s top of itself oh sure uh uh
5460s wait
5461s I need maybe it's because I'm standing
5463s on it whoops no
5468s need to aim at like the why is it
5471s there we go
5473s perfectly alike
5475s shut up wait how come I can't stack it
5477s oh maybe you can't stack it like on top
5479s of it it's
5481s you might have to look at the top yeah
5483s probably
5484s I'm gonna bring out a ladder
5493s passive aggressive much
5496s uh
5500s uh and then bring out the blueprint I
5503s hope this works
5506s yeah you got lucky
5510s look at that
5513s and that ladies and gentlemen is how you
5515s make it thank you babe
5518s doing some sort of waving back out I
5519s wish I had your blueprints because like
5521s Mark was showing me a bunch of like how
5522s you make uh was it the um you can fit
5525s like the whole
5526s um stator setup in like 4x4 uh and stack
5531s those and
5533s um and I just made a like the aluminum
5535s scrap with standard recipes no all
5538s the way from uh raw resources to final
5541s that's pretty cool but then I need a
5543s separate setup for my Ingot production
5546s yeah
5547s I think it's I'm really I'm really
5548s curious to see how people will be
5550s sharing like the blueprints and and yeah
5552s like doing demos can be awesome yeah uh
5555s but I will I will share with you the
5556s best blueprint ever though
5558s and uh it's a little bit of an uncut
5560s kept secret here right the ultimate
5562s blueprint I hope you're all ready for
5563s this is this the blue printer no oh okay
5569s I hate you yeah baby that's still with
5571s floor holes
5572s [Laughter]
5577s yeah yeah yeah so uh yeah this is uh and
5582s this the best part of this is that it
5584s totally works like yeah oh yeah they
5585s travel horizontally you know because
5587s they're horizontal whereabouts Yeah man
5590s so if I build like um
5592s where is it
5594s uh I cheat
5597s no no
5598s place oh God damn it
5601s I'm gonna just cheat could you what do
5604s you mean we don't have there's a staging
5605s build bro oh is it yeah dude I'm not
5607s gonna
5609s I'm not gonna play the dev villagers oh
5612s yeah it's dangerous but I think they
5613s have the sheets
5615s no it's it's crazy yeah it is it is a
5618s cheat safe mode what the exploding Rock
5620s dude passive aggressive Rock much
5624s get out of the way dude
5626s uh stop
5630s I'm trying to build here
5632s whoa the the guidelines are going nuts
5635s yeah they're losing their why don't
5637s you put on passive modes dude passive
5639s mode oh dude I haven't seen that oh I'm
5642s curious about that how does that work so
5644s I'm gonna go to
5649s stop
5651s don't go to the main menu yeah no no you
5654s can do it from here okay Advanced game
5655s setting oh
5657s the distance for all the game modes
5659s you're about to die though hurry up
5661s massive
5665s see if it stops attacking
5668s well
5669s so pass it perfect oh
5671s listen to my goddamn mind over here that
5673s was a good segue amazing
5679s there I'm gonna hook it up to the power
5680s over there and come up with stuff like
5681s that yeah yeah
5683s why aren't you producing the the streams
5688s all right we can do faster though
5691s keep pressing that button for some
5693s reason there we go
5695s here we go speed
5698s get in there
5703s here we go baby
5708s you were so excited when you found that
5709s yeah hey Dylan I love this bug it's so
5713s much
5714s and it's so nice that like because it is
5716s it is a bit tedious to set up so nice
5718s that I can just put it in a blueprint
5719s now this is why you worked your ass off
5721s yeah
5723s but this moment right here yeah right
5725s there yep for art hell yeah dude
5728s and then we place down a little smell
5730s this is why we do it really it's this
5733s let's game it down I mean it's for
5735s moments like that and now we just play
5736s the game for the rest of us
5739s I'm gonna make a copper thing of a job I
5742s already forgot what I hooked up
5745s iron
5748s I think it's yeah boom
5751s love it fully optimized I just want to
5753s look at this this is such a
5755s dude can't wait for Josh to uh try this
5759s out oh yeah
5761s or Joanne travel I'm just a little
5763s worried that with blueprints is
5765s builds might start to look a little too
5767s clean yeah too clean hmm
5770s and I wonder if we're going to see less
5772s spaghetti because people
5774s yeah I start to or they just make a
5776s spaghetti spaghetti and then so we just
5778s see copy pasted spaghetti because that's
5779s the thing right because you have limited
5781s space if you want to build a setup in
5782s there nice and clean and all the belt's
5784s not clipping it might be a struggle but
5786s if you just go for a complete mess yeah
5788s just throw everything in there yeah
5790s that's true because like you'll if you
5792s snap the blueprints and that's
5793s gonna yeah
5795s think about that
5797s um
5798s I saw one question before I can I wanted
5800s to answer
5804s can we get that blueprint too if you pay
5806s me eight dollars a month we're actually
5809s starting yeah an nft store for
5811s blueprints oh
5815s um
5816s so let's talk a little bit about
5817s overclocking because I know that that's
5820s on everyone's mind too uh unless there's
5822s something else about blueprints that
5823s I've missed that I haven't shown yet in
5824s the video that you guys want to
5826s um
5827s they're awesome damn right did you say
5830s that all right there they're all right
5832s bro bro
5835s um because we're gonna change
5837s overclocking the game and people have
5839s probably maybe noticed or maybe no maybe
5841s they haven't how the hell will they
5842s notice that unless they're it's kind of
5843s tricky but we are changing the exponents
5846s for the the overclocking and the
5848s exponent is going to be
5850s 1.3
5852s something something two one nine I don't
5855s know yeah yeah it's some decimals yeah
5857s so instead of being 1.6 the way it was
5859s before
5860s if you guys don't know what I'm talking
5861s about uh look it up no the way that
5865s overclocking is calculated is it takes
5867s uh Power required and it's uh like to
5870s the power of one point something 1.3 now
5874s it USB 1.6 which means that like the
5876s more power you want to get out of it
5878s like the or
