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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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The fifth anniversary of Sea of Thieves is almost upon us! If you were able to tune in to the preview livestream on Twitch or YouTube, you’ll already know that the celebrations are already well underway – but if not, have no fear! We’re here to sum up everything that’s happening in the next few weeks and fill you in on how you can get involved, unlocking a pile of rewards for yourself in the process.

The party kicked off on March 6th, with the Marauder’s Medley Event. Spanning 10 days, this Event revisits some of Sea of Thieves’ greatest updates by offering a themed collection of Challenges to undertake. Keep checking in and ticking off at least one Goal per Challenge to unlock classic cosmetic rewards from anniversaries past, as well as the stylish new Fabulous Five Eyepatch. For a full breakdown of the Challenges, check out our dedicated {LINK REMOVED}Marauder’s Medley page!

Those aren’t the only cosmetics you can snag this anniversary: log in between March 17th and March 22nd (10am UTC) and you’ll find the Lustrous Legend Figurehead waiting for you in your Ship Customisation Chest. Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a specific cosmetic, you might be interested in our Anniversary Sale! From March 17th–28th, a sprawling selection of items from sets including those themed around classic Rare games and Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – our 2021 collaboration with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean – will be on sale in the Pirate Emporium.

Even if you’re low on Ancient Coins, you can always swing by the Emporium during the sale to grab the free Down the Hatch Emote and share a few celebratory grogs with friends. Thanks to all the freebies and rewards being dished out this month, you’ll have no shortage of material when posing for pirate selfies at the fifth anniversary picture wall – a temporary addition to New Golden Sands Outpost from March 20th!

For those of you in search of something to watch rather than play, we’ve got plenty to keep you entertained. Twitch Drops will be available for all participating streamers (not just Sea of Thieves Partners) to offer between March 16th and 20th, so tune in then to your Sea of Thieves creator of choice to earn the latest batch of rewards.

Then, from the world of Twitch streams to the big screen, we’re going cinematic with our next announcement: the feature-length documentary Sea of Thieves: Voyage of a Lifetime will be premiering on the day of the fifth anniversary, March 20th! Featuring new interviews and never-before-seen footage, the film looks back on the highs and lows of developing Sea of Thieves and lifts the curtain on all the work that’s gone into making the game what it is today.

Of course, there’s no way to celebrate our anniversary without also celebrating the tremendous community that has been with us throughout the last five years. That’s why we’re going to be holding not just a Community Day, but an extra-special Community Weekend from March 25th–27th! Anyone who logs in during this event will be treated to multiple freebies: the latest event flag (this time in tasteful gold and black), the delicious Baker’s Barrel Disguise Emote and a free Pirate Legend Voyage to explore at leisure.

Like previous Community Days, players can bump up the shared Community Emissary Grade via social media, with increasing rewards and boosts available at each Grade passed. As a special Anniversary treat, hitting Grade Five will not only grant all players boosted gold, reputation, Seasonal Renown and Faction Allegiance, it’ll also cause more Ancient Skeletons to start appearing across the seas. Together they’ll have 50 million Ancient Coins for the taking, so if you’ve been eyeing anything in the Pirate Emporium you can’t quite afford, now’s the time to get involved!

And finally, as if all these Anniversary celebrations weren’t enough to get excited about, Sea of Thieves Season Nine is right around the corner. Due to land on March 16th, the new Season introduces more loot opportunities and prestigious rewards, a host of new and upgraded features requested by the community, 100 levels of Seasonal progression to climb by raising Renown, and of course an Emporium restock including a brand new Plunder Pass. We’ll have a dedicated article on launch day, but for now keep an eye on our social channels for more, and dive into the newly released Content Update video for a glimpse at what’s coming up!