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Hi Pioneers!

Hello everyone, another day another patch, featuring a new visual feedback display for Block and Path Signals, Hyper Tube Floor Holes, Dedicated Servers allowing more cores to be used, some crash fixes and a bunch of polish!

Are we forgetting some big issues? Please let us know over at our QA Site https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/ We read your posts every day.

Thanks for all your support, see you all again soon <3


  • Added Block/Path Signal visual feedback when placing down
  • Hyper Tube Floor Holes are now available in the AWESOME Shop


  • Fixed some FICSIT Factory Swatches being wrongly applied to some foundation types after last update
  • Fixed a crash related to Vehicle Automation
  • Fixed a crash when deleting Vehicle path nodes and trying to load that Vehicle Path
  • Fixed some remaining foundation issues
  • Assorted polish for new foundations
  • Foundations should now only rotate 90ºs when aligning to world grid


  • News feed (Main Menu) background is now darker and semi transparent for better readability
  • Updated a bunch of icons
  • Removed “Delete Path” option from the Vehicle wheel as you can now use “Cancel Recording” does the same thing


  • Fixed a bunch of typos, spaces, and a bunch of inconsistencies
  • Hidden some technical strings from localisation
  • Restructured formatting patterns to avoid excessive text optimisation, also using more complete phrases to make things easier to translate


  • Servers should now use all available cores (Up to 26 worker threads) on both Windows and Linux
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