5881s that's what power generates but the more
5882s power the more you want to get out of
5885s your like when you're always like a
5886s machine the more power it requires and
5888s that power ramp isn't linear it's not
5891s like as if you if you go from like a
5893s machine making 30 iron ingots per minute
5895s and one overclock at 100 or 200 260 then
5899s that doesn't require twice as much power
5901s it requires a bit more than twice as
5902s much power and that's like
5905s um how how it scales isn't linear so and
5909s it used to be an exponent that was 1.6
5912s and now it's 1.3 something something the
5915s reason why it's that weird one is
5916s because uh we get better numbers from
5918s like the machines themselves
5921s um yeah on some power values on the 150
5924s 200 yeah steps
5927s uh still uh I mean it's still just a
5930s test case so we've been going I've
5931s personally been going back and forth on
5933s the slot like and I keep changing my
5935s mind on them we want that of it and
5938s there is some future content as well
5939s that we have to consider that we won't
5941s be talking about but there is there is a
5943s bunch of things that go in here and
5944s blueprints was one of them yeah so
5946s initially the ID which you explained as
5948s well in the video was that uh we were
5951s just gonna make it linear because
5952s blueprints were gonna potentially
5954s undermine the whole overclocking
5956s business
5957s but then we kind of felt that maybe
5959s people will start using the power shards
5961s in the blueprints
5963s which will of course then increase their
5965s usage because you will be placing them
5966s multiple times just to save the space to
5968s get a cleaner setup potentially yeah and
5970s the big thing is just we don't really
5972s know how how the average player is going
5975s to use it and we're still uh finalizing
5978s our Telemetry for it as well which will
5980s hopefully give us like a clear answer of
5982s how many of you actually do overclock
5983s and there's actually a problem that we
5985s need to solve
5987s so we'll just be testing this for now
5990s and we will just see how it goes so just
5991s let us know what you think
5993s you hate it or if you think it's a good
5995s change yes that's a good segue too if
5997s you have if you do want to voice your
5999s opinion on that stuff or if you have any
6001s other bugs uh
6003s uh I mean if it happens
6006s then make sure to go to our QA site uh
6008s questions.satisfactorygame.com
6010s that's the best place to post your your
6013s uh your suggestions and stuff uh because
6015s that way the whole team can can look
6017s into it and see stuff like that
6021s um so yes will we get more blueprints
6023s with more space for higher tiers
6024s currently we don't have any plans to uh
6026s we're gonna wait and see how people view
6029s it but there's you get the one blueprint
6030s designer in the game and that's it
6033s uh how long do you think it will take
6035s for people to make a website that can
6037s share uh generate blueprint files uh
6039s pretty sure that that already exists at
6041s this point maybe uh and Thor is working
6044s on on uh skim uh has been working on
6047s this and I think Greenie who's been
6048s working on the
6049s the
6052s that's actually tools website so I'll
6054s look into that so and I'm sure there's
6056s going to be a couple of other uh sites
6058s popping up there might even be a
6059s subreddit I saw someone so I think I saw
6061s someone mentioning that they created a
6062s subreddit for just sharing blueprint
6064s files
6066s um I don't think uh we'll uh like we
6068s have had uh in our Discord and like on
6070s our
6071s um platforms we've been kind of adamant
6074s not to let people posts like save files
6076s and stuff like that because we're such a
6078s huge community and we're scared that
6079s like people will post like viruses stuff
6081s like that and I think we're going to
6083s keep that mentality for blueprints as
6085s well I mean we could potentially make a
6086s script that can like check the
6088s executable or whatever or I executable
6091s but the file people upload and make sure
6092s that it is following like the blueprint
6094s format potentially but I don't think we
6096s are going to do that because that's more
6098s work and
6099s boy howdy we don't have a boy we don't
6102s have enough work on our hands on this
6104s um
6105s but I'm sure there's going to be sites
6107s that that will allow that and stuff so
6109s it will be easy for you guys to share
6110s and talk about blueprints designs and
6113s share that stuff away
6116s but yeah please be careful if people are
6118s posting files and stuff like that
6119s because you you got to be careful on the
6122s internet okay don't trust only trust uh
6124s trust your instincts I made a bad choice
6127s making the file extension.exe
6130s it's not it's done it's not uh that's
6133s actually another good point because yeah
6134s right now it's two files yeah there's
6136s two files in there yeah one is the
6138s actual blueprint and that's all you
6139s actually need to get the blueprint
6140s um loaded and the game will recognize
6142s that there's another one that's like a
6143s satisfactory blueprint config file it
6146s has a long extension on the end and that
6147s just holds information about like the
6149s icon the description and uh the color
6152s and that was just so we could change and
6154s set that data really easily without
6155s having a ton of network overhead for
6158s clients um so you only need the one but
6160s both if you want to keep your pretty
6162s picture and icon and everything yes but
6165s I think it is doable to get it in one
6166s file or question mark doable to get in
6170s one file yeah I mean everything's
6172s everything I mean you just you just put
6174s it into a zip no yeah I mean I had it in
6176s one file initially yeah so but then I
6177s stripped it out because it was causing
6179s more overhead than I figured they don't
6181s even need this
6182s um if they don't want it and for file
6183s sharing they just need the one so
6186s um
6189s already getting a little bit of good
6191s feedback actually uh forget don't forget
6193s to post you don't want to post it here
6194s you want to post it in the queue on the
6196s QA side
