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That’s right friends, November is already over! With so much going on, we’ve barely had time to notice the days passing and yet here we are in December with so many things to catch you up on. From a fresh Adventure to an entire Season update, November positively overflowed with content. So grab a mug of your beverage of choice, brace yourself and let’s dive right in.
Content Update We wasted no time in getting into it at the start of the month by jumping into the ‘Return of the Damned’ Adventure. As Captain Flameheart threatened to return and Pendragon laid his freedom on the line, players spent two weeks battling it out to capture Sea Forts and raise Flags for their chosen side. With almost 400,000 Soulflame Captains returned to the Veil in that time, you’ve almost got to feel sorry for the ghosts.

It was a hard-fought struggle, but ultimately the mighty Reapers could not be stopped. Pendragon was banished back into a painting – leading to a {LINK REMOVED}truly tragic image of his trapped soul – and we jumped straight from Flameheart’s victorious cackle to the announcement of {LINK REMOVED}Season Eight. Surprise! It turns out that ‘Return of the Damned’ was only the start of the battle to come. A few days after Pendragon’s defeat, {LINK REMOVED}the new Season launched and players were urged to wage war for their chosen Faction, with ghostly and bony cosmetic Curses among the rewards for doing so.

Skeleton suits and apparition fashion weren’t the only new looks to appear in November. Over in {LINK REMOVED}the Emporium, Plunder Pass holders got to embrace their sinister side with the corvid-inspired Ravenwood set. The King’s Ransom ship set offered flashier pirates a chance to show off all that gold they’ve been digging up, with shining sails and a gilded hull that manages to float against all the natural laws of buoyancy. And just in case the several metric tonnes of precious metal weren’t enough of a clue, picking up a matching Crown would ensure everyone knows who’s boss.

News and Features As the first half of November was set to be spanned by an Adventure, we kicked off the month by catching you up on Flameheart and Pendragon’s bitter history in another instalment of {LINK REMOVED}Adventures Ahead. Once that initial skirmish was concluded and the outcome unveiled in a special stream teed up by {LINK REMOVED}another handy article, the seas broke into all-out warfare as Season Eight blasted onto the scene.

To make sure you were fully armed with info on all this new content – and so that you wouldn’t be taken aback by an enemy Faction ship popping out of the depths right in front of you – we put together a {LINK REMOVED}Season Eight launch article to walk you through it. So if you have any lingering questions about the new Season, that’s the place to find answers and enter the Battle for the Sea of Thieves!

Fortunately, despite all this conflict, pirates still found time to put aside their differences and spread some positivity as showcased with regular updates to the Community Hub! And we kept the power flowing to the player spotlights with two new Community Spotlights, one on plant prospector {LINK REMOVED}Solarlunar34 and the other on creative cartographer {LINK REMOVED}Jerem. If you think you know the islands of the Sea of Thieves, why not test your knowledge against {LINK REMOVED}SoTGuessr?

November also brought an extensive {LINK REMOVED}Black Friday Sale in the Pirate Emporium, and for those looking for something a little more, you know, real than the spooky and skeletal rewards offered by Season Eight’s new Factions, there was some timely news of Faction-inspired clothing designs too!

Videos and Streams The big question on everyone’s lips at the start of the month was which side would win the latest decision point Adventure: Flameheart’s loyal Reapers or the Pirate Lord’s allies? With the future of the Sea of Thieves hanging in the balance, we brought members of the dev team together with guest streamers for a {LINK REMOVED}two-hour livestream where the results were dramatically revealed, and the victory of the villainous Flameheart confirmed.

With the Reapers victorious and Pendragon in turn banished, we wasted no time in unveiling what was next for Sea of Thieves with the Season Eight trailer. Then, after giving everyone a few days to recover from all the excitement, we were back with a Deep Dive video to answer any lingering questions you might have had about the new content update.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we wouldn’t have had time for anything else, but we weren’t about to deprive you of the latest instalment of Sea of Thieves News, were we – or {LINK REMOVED}further helpings of Twitch Drops, for that matter? And just in case all that wasn’t quite enough to satiate your video needs, we also threw in our long-awaited panel discussion from this year’s EGX. You know. As a treat.

Social Channels Despite all appearances, it wasn’t all battles to the death this month! Among other things, we considered a topical hatpin, pondered skeletal personality types and unveiled a new strategy for naming your ship, only to discover that the overwhelming popularity of gamertags beginning with the letter ‘S’ meant that the sea was about to be overrun with sausages. Perhaps not entirely what we intended, but a pirate’s life is {LINK REMOVED}never predictable.

Moving swiftly on, we invited pirates to capture the natural beauty of the Sea of Thieves for the latest #SoTShot theme, Sunset {LINK REMOVED}Scenes, then escaped the sun entirely on #SundayVibes excursions into Athena’s Fortune and The Reaper’s Lair. And while we offered snippets of handy info on new Season Eight features like Allegiance and the expanded hideouts, our #TriviaTuesday hashtag was nurturing lore seeds on subjects ranging from {LINK REMOVED}Sea Forts to Flameheart’s head.

And finally, just in case all of this wasn’t quite enough content to keep you going, we whipped up an asset pack for anyone who wants to show off their Season Eight allegiance on stream…

So that was November! Have you had a chance to play Season Eight yet? More importantly, are you more excited about looking slightly dead via the Skeleton Curse or the Ghostly Curse? Either way, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, {LINK REMOVED}Facebook, {LINK REMOVED}Instagram, {LINK REMOVED}TikTok, YouTube or {LINK REMOVED}Twitch, or join the official {LINK REMOVED}Forums or {LINK REMOVED}Discord to get all the latest Sea of Thieves news as it happens. For now, sail forth! Win glory for your Faction!

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