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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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There’s a lot going on around Sea of Thieves’ fifth anniversary, but one thing you may not have noticed in the barrage of freebies, announcements and events is the arrival of a couple of new editions of Sea of Thieves itself. Both include all the permanent content released for the game up to now, and both are available from today! Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes each one different…

2023 Edition
The new standard version of Sea of Thieves. Anyone buying the game and joining us on the seas starting from today will get the 2023 Edition, which comes with a nice cache of extras to help you look sharp from your very first Voyage: the Hunter Cutlass, Pistol, Compass, Hat, Jacket and Sails, plus 10,000 gold for a shopping spree around the nearest Outpost.

Don’t you worry, existing players – you’ll be granted those gifts of gold and cosmetics too, so expect to see them pop up when you set sail over the next few days.

Deluxe Edition
For players who want to treat themselves to an even more lavish array of goodies when they first set sail. In addition to the 2023 Edition of the game including Hunter items and 10,000 gold, this Deluxe Edition comes with a Deluxe Bundle of extra cosmetics and currency: the Black Phoenix Figurehead and Sails, the Crab Dab and Deck Hide Emotes, plus 550 Ancient Coins to spend recklessly in the Pirate Emporium. Steam buyers also get access to the Sea of Thieves Original Soundtrack – 5th Anniversary Edition, Athena's Fortune audiobook and a set of 4K wallpapers.

We know there’ll be players who already own the game and want to add these treasures without buying an entire new edition, so we’ve made that possible too: while it comes as standard with the Deluxe Edition, the Deluxe Bundle Upgrade can also be snapped up separately.

If you’re looking for a new route onto the seas as we hurtle past this five-year milestone, we’re pleased to say that Sea of Thieves is now officially Steam Deck Verified too! The game team really put the work in to optimise the Sea of Thieves experience for this platform, so anyone setting sail with a Steam Deck can expect all the good stuff: full controller inputs, native resolution, steady 30-60fps gameplay, voice communication and a pop-out keyboard for in-game text chat.

Should you have a Steam Deck and already own Sea of Thieves on Steam, the game will be ready and waiting to install on your device, so you can rally your crew and go tracking down treasure or smashing up skeletons without missing a beat. There’s also an official FAQ to field any queries about the Steam Deck itself.

If it’s Sea of Thieves you have more questions about, well, as it happens we’ve been buffing up a brand new trailer to showcase what the game has to offer in 2023. Welcome to our playground…

So there you go, a pirate sandbox shaped by five years of evolution and free content updates, now offering more options than ever for getting involved. And it’s an absolutely action-packed time to do so: as mentioned, we’re in the midst of our {LINK REMOVED}fifth anniversary celebrations, with another big content drop imminent as Season Nine ships out this week. There’s much more to come throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond, including some very exciting things we’ve yet to mention…


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