6199s um
6200s let's see
6202s train Lanes no power
6205s train lines all right that sounds like a
6207s huge oh that's uh yeah yeah are you
6209s talking about the uh
6212s hover pack
6214s I wonder who knows but the best way best
6217s way to know is to give us more detailed
6219s information on the QA side really uh
6222s yeah well I was gonna say I think we
6223s already fixed that bug essentially and
6225s the house
6226s we originally didn't make the build uh
6228s epic is slow so don't forget to refresh
6231s the the application for epic it might be
6233s that it's a bit slow yeah
6235s um but is it we have pushed the button
6237s so it is coming
6238s anytime
6241s uh 128 128. that's that's a big chunker
6245s that's not happening yeah imagine a
6248s client placing that down yeah so coal
6251s generator fit not yet I don't think in
6252s this release yeah and I think the thing
6256s where last time we talked about it the
6258s the approach what we're going to do is
6259s we're going to change not the like look
6261s of the cool generator but unlike the
6263s physical look but maybe the the bounding
6265s box like the the thing you don't see uh
6269s to be 32 by 30 32 high so it fits in the
6273s blueprint designer uh just barely
6276s um because the only thing that affects I
6278s guess is like the soft clearance yeah
6281s yeah uh but I mean it will also affect
6284s heart clearance because we will just
6285s reduce the clearance size okay yeah
6287s because the clearance for the gold
6288s generator is now the exact shape of the
6290s building gotcha so like the downside of
6291s that would be that you can potentially
6293s place a building within like the little
6295s top yeah I build a floor up there and
6297s then just build a Constructor through it
6298s but gotcha I think that's kind of up to
6300s I mean that's always been kind of up to
6302s players into itself clearance I think
6304s that's gonna be fine it's like the path
6306s of least resistance when it comes to
6307s like figuring out how to make that work
6309s because I think that's easier than like
6312s change because we try to change the
6313s model and it looked super silly yeah we
6316s changed it so that the pipe was like
6317s smaller but they made it made the whole
6320s gener look weird
6322s um so uh yeah refiners do fit right
6325s they're 30 31 meters so I think you can
6329s even place a foundation on it which
6330s might be well exactly what we will do
6332s with the height of the cool generator
6334s clearance I said we will make it 31
6335s meters so you can place a one meter
6337s Foundation underneath yeah it in here as
6339s well
6339s uh let's see here whoops a Refinery I
6343s think refineries are like third uh 30.
6348s oh maybe it doesn't say yeah but the
6350s refiner to stay in here I I saw that a
6352s lot of people are worried about that uh
6354s and I probably should have made it like
6356s included in the video
6358s um
6358s because the buildings that don't fit are
6360s like nuclear power and uh nuclear pasta
6363s uh particular accelerator railroad
6366s railroad station there's also like the
6368s lights Tower uh which is a bummer yeah
6371s radar Tower
6373s um it's mostly buildings that you
6376s usually don't put out put down too many
6378s off anyways like refiner you still have
6380s Refinery like late game Refinery party
6383s uh so so we got you covered there
6386s um
6388s but they they yeah they all fit
6391s um
6393s one thing that I also kind of want to
6394s talk about is I saw a lot of people
6395s talking about how like yeah going back
6398s to the size right so so like a lot of
6401s people were that sure with Constructors
6404s is fine because that's a small building
6405s they're only like one by one but like if
6407s you're making like a manufacturer thing
6408s you can only fit like one really uh like
6411s because you can
6413s yeah like that won't fit
6415s um I think it's important to note that
6417s like
6418s you know the idea isn't that you're
6420s supposed to be able to create the the
6422s thing that I made with the manifold with
6423s like it was eight uh Constructors in one
6426s uh like blueprint the idea isn't that
6429s you're gonna be able to do that with
6430s every building you're still gonna have
6432s to like to figure out how to make sense
6433s of like the different modules and fit
6435s them in the way that you want them
6438s um but you're still gonna be able to
6439s like you know set up a manufacturer and
6441s set up like all the the belts leading
6443s into it so you know if you have a setup
6445s where you have a manifold going into
6447s several manufacturers you can still set
6448s it up so that the movement makes sense
6450s for you in your build so that you can
6452s create that manifold really quickly uh
6455s because a lot of the tedious stuff in
6457s our game really is like place in the
6459s building hooking it up setting the
6460s recipe you know a lot of that stuff is
6462s kind of managed when you put it in a
6464s blueprint
6466s um and I think a lot of the TDM comes
6468s from the belt work yeah it's a logistics
6470s setup especially for a building like
6471s this it's just such a hassle to set this
6473s up in a clean way yeah and once you
6475s figure out a nice way of doing it
6477s it's just really nice to be able to copy
6479s paste yeah and it's even like the case
6480s where maybe you want to do uh you know
6483s you do all the belt work in one
6485s blueprint and then you do the machines
6487s and another one and then when you're
6489s placing them down you first do the
6490s blueprint with the the belt work and
6492s then or the other way around
6495s um so so like there's a lot of puzzling
6497s happening that I I think a lot of people
6498s might not uh you know understand quite
6502s yet but it is it is quite flexible still
6505s even though you can put down you know a
6507s huge factor with one click
6519s yeah stacking Splitters is another one
6521s you know getting the direction going in
6523s the right way
6525s um just having a blueprint that's just
6527s like a stack of Splitters I think I mean
6530s and because you can set all the uh
6532s recipes beforehand too yeah and uh set
6535s up the
6536s overclocking yeah yeah which is nice so
6538s it can save you some little steps that
