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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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After Pre-Season 6 was released, we quickly noticed that some issues had come with the update preventing you from experiencing and enjoying it to the fullest. With this patch, we hope you'll get to enjoy Horde Mode and the rest of the content in all of its gory glory.

We have not forgotten about Leaderboards for Horde Mode, but we had to prioritize getting Pre-season 6 into a good state before biting into getting new content ready and pushed. Therefore it's slightly delayed, but on the way.

If you run into any issues, let our support team know by contacting us here[support.secondextinctiongame.com], and as always, we're happy to hear your thoughts and read your feedback on the update and our game in general on our discord server[discord.gg], so share away and enjoy the update!

  • Rosy's tactical ability Static Barricade now applies shock effect on enemies as intended

  • Fixed issue when character skins were not rewarded after completing a seasonal contract

Controls & Settings
  • An issue where the user could not navigate the video tab after resetting the settings have been fixed
  • The 'Fullscreen' option should now work as intended ⭐

  • [Horde Mode] Fixed issue when the wave could not be finished until Flatbacks despawned after being killed
  • [Horde Mode] Dinosaurs should now always continue to spawn after wave 9 to 11
  • [Horde Mode] Sometimes killed Flatbacks and Bulls were still marked as alive during the wave, this should no longer happen
  • [Horde Mode] Fixed issues when raptors were not reacting to the player
  • [Horde Mode] Bulls and Flatbacks now attack players normally when standing on a particular dropship debris
  • [Horde Mode] Dinosaurs should no longer spawn at inaccessible parts of the map

  • Players should no longer get stuck in the T-Rex cave ⭐

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.
  • [Horde Mode] Fixed issue when UI counter in Horde showed incorrect values
  • [Horde Mode] The shop has been renovated, so its overlay should now work as intended ⭐
  • 5 and 4-star crates are now awarded to players who have earned them ⭐
  • Players should no longer be able to get to an unresponsive state when they move back to the Title Screen with opened Friend List
  • The 'Track Materials' feature should now track materials correctly ⭐
  • 'Add/Remove Token' Button's (X) Label no longer disappears after using it in Armory
  • Fixed issue when Armory Equipment items were locked in the Armory
  • Localization issues in the Armory have been fixed
  • The UI layout in the lobby has been slightly changed
  • Checkboxes in matchmaking filters are now visibly ticked when the player is starting the matchmaking

  • [Horde Mode] Picking and buying the main weapon should now always be possible
  • [Horde Mode] Overmutated Raptors are now counted towards progression ⭐
  • [Horde Mode] You should no longer get stuck on a wave after the host leaves ⭐
  • [Horde Mode] Fixed issue when sometimes character was switched to previously played character after respawn
  • [Horde Mode] Fixed issue when rejoining match could give the player a full loadout from a different mode
  • Horde Mode waves should no longer be able to appear in Expedition Mode randomly ⭐
  • The rewards for Basic Training have been increased 🔺
  • Increased rewards for Expedition Mode: Expedition's regional assignment rewards are increased, and the extraction during Expedition will now give a reward
  • The experience required to progress from Lvl 1 to Lvl 3 has been decreased 🔺

  • [Horde Mode] Fixed several rejoin and host transferring issues
  • The active matchmaking should no longer only be displayed for the host
  • Fixed issue when the player got Mission Failed in the lobby when the host leaves party during extraction

  • The new minimum required graphic drivers are 472.12 for NVIDIA graphic cards and 2.0.198 for AMD graphic cards. This should address the "No graphics adapter" error that occurred 🔺
  • A crash that occurred during the Overrun Contract has been taken care of ⭐
  • A crash that could occur when finishing a mission should no longer happen
  • Crashes that could happen during Crossplay sessions should no longer be an issue
  • A crash that occurred after repairing an extraction point in Expedition Mode has been fixed
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during a multiplayer session when the host disconnected
  • A crash that occurred when the player is in the respawn menu should no longer happen
  • Players should now have an easier time connecting to Avalanche Apex Connect
  • Situations when the game froze randomly on Xbox console and caused a black screen have been fixed

  • [Horde Mode] Fixed an issue when explosives and Supply Pods were not functional after wave 10
  • [Horde Mode] SMG with 'Shock rounds' perk activated will no longer cause turrets to shoot electric bullets

⭐ = Changes made from community feedback and reports.
🔺 = Changes that worth special highlighting