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2s [Music]
4s hello sky kids my name is U I'm a
7s backand engineer at that game company
10s I'm part of the team building a cloud
12s streaming service to support in-game
14s streaming for upcoming skyfest event hi
17s Sky Kids my name is Sam and I'm the CTO
20s of that game company with skyfest we are
23s going to be combining Festival Tech and
26s video streaming together to allow
28s players to enjoy share
31s video viewing experiences in our new
33s skyfest Cinema area video streaming is
37s kind of um almost The Logical next step
40s in terms of the types of like big shared
43s experiences that we can create for
45s players you know imagine going to watch
47s a movie together with your closest Sky
50s friends and um other Sky players around
53s the world that's the type of experience
56s that uh we can unlock with this
58s technology the real challenge for the
60s back end is that we don't know what the
64s preferred media format for each platform
67s is so we had to create multiple format
70s for Sam's team to test firstly we had to
73s figure out the best way to stream this
75s data over the network and um this is
78s something that euru team has been
79s helping us with next we had to figure
81s out how we were going to present this
83s video content to you the player you know
86s initially our idea was to just present
88s the video as a 2d over overlay on top of
91s the game and that just didn't seem to uh
94s to fit the type of experience that we
96s wanted to create so instead we decided
99s to get the video rendered in the 3D
102s World and make it truly part of Sky
106s frankly the biggest challenge is
108s supporting multiple platforms with the
111s best video quality we can provide
113s unfortunately as of today there are some
115s platforms that will most likely not be
118s supported in time for skyfest and this
120s includes uh the Nintendo switch and a
123s small percentage of android devices so
126s our team is working really hard to um
129s get all platforms supported this feature
132s will work on PC iPhone most Androids and
137s uh the steam deck and Playstation
139s implementations even though they're not
141s done yet are looking pretty good and
143s we're hoping that they will be done in
144s time for skyfest thanks so much
146s everybody and see you at skyfest see you
149s then