6540s you have to do how did we arrive at 4x4
6543s we did a bunch of tests with like early
6545s game setups so the main thing that we
6548s kind of wanted out of it at least uh
6549s from our earlier talks was that we want
6552s these kind of arrangements to be fitting
6554s in it of course so like logistic
6556s Solutions and stuff like that but also
6558s like early game setups like smaller
6560s setups and we just did a bunch of test
6562s cases with like uh reinforced iron
6564s plates but also just cable and tried
6567s some aluminum setups and we kind of just
6569s landed on this one being the nicest one
6571s that still had a good restriction space
6574s like three by three is just too small
6576s because also if we wanted to be a box
6578s which is kind of what we want to do with
6580s it uh when we started looking at this uh
6584s then if you do free by free it's just
6585s too short
6587s but uh it also causes a lot of issues
6590s very quickly for Constructors already
6591s for example yeah but four by four felt
6593s like a good size but you can actually
6594s still put a lot of stuff in it but you
6596s kind of have to start splitting up
6597s things once your production line is
6598s getting bigger uh and this is actually
6602s the thing that we like about it where we
6603s do want people to segment this and find
6605s the solutions that work for these
6606s different kind of setups but of course
6609s we're still testing this I mean we're
6611s kind of set on this size for now but if
6613s there's a lot of people that are having
6614s issues with it or want different kinds
6616s of sizes
6617s they should just let us know yeah we
6619s will look into it but most importantly
6620s what we want to know is just how how
6622s they play yeah
6624s and see how it affects because this is
6626s like it actually is gonna be a game
6628s changer in some ways where
6630s the way I mean it's not maybe not well
6633s kind of like pipes with like it kind of
6635s changes how the game plays out sort of
6638s the same way here I think because uh I
6641s think because I'm really curious how
6642s like creative builds are gonna look
6644s in the coming weeks like if we're going
6646s to see a lot of like similar builds or
6648s if things are going to be more boxy in
6651s the future
6653s um I'm really curious about that stuff
6655s too
6656s um but I think that a lot of people that
6658s don't like that don't want that look or
6660s that QB look like they're still going to
6662s be building the same way they have
6664s before
6665s um it just adds like a layer on top of
6668s that sort of
6669s so it'll be interesting to see
6672s uh we'll be blueprint designer Mark II
6674s no nothing like that planned at the
6677s moment
6679s do you know when the updates against EA
6680s that's a good question
6681s um usually it takes like a couple of
6683s weeks uh we are kind of shooting for
6686s early December right now
6689s and uh
6691s uh we we kind of want to get it out as
6693s soon as possible We're not gonna be able
6693s to finish it before fixmest kicks off
6696s fixmest kicks off
6697s on the first of December
6700s and uh but we won't be done by then I
6703s think but we are shooting for like early
6705s December
6706s uh hopefully on EA but it kind of
6709s depends on on all the bugs that you guys
6710s find and if you find in the books go to
6712s the QSI questions.satisfacturing.com
6714s uh do you say first or third uh first of
6717s December for fixmas
6720s or holiday event that happens every year
6724s do we have anything new to share no
6728s we have nothing new unless there's like
6730s someone's made something secretly yeah
6732s but we haven't planned for anything new
6734s production-wise I don't really have an
6736s up you know update going yeah it really
6738s is like yeah
6740s it's it do be like it is but um I was
6744s gonna say uh it's gonna be like a rerun
6745s of last year so it's gonna be like it's
6747s there's nothing new but there's you know
6748s the same stuff content last year so if
6750s you haven't played fixmest before you're
6752s gonna get a whole bunch of new stuff
6754s coming
6756s um and it will run from December to like
6759s you know mid-January stuff like that I
6761s think it did last year as well
6762s uh
6763s um and hopefully we will have fixed up
6766s the calendar before then because I think
6767s the calendar needs to be updated did it
6770s break no but it might there might be
6772s something it's like one of the calendars
6774s like you get a post or something like
6776s that yeah yeah yeah yeah we know we have
6778s to do like a run through of it yeah
6780s before we ship it out again but it will
6782s just be you know the same yeah same as
6784s last year
6785s DNA coupons yes let's open the passion
6787s tracker before I forget something
6788s because we only have a couple of minutes
6789s left on the stream uh we talked about
6792s overclocking we have shown really
6794s quickly creature mode uh I'm gonna show
6796s it off again for those who don't know
6798s there's this Advanced game settings now
6800s and uh this could probably gonna be more
6802s game modes in the future but for now you
6804s can go to creature you can set the
6806s auxiliary uh
6809s uh setting
6810s default okay creatures will attack
6812s players on site oh we did add this cool
6815s I didn't think we're gonna maybe able to
6816s do this retaliate so I think this is the
6819s if you're in if there's like another
6821s mode here where if you attack the
6822s creatures they start attacking oh wait
6824s I'm not showing on the Stream
6825s foreign
6828s looking like a maniac
6830s um so in in the options menu there's
6832s Advanced game settings and now there's a
6834s creature setting here and this creature
6836s hostility
6837s and the default is the way it looks in
6839s the game there's also passive where
6840s creatures don't attack you at all even
6842s if you attack them well they run away
6844s depends on the creature the way that I
6846s don't have any weapons it's uh stress
6848s yeah and there's also a retaliate mode
6850s where if you attack them they will
6852s attack you but they won't like they
6854s won't initiate the attack uh I think
6857s still the the Spore flowers they will
6860s still
6861s like open up and gas you yeah yeah
