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Welcome to 2023! Would you believe it’s already been over a month since the start of the new year? Well, turns out it has because we’re back with another round-up of all the goings-on and happenings of January, all together in one convenient place. If you’d thought we’d have a quiet few weeks after the holiday break excitement then you couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s get into it…

Content Update The big event in January was, of course, our latest time-limited Adventure. {LINK REMOVED}‘The Secret Wilds’ had players following in the footsteps of Captain Briggsy as her memories took form throughout The Wilds and beyond. Using her old mask, now imbued with mystical powers by Madame Olivia, pirates were able to find shapes in the stars and uncover the legend of a cure to the curse that afflicts Tasha. Whether or not those efforts will succeed remains to be seen…

The new year also meant new fashions, and the {LINK REMOVED}Pirate Emporium was ready to oblige. The latest collection to charge onto the scene was the Labyrinth Looter set, taking its cue from a monstrous creature of myth. Meanwhile, the Pocket Pebble Emote granted players a singularly sturdy new pet and the Oar-Inspiring Emote Bundle showed off the multifunctionality of your favourite Rowboat accessory. Throw in the usual free monthly emote silently beckoning you over and it was a good month to pad out your emote radial.

That wasn’t all for January, with the Battle for the Sea of Thieves introduced at the start of Season Eight also getting a brace of updates and improvements. See the {LINK REMOVED}release notes for the full story!

News and Features You’re likely familiar with the drill by now: with a new Adventure to explore, there was, of course, an {LINK REMOVED}Adventures Ahead article to catch you up to speed on the story so far. This time we were delving into the hidden power of Briggsy’s mask and the history behind the Skeleton Curse.

In community news, we wasted no time in getting back to our ongoing series of Spotlights. First in line was a Community Spotlight on illustrious illustrator {LINK REMOVED}Shabby to talk about how Sea of Thieves has helped to inspire his artwork; then, towards the end of the month, a new Creator Spotlight centered on the famously hirsute {LINK REMOVED}Beardageddon, discussing how he came to the Sea of Thieves and relaying some of his favourite memories from the game.

January also saw a host of new entries into the {LINK REMOVED}Community Hub, including a suitably wintry festive ship design and a mind-boggling trick of perspective. Meanwhile, the {LINK REMOVED}Rare Store celebrated Lunar New Year with a selection of {LINK REMOVED}Year of the Rabbit goodies, while snack lovers were offered another way to pick up some {LINK REMOVED}striking new ship parts!

Videos and Streams After the excitement of Grogmanay finished off the Festival of Giving for another year, we started looking ahead at what’s coming with 2023’s first instalment of Sea of Thieves News – hosted by a new face too, in keeping with this season of new beginnings.

Anyone looking to fill out their Eastern Winds Sapphire collection will have enjoyed January’s {LINK REMOVED}Twitch Drops, with the entire ship set – and a bonus tankard – available to anyone who tuned in to Partnered Sea of Thieves streamers. On the other hand, if you’re more into listening to things than watching them, don’t forget to check out the newly released{LINK REMOVED} ‘Factions of Fate’ soundtrack addition for all your battle music needs.

Closing out the month, we took the opportunity to welcome new and returning players to the sea with 10 Things You Need To Know about Sea of Thieves in 2023 before setting sail. You wouldn’t think you could cram all that information into seven minutes or less, but pirates can be sneaky like that.

Social Channels We came into the new year fighting fit and looking for a battle cry to match. With the Battle for the Sea of Thieves raging on, starting a fight is {LINK REMOVED}easier than ever, so it’s good to have a few lined up whenever you weigh anchor!

In less combative news, players remembered the revelries of Grogmanay with the first #SoTShot competition of the year. Under the {LINK REMOVED}Pirate Party theme, players across the sea got creative with fireworks and festivities, leading to a submissions folder overflowing with colourful scenes and joyous celebrations before the focus moved on to recreating Movie Moments.

The Festival of Giving didn’t slow down construction of our new port town – pirate builders being surprisingly work-conscious – so we took a look back on how far Golden Sands has come and even revealed a {LINK REMOVED}few new secrets you might not have found. Out on the water, we paused in taking advantage of reduced price crates to have {LINK REMOVED}a brief crisis about the deck layout of our Sloop. Fortunately we just had to look at {LINK REMOVED}some frogs to calm ourselves down, and from there we moved on to intriguing history lessons delivered by #TriviaTuesday and exploration by way of #SundayVibes.

All of which brings us now to February! January was obviously just the start of what we’ve got planned for 2023, so keep your ears open to get all the news as it comes. To make sure you don’t miss anything, be sure to follow us on Twitter, {LINK REMOVED}Facebook, {LINK REMOVED}Instagram, {LINK REMOVED}TikTok, YouTube or {LINK REMOVED}Twitch, or join the official {LINK REMOVED}Forums or {LINK REMOVED}Discord. See you there! Or here! Or everywhere!

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