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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Deep below the surface of the Sea of Thieves, the coral-crusted Sunken Kingdom has always been a place of mystery and wonder – not to mention great dangers. September’s time-limited Adventure, ‘The Sirens’ Prize’, will challenge players to navigate its undersea labyrinths and treacherous shipwreck spires in search of stolen treasures.

The object of your quest: three Ancient artefacts required for a mysterious ritual that will empower the Pirate Lord’s allies to stand their ground in the face of an upcoming resurrection. These relics were claimed by the Sirens as trophies long ago, and will be jealously guarded against any intruders from the surface world. Fortunately, this is not a journey you’ll need to undertake alone...

Sink Your Watches Whispers of strange sightings at Plunder Valley stretch far beyond mere rumours. Representatives of the Ancients, who inhabited the Sea of Thieves countless generations ago and whose influence can still be felt today thanks to their many ruins, traps and curses, have recently begun to take an interest in the affairs of their former homestead. For the first time in untold years, they are making their presence known.

Pirate Legends who’ve conquered the Legend of the Veil Voyage will already know that the Ancients can be formidable fighters. In ‘The Sirens’ Prize’, crews with enquiring minds (and a talent for holding their breath) will get the chance to spend more time in the Ancients’ company, learning much about their motives and the eventual fate of a truly enigmatic society.

Assembled the Rite Way Once your foray into aquatic archaeology has been completed, the stage will be set for a ritual high atop a stormy cliffside, reuniting the treasures at last. This supernatural spectacular will light up the horizon and is bound to attract attention from Flameheart’s followers, along with anyone else who’d rather see the Pirate Lord remain an underdog in the battles to come.

If you’re new to this continuing conflict between the allies of Athena’s Fortune and those who serve The Reaper’s Bones, fear not – the latest in our series of Adventures Ahead[www.seaofthieves.com] articles will bring you up to speed on a story that most recently detoured into the Sea of the Damned. Once you’re in the know, you’ll be more than ready to plunge into ‘The Sirens’ Prize’ by speaking to Larinna at any point between now and September 29. The Sirens are waiting for you...

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