6865s they're not considered creatures right
6867s how so uh let's just got demoted yeah
6872s yeah they're not creatures uh no but the
6875s Spore flowers will still open up and you
6878s know gas pillars will still hurt you uh
6881s but the creatures that roam around on
6882s the in the on the map they will uh chill
6885s out we'll chill out
6888s um so I think that's pretty cool and you
6891s can set that in game is there a setting
6892s for that in the main menu as well or is
6893s it just in game uh do you know uh
6897s a good question actually I don't think
6899s we have it in it yeah also we haven't
6901s updated the menu for this update uh
6904s because time uh we might change it for
6907s EA but no promises it might be the same
6910s I know we've always updated this sad
6912s yeah that'd be a little sad yeah I would
6914s look forward to that because then it
6915s comes in and I'm like oh look at that
6917s yeah uh so maybe for EA but uh for this
6920s release we didn't have time for it I can
6922s make it if you want it'll look great
6924s there's another one of the old scenes so
6925s you just select the blueprint designer
6927s just put it around everything actually
6930s that's thank you but then you can't see
6932s it look at this beauty
6935s oh it's so good looking I love the
6938s ladder over here too it adds to it just
6940s a letter poke it goes through that yeah
6943s you want to show it
6945s um
6946s the resourcing Edition yeah yeah so uh
6951s awesome sink
6955s um so we changed uh this was actually
6957s gonna come in update six originally but
6958s we didn't have time to add it for update
6960s six uh so there's like new two tracks
6963s now
6964s uh
6965s uh I should have I wish I had weapons oh
6967s I do have weapons I'm gonna go kill that
6968s thing and go find your body or my body
6972s it doesn't show up on the
6975s I think it might just be like one of
6977s those are disabled actually that might
6978s be a compass it might be a thing where
6980s yeah we don't show offline players uh if
6983s you go towards the big waterfall but
6986s also be creatures there yeah let's do
6988s that
6989s uh we've changed to that like there's
6991s new two uh two tracks of of uh coupon
6994s points now so when you're making DNA
6997s capsules which we also change the name
6999s of him apparently uh they used to be
7001s called they were always called this sure
7003s uh
7005s they they serve a separate purpose now
7008s instead of just being part of like
7009s unlocking stuff in the map they also
7011s give you separate coupon points rewards
7013s thingies
7016s so uh it's it's like good because like
7019s if you already have a lot of coupons and
7021s and and you want to get more
7023s uh it will still be effective let's see
7026s what happens here
7028s come back here
7030s easy see money you're a real tough guy
7033s now aren't you where did you where'd you
7035s put the thing uh to the right to the
7037s right to the right
7039s it's a snail over there
7043s then across the river somewhere
7046s across the road again there we go
7051s we're gonna add robots to the game
7054s the row boats don't give them ideas dude
7059s why don't we get pizza to the game
7062s when are we getting pizza at the office
7064s that's a bigger question yeah
7066s in an hour
7069s get that we're gonna have a big
7071s pizza party now you're right here now
7073s okay left sorry
7076s do that
7078s your other lift it's okay good thing no
7080s one was watching
7082s it's probably just a couple of I
7083s actually don't know how many pizza for
7085s everyone yeah yeah just show up at the
7086s office uh wait where somewhere around
7089s here I think
7090s oh let's see yeah get on top of this
7092s dude
7094s get a good vantage point
7096s I was killed that guy don't kill that
7098s guy all right
7101s it's really easy yeah it's really not
7103s very hard is it
7105s oh it attack me wait maybe did you turn
7108s on retaliate yeah I think I did
7113s I sure hope you did yeah
7117s I should have cut the stream I'd be like
7119s yeah yeah I totally did yeah yeah yeah
7121s yeah yeah
7123s [Music]
7124s where's this body
7126s I think it was more to you right now
7128s more on the dunes still he's just put in
7130s like a wild goose chase I think I can
7133s craft the cup I'm not sure if it's there
7134s though it's so weird as well because she
7135s just got my safe so you should have just
7137s no I think it is I think it's because
7138s I'm oh because it's a different it's a
7140s different session idea so um yeah man uh
7144s and uh since it's staging build I can't
7146s whoops I switched I can't to use the
7149s yellow any possess thing
7151s um so anyways so yeah let's make some
7153s hot protein let's make some splitter
7156s protein
7157s and then DNA okay so I wish now I kind
7160s of want to go back now because I want to
7162s put uh the other stuff in the awesome
7164s sink as well but I can show it off here
7166s and then kill myself and uh go back
7167s there uh
7169s awesome sync and then we'll hook up to
7172s that totally there's a power source
7173s there don't worry about it uh so yeah
7174s now you can put uhmj
7179s storage container
7181s all right
7183s think of a jig there we go I'm gonna put
7187s the DNA capsules in there actually I
7189s could put the other stuff here too so we
7191s can just show off real quick
7193s um
7195s this one updates every minute right it
7196s doesn't show like immediately
7199s like the curves I think here
7201s so so each DNA capsule is worth a
7203s thousand points
7205s and then uh it ramps up like the more
7208s points you need for each level to
7209s generate a coupon but just from killing
7211s those animals I already got three
7212s coupons
7213s uh which is pretty sweet actually
7217s uh
7219s with that I can buy stuff
7221s very useful things such as beans
7226s and stuff so you can see here like
7228s compared to like the the low level stuff
7230s you get a lot of points for the DNA
7232s coupons
7234s um it Rams up pretty quickly so the idea
7236s is that you can get some early coupons
7238s pretty quickly yeah from some stuff you
7240s have left it's also of course is still
7241s the case that you need them for research
7243s like the alien remains so there's a bit
7245s of a thing like do I want to do the
