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Out on the lawless Sea of Thieves, Outposts are the closest thing to civilisation, with any number of traders and tavern-keepers eager to help pirates empty their holds of treasure and kick back with a well-deserved grog.

Small wonder, then, that the unexpected shrouding of Golden Sands Outpost – previously one of the more charming and cheerful ports of call – was a loss felt by many, and proof that The Reaper’s Bones are determined to oust the Trading Companies once and for all.

Now, however, the residents of this Outpost are being rallied by none other than Merrick, last seen menacing Megalodons in previous Adventure {LINK REMOVED}‘The Shrouded Deep’. But he is not unopposed…

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Attention, pirates! Soon it’ll be time to choose a side - but before then, a little downtime to prepare. The Sea of Thieves servers will be offline from approximately 9am UTC tomorrow, May 26th, so our next Adventure 'Lost Sands' can begin. Please plan your Voyages accordingly.


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