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As we sail full speed into April, the fifth instalment of the Spotlight Showcase is here! We last checked in with you all the way back in November, so there’s a whole new cast of Sea of Thieves Spotlight occupants to walk you through, with scientists, artists, streamers and even a carpenter here to share their thoughts. Without any further ado, let’s dive in…

Leafing all the way back through the 2022 holiday season, we find plant prospector {LINK REMOVED}Solarlunar34 in the Community Spotlight! Discussing his experiences with Ancient Isles University, the ‘Plant King’ explained how he got into pirate plant classification and what goes into naming the fantastical flora of the Sea of Thieves. Did you know the Latin word for banana? Now you do!

Taking us from botany to geography, our next Community Spotlight jumped to {LINK REMOVED}Jerem, the creative mind behind the daily puzzler SoT Guessr. Jerem discussed how he and his crew worked together to capture hundreds of screenshots from across the seas to challenge eagle-eyed fellow players, and explained how his ship is named after an ongoing hunt for the elusive Shrouded Ghost.

As we rolled into the cold month of December, our thoughts turned to warm summer memories of SoTFest as {LINK REMOVED}CalamityKez walked us through her history with Rare and how it all ultimately led her to becoming a pillar of the SoTUK community. Like Jerem, she also discussed the rarest of the Megalodons, though this time with a successful hunt to look back on and celebrate.

For our first Spotlight of 2023, we got creative with one of the most widely shared artists in the community, {LINK REMOVED}Shabby! He spoke about where he finds inspiration for the mystical monsters he creates and how a Twitter meme ended up leading to him obtaining the legendary Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame. Clearly one shouldn’t underestimate the power of the phrase ‘It’s Reapin’ Time’.

The first Creator Spotlight on this list went to the streaming inspiration behind the Legacy Beard cosmetic, {LINK REMOVED}Beardageddon. He talked about his transition from YouTuber to Twitch streamer, and the journey that led to him becoming a major component of the Sea of Thieves streaming community (even if he did confess to thinking the game looked a bit silly in the beginning)...

February put us in a crafty mood, and who better to celebrate with than a woodworking wizard? In his Community Spotlight, {LINK REMOVED}MiniMeMarcLee spoke about nearly 40 years of history with games and how his training as a joiner enabled him to become a master at making Sea of Thieves props. He even teased a new project he’s working on, though the details were very hush-hush…

And for a February finisher we turned to some of the most recent content creator corsairs inducted into the Sea of Thieves Partner Programme, beginning with {LINK REMOVED}LazyBuzzard. While it’s no surprise that his interests include unhurried birds of prey, we also learned that this streamer keeps his sights set on fun times for his viewers with a harmonica in hand for extra entertainment options.

All of which brings us to March and a sensible cutoff point for this substantial Spotlight Showcase! As always, you can find many exciting insights into the lives of these creators and community stars through their interviews, so be sure to check out the full versions. You can also filter our {LINK REMOVED}News section to show all the previous {LINK REMOVED}Community, {LINK REMOVED}Creator and {LINK REMOVED}Legend Spotlights so that you can catch up on any you might have missed, and of course our previous Spotlight Showcase offers another set of handy recaps.

The Spotlights don’t end here, of course, so keep an eye out for the next one on the horizon! We’ll have more for you next month and beyond, so stick with us, keep calm and sail on…

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