7246s research do I want to get some coupons
7248s yeah but it's mainly just a way to yeah
7251s you saw a lot of players just leave of
7252s course the loot behind because that's no
7254s real purpose yeah after the early game
7256s so we figured why not just let them get
7258s some coupons this way so the players
7260s that like exploration maybe a bit more
7261s than others can get some coupons that
7263s way so if you have smaller Factory you
7265s can still just get all the Cosmetics you
7266s want
7267s or if you're that friend in the in the
7269s play party that there's always a factory
7271s building it just wants to run around you
7273s can still contribute a lot yeah if
7275s you're that person in the party that's
7277s like I'll get car drives then like this
7280s is for you okay that's my that's what I
7281s do every time we have our PlayStations
7283s now because I'm like I'm going up hard
7284s drive hunting
7287s wait
7289s oh is this still the alpha hog sound or
7292s is it the this sounds like that yeah
7294s yeah uh we're gonna change because like
7296s right now all the Hogs do the alpha hogs
7298s sound we're gonna
7299s we're gonna change that up
7304s cool
7306s what else it's in the update
7309s um let's check the patch notes the patch
7311s not should be on Reddit and on our
7313s Discord and stuff like that
7316s I'm actually gonna double check that
7317s real quick
7320s it worked to his job
7323s um
7324s 240 water for
7326s nuclear power plant yeah 244 for nuclear
7329s power plant that's pretty sweet so we
7331s made a decision there to go 240. that we
7333s said it was like we were probably gonna
7335s do 240 but we actually decided to do
7336s 240. yeah I mean that's the maximum
7338s number yeah but it's also the one that I
7340s think lines up best for the one that the
7342s ratios line up in the pipe amounts yeah
7345s yeah that made sense um so if you
7347s already have any power setups at the
7349s moment like the only downside right now
7351s is that you'll be feeding too much water
7353s like your power production will still
7354s work
7355s right yeah
7357s um and like the easy solution right now
7359s is just down clock your uh your under
7361s clock your your fuel
7364s extract water extractors there you go
7366s God damn it I need to get there I
7367s believe in you yeah yeah yeah
7369s um and that way you'll get 100
7371s efficiency again if you if you care
7373s about that stuff uh which I know a lot
7375s of people do
7378s yes uh I think that's most like like we
7381s said this is this is a small update like
7384s I know people are like oh blueprints
7385s they lied it's not a small
7387s update it is a small update like I think
7390s it's like blueprints and then yeah and
7392s that's it a couple of other things but
7394s um
7396s I know that blueprints are is like a
7398s huge game changer for a lot of people
7399s and and uh it is it is in a lot of other
7401s people's eyes it is a big change and I
7402s guess it is so it's like uh it's you
7404s know let's meet halfway it's like a big
7405s small medium it's medium sized
7408s um you know standard update like in
7410s terms of like patch notes like content
7412s lists it's not a lot going on but like
7414s the features themselves are pretty beefy
7417s um and uh I think I think a lot of
7420s people are getting a lot of out of this
7421s update as well uh so depending on what
7425s kind of play style you had because I
7426s think you gotta we're kind of like going
7428s for each place that player like
7431s archetype right now because update ticks
7432s were all about exploration and like the
7434s people that really care about
7434s exploration got something out of that
7436s and now we're going to watch like the
7437s forward you know the hardcore like
7439s Factory building people that like really
7441s care about like setting up complex stuff
7443s and now they're getting something
7446s um so uh
7448s we're getting there zip line yeah zip
7450s line is a little tricky to show off uh
7452s at the moment we're gonna do more with
7454s that uh where's the Goddamn thing oh I'm
7457s still on that scene
7458s um
7460s because one tricky thing with zip lines
7462s at the moment is like you can only go
7465s you can only go so far
7468s I actually need to make the zipline do I
7470s have the materials for that
7472s I'm sure that I think you do you need to
7475s ethereum yeah I don't think I can show
7477s it off unfortunately but um but even if
7479s I had the zip line it would be kind of
7481s tricky to show it off because I've got
7483s the components by just building
7484s something and dismantling I could but uh
7488s see here what do you need for the zip
7490s line
7492s uh uh I need to go to the store I
7495s usually have this bound
7497s that's why I'm like looking forward so
7498s much
7500s there we go
7503s uh zip line we need
7505s a zapper which we have quick wire
7508s iron Rod evil what makes what building
7511s needs quick wire it's like
7513s the um it's the power switch no
7518s uh fuel generator
7523s I swear there was like some the fuel
7525s generator needs it yeah
7529s give me that I probably need a lot
7530s though
7532s yeah I didn't know yeah
7534s yeah
7535s and iron rod
7538s could possibly this is such a weird way
7540s to do this but uh this is how we wear it
7542s is on the dev Bill sometimes and then
7544s cable didn't I get cable from this bad
7547s boy
7549s then we do this oh sorry if we do
7552s this
7556s don't tell me wow
7558s we get more wire
7560s that bug has been in the game forever
7562s what oh maybe we fixed that bug actually
7565s because I just think it's so consuming
7567s from the inventory when you build with
7568s it though
7570s yeah uh Constructor
7575s needed 30. shitload of things yeah
7578s why does your Zep bring your ass wait oh
7580s it's my hand
7582s there we go we got there in the end dude
7587s MLG decide you play Satisfaction yes
7590s sure uh so like the problem with
7594s um
7595s with a little bit of problem with the
7596s zip line is like you kind of need to
7599s um keep jumping between pull from Pole
7602s um so it is a little bit tricky to
7604s generate enough speed and you kind of
7605s need to go far because we don't generate
7607s like a ton of speed when you when you
7609s sprint it kind of builds up over time
