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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Season Seven saw the latest creative contest swing onto the seas, and our crew and community alike delighted in a stream of stylish screenshots and clever clothing combos, with the prestigious Fashionista’s Finery Gloves being awarded to all the top scoundrel stylists who impressed us.

Of course, as Season Seven was the first iteration of the contest, we were eager to see how things went – and while some elements worked well and resulted in a colourful catwalk of costume creations, it was clear that we needed to take other parts back to the workshop for alterations. After some internal conversation, we're now pleased to present the latest rendition of rules for the next Style of Thieves contest.

Some things will stay the same while others will be changing, so make sure you read the rundown carefully if you’re planning on strutting your stuff for Season Eight!

Image credit: @Taaaaamas on Twitter

Just like last time, there will be three stages:

Theme Announcement

Four new themes will be revealed, ready for you to begin raiding your stash and planning your pose. We recommend starting to secure those shots once the categories are announced; you’ll only be given 24 hours to submit your screens for each theme!

Post Your Pics!

Along with the theme announcement, you’ll be given a date for each category’s submissions to be entered, each staying open for just 24 hours. Make sure you share your screenshot by tagging @SeaOfThieves and #StyleOfThieves on Twitter, @SeaOfThievesGame on {LINK REMOVED}Instagram, posting your submission as a reply to the theme post on {LINK REMOVED}Facebook, or through the #pirate-fashion channel in the official Sea of Thieves {LINK REMOVED}Discord. Be sure to include the name of the theme you’re entering in your post.

Winner Selection

The biggest change compared to our first season is that the shortlisting and winner selection will all happen internally. Our crew, including special guest judges from our Art team, will whittle down the entries to their most fashionable favourites. With three top model marauders per category, a total of 12 pairs of the glorious Fashionista’s Finery Gloves will be awarded at the end of the season’s contest.

Image credit: @SirSwizy on Twitter

How to Wow

We’ve put together some handy hints and rules for composing the perfect shot:
  • No Costumes on the catwalk - we want to see your creativity and individuality, so no all-in-one Costumes, and avoid complete cosmetic sets.
  • Unless a theme calls for it, all shots should be solo snaps, no crews. Only the pirate in the picture will be eligible for the prize.
  • Find a simple or plain background to pose against to let your outfit pop. Backgrounds and locations will not be counted as adding to the theme.
  • Lighting is key, so find a well-lit spot to fully show off your picks – any coloured or tactical lighting won’t be considered as part of the outfit.
  • Toggle off your HUD for that clean finish!
  • Screenshots should be true to the game – no editing or filters.
  • Keep your submissions to a 16:9 ratio to help us when framing the winners.
  • While emotes are allowed, any features added to the costume via the emote won’t be taken into consideration during judging.
  • One shortlist will be compiled per theme, using entries across all platforms, meaning it’s not necessary to post your submission to all channels. If you make sure you use the correct tags, we will see it!
Image credit: @Sailors_Bounty on Twitter

That’s everything you need to know ahead of Season Eight’s Style of Thieves contest. Keep your spyglass trained on our social channels and this very website for the upcoming theme reveals and submission dates!

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