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Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everybody, here’s another small patch inching us closer to EA release, mostly UI fixes and a fix for a really annoying crash with no crash report that seems to be affecting some of you.

If we introduced any new issues or are forgetting anything please let us know over at our QA Site: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/ We’ll look into it ASAP

See you all again very soon <3


  • Potentially fixed the no callstack crash related to the navmesh (This time for real™️)


  • Updated Geyser icon
  • Updated Compass visibility
  • Fixed Equipment icon in HUD flickering when equipping an item for Clients
  • Fixed some visual inconsistencies for the schematic rewards in the HUB
  • Fixed Markers and Stamps placed on the map disappearing when reconnecting to a Dedicated Server
  • Fixed Markers and Stamps not saving properly on Dedicated Server
  • Fixed issue where the shopping list buttons would show up incorrectly in the Build Menu
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