7613s uh in the video fun fact it's actually
7616s hooked up a hypertube cannon right next
7619s to the the the the the wire
7622s so I shot myself out of the hyperdoodle
7624s cannon
7625s uh and then attached to uh the wireless
7628s no but you still maintain the speed so I
7631s just I just skipped that part uh
7635s but essentially when you hold uh Sprints
7637s and it's possible we might add some like
7639s VFX to this as well to show like you are
7642s sprinting
7644s um
7645s but you do build up like a ton of more
7647s speed now than you used to
7649s like this is already oh dude the dude
7652s classic
7655s [Music]
7657s um but you're all building up a lot more
7658s speed while the shadow looks so cool
7662s love it looking good yeah
7666s um because if I don't hold it if I yeah
7668s this is the max speed
7670s and if I hold it I can kind of see it
7672s speeding up
7673s yeah yeah it's nothing yeah a bit of a
7676s faster yeah yeah but I'm like nowhere
7679s near close to the the max speed though
7681s because the the general speed is like
7683s three what's the unit three thousand
7685s thirteen fifty 350 and like the new one
7688s is like six I think it's five thousand
7690s four hundred yeah wow
7692s so you can go really fast it's four
7694s times as fast yeah
7696s um
7698s uh what's what's the like we don't
7701s if you break your leg it's not our fault
7703s it's up to you
7705s yeah zipline cannot exactly do that
7708s uh it's a lot of fun I had a lot of fun
7710s making that little small thing Imaging
7712s uh it's easier if you do if you have
7715s like a top bed
7718s um like I did in the video I think I
7720s made something like this I made I put
7722s down like wall outlets on the ceiling uh
7724s let me have to manually reconnect watch
7727s this whoa
7729s whoa all right it works don't worry
7731s about it
7732s I think what I did was I took a pillar
7737s no I oh and this is what I did I took
7739s one of these small pillar support
7741s [Music]
7742s is that there and then took a small
7744s concrete pillar add that up then I took
7747s a beam
7748s beam uh
7752s don't worry about it uh and made like
7755s five and then I put I like the floating
7757s Point around in there
7759s five point zero zero zero zero zero one
7763s yeah at least it's accurate yeah yeah
7765s and then wall outlets
7768s bad save that blueprints
7771s hole
7775s it's a matter
7777s you can't even I like it too because you
7779s can't even build Miners and stuff in the
7780s blueprint or right no yeah so oh can you
7783s but I hope not what happens if you place
7786s the blueprint designer on top of a node
7788s oh yeah it used to work but no it
7790s specifically disallowed oh bad people
7792s you know I never want to say never
7794s because people will find a way to do
7795s this yeah
7799s I think you guys can pull it off
7801s all right so now we have the uh second
7804s part oh whoops that's not the one
7806s I need a quick uh button to the pole
7809s there it is
7811s very nice yes I don't know the full
7813s length of this I had I guess I have to
7815s guess a little bit
7821s this is nice I don't have to
7823s dude I'm not
7824s going farther what
7826s I'm gonna put it on my Hotbar oh
7829s my God
7831s someone's gonna throw up there though
7834s or out there
7840s yeah some like this challenge
7841s accepted that's that's kind of attitude
7843s we like that's the kind of go get an
7844s attitude we like here to fix it
7847s one more pull
7850s yes it's like a little bit easier when
7851s you have like this uh top fed
7853s [Music]
7855s come on
7857s Bob's
7860s and then we place a
7866s God my neck is stiff from sitting like
7867s this uh where is it the
7870s transportation
7872s this is why I always get confused so I
7874s have stretch issues uh let's see here
7878s oh this is perfect
7883s yeah yeah yeah yeah and then power we
7886s automatically get it don't worry about
7887s it
7889s let that boot up and then slide into
7892s this mother
7896s here we go
7899s oh I suck at this game one more time
7903s yeah so it's a nice power yeah yeah
7908s maybe maybe it doesn't work when you
7910s slide into the maybe fix this bug
7913s there we go
7916s yeah it definitely makes me yeah yeah I
7920s know uh I missed the I didn't know about
7923s that though
7924s don't tell the dance
7926s no I didn't know about that either we're
7928s not fixing that no it's a good bug
7930s though
7933s I'm pretty sure to be as nice about that
7935s and he's just like no I'm not gonna fix
7937s it dude he never wants to fix any of the
7938s fun bugs why would he yeah why would you
7940s people always people still ask me if
7942s we're gonna fix the um
7945s the hyper Cannon thingy
7948s and we've never attempted to and I don't
7951s think I don't think we will we had to
7952s talk about it early on when it was uh
7955s discovered yeah because it does have the
7958s potential to Crush the game yeah yeah
7960s but I think it was Tim who was like but
7962s that's fun though there you go it's just
7965s kind of fun yeah I'm in the game like if
7967s you try it that far and the game crashes
7968s or you're really gonna be well yeah I
7970s mean it looks like the game it's going
7972s so wrong it looks like the game should
7974s turn out correct I forgot to hit sprints
7978s they also turned around because I was
7979s going backwards
7980s there we go I I forgot to hit
7983s Sprint again because it breaks if you
7984s don't hit Sprint it breaks it stops you
7987s on the
7989s this is the favorite speed run I've ever
7990s seen
7992s it wasn't a good example but maybe you
7994s got the point like it's going we're
7995s going that's pretty good yeah it's
7996s getting pretty good pretty good you
7997s redeemed yourself hold on not really big
8000s these in chat
8002s um
8002s yes
8004s [Music]
8006s what time is it it is quarter past four
8008s yeah so unless it was something else we
8010s forgot I think we're gonna round it off
8012s there and let you guys explore
8015s the magic that is update seven on the
8017s experimental branch that is
8022s creatures
8025s there's a bunch of UI changes
8028s um
8030s as well and some optimization secret
8033s optimization yeah they're not really
8036s secret I just I don't think we had time
8037s to go through them
8039s we'll probably update that
8041s um
8044s cool that that's that that's it that's
8046s the update bam uh so real quick uh you
8049s guys can scoot off if you want noise and
8051s I'm gonna do that freedom free get out
8054s of here thanks for joining us yes
8059s um
8069s yes so the update 7 is is out
8074s it's not streaming let's touch this mic
8077s um the update is out on experimental at
8080s the moment experimental is our like test
8081s Branch so it's not available yet on like
8083s the regular version of the game but it
8085s is opt-in and anyone can try out
8086s experimental if you want to uh and if
8089s you want to do that if you're on Steam
8091s you right click the game you go to
8092s properties you hit the betas tab that
8094s pops up and then you in that beta tab
8096s there's like a little drop down list and
8098s then you can pick experimental
8100s and that will reinstall the game and go
8103s into experimental mode
8104s and on Epic it should show up as its own
8106s game in like the games lists and you can
8108s install it like as its own separate
8110s install don't forget to back up your
8112s saves
8114s if you want to do this because it's
8116s really important because anything can
8117s happen it is an experimental release
8121s um we have tested it ourselves but you
8124s know
8125s Anything Can Happen
8127s um so yeah don't forget to backup your
8129s save files
8131s um
8132s one more thing I want to say uh yeah and
8135s this is like an initial release of a lot
8136s of stuff so we're going to keep working
8137s on this I don't know exactly when it
8139s will be out on Early Access for everyone
8142s um it will probably be available
8144s sometime early December if everything
8146s goes well unless there's a lot of issues
8148s uh I haven't seen too much chatter about
8152s it though so
8154s um
8155s I think we're good
8156s uh
8162s that's
8165s um
8166s foreign
8168s so uh yeah it depends on how it goes and
8170s what kind of issues you find and and uh
8172s maybe we want to pick something up
8173s before or relax as we'll see but uh
8175s usually it's like three four weeks or
8177s something like that of bug fixing
8180s um so so we'll see yeah six stars yeah
8183s usually reason Tuesdays so it's like
8184s yeah sometime early December essentially
8186s we'll see uh it'll depends you can get
8189s the eyedropper to function uh report
8190s that on the QA side please super good
8193s but we'll we'll take a take a look at
8194s that
8195s um crash around Auto saving oh no if you
8199s are crashing uh you only the only thing
8202s you really need to know is you need to
8203s hit that like send report button that
8205s shows up
8206s um because we will get like a contact
8209s like uh it will create a log for us and
8211s send it to us
8213s um and crash us we'll get that stuff for
8215s feedback and for like other bugs though
8217s it's best to go through the QA site and
8219s if you're getting a crash
8221s and
8222s um you don't get the the report button
8224s popping up then you also kind of need to
8226s go to the QI side and include your log
8228s which you can find in your local let's
8231s see it's in Local app data Factory game
8233s logs I believe uh please add that there
8236s it's it's really beneficial if you guys
8239s when you're posting feedback and issues
8240s about that stuff if you're getting
8241s crashes and stuff like that it's really
8243s good to like include uh logs or your
8246s save files and stuff like that and give
8248s us as detailed information as possible
8249s if you just go to the QI site and just
8251s write the game crashes that tells us
8253s nothing so really beneficial if you guys
8255s give us as much information you can and
8257s also like how to reproduce issues as
8259s well
8260s and
8262s um if you're not seeing the update in
8264s the launcher of your choice then make
8267s sure to restart the launcher completely
8269s uh you know not just closing the
8271s launcher actually restarting it
8273s completely because if you just press the
8275s little x button in Windows or whatever
8276s it doesn't actually close it it just
8279s minimizes it for a lot of these
8280s launchers so uh really important to
8282s actually restart the launcher and then
8284s it will most likely pop up again
8287s um
8289s yes it's my safe outside exactly
8292s I'll click on that real quick
8295s and uh yeah don't forget the power wheel
8297s exactly
8298s don't forget to verify game files as
8300s well that's also important if you're
8301s running into issues because sometimes
8302s it's because of the install uh this
8304s mostly happens on Steam it doesn't
8306s happen too much in Epic but sometimes uh
8309s just re-verifying the the game fixes a
8312s lot of issues
8314s um
8317s so yes
8318s don't forget to uninstall voicemeetery
8320s sales yeah exactly actually didn't get
8321s any voice meter issues today that's
8323s pretty neat
8326s cool
8328s where's Chase Jace got hella fresh
8333s so yeah
8334s thanks everyone for tuning in I hope you
8337s had a good time I hope you'll have fun
8338s with the updates
8341s um and uh
8343s I'll see you we'll see you next week
8345s again and we stream every week on Twitch
8348s uh coffee stain Studios devs.com no
8351s twitch dot twitch.tv coffee stain
8354s Studios devs is where you'll find us we
8356s stream every week on Tuesday at this
8359s time so we usually start the stream
8360s roughly around this time and we should
8363s do community highlights we talk about
8364s the update all about updates to the game
8367s state of Dev essentially and we also
8370s usually do a quick round of like QA to
8372s to catch any questions you have if you
8374s want to get like the latest information
8375s the streams really are the best place to
8377s go
8378s um because they're the the easiest place
8381s for us to create content that is related
8383s to the game
8385s um
8386s so yeah
8388s thanks for tuning in everybody hope you
8390s had a good time I sure did and uh hope
8393s you all take care
8395s until next time bye
8400s [Music]
8421s foreign
8437s [Music]
8452s foreign
8453s [Music]
8477s [Music]
8481s foreign
8487s [Music]
8498s [Music]
8516s foreign
8520s [Music]
8548s foreign
8551s [Music]
8562s [Music]
8573s [Music]
8580s [Music]
8584s foreign
8586s [Music]
8599s [Music]
8614s foreign
8616s [Music]
8634s [Music]