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565s hell hello sky kids and welcome to
567s another stream honk honk honk hongk sky
569s kids let's see a wall of honk honks
572s happening on YouTube twitch as well as
575s Twitter x uh whatever really floats that
578s boat but just honk honk every Sky Kid
582s here how are you guys doing first of all
585s can you guys hear me okay I was working
587s really hard to fix my microphone is this
590s working
591s fine because if not that's a lesson for
594s another day because we're alive but
596s we're fig going to figure it out I think
597s I have an idea what it was
602s that is already says hon hone but here
605s you go guys you know the drill if you
606s are not following us on our social
608s medias this is the time to do it oh the
611s sound is too far uh let's uh figure it
614s out together because together we do
617s things better let's see here real
622s quick how about now is it better
627s now hopefully it is you guys let me know
630s as we talk along but again follow us on
633s our social medias you guys we are across
635s every single social media you can think
637s of Discord Twitter twitch Instagram
640s Facebook and we are there showing and
643s sharing our love for sky as well as
645s sharing our lights and hoping to receive
649s some of your light with us uh as usual I
652s hope you guys are celebrating your
654s friends birthday celebrate their lives
657s because that's all what it's all about
659s guys uh sky is about celebrating the
661s other sky is about holding hands and and
665s and being together and living the moment
667s and if your birthday has come by and
669s nobody celebrated with you just know
671s that we are here to do so you are loved
674s you are uh you matter you matter to
677s every single one of us cool VI is good
680s Vice is good to go may I introduce my
683s guest who you guys know exactly who that
687s is because it's a it's a good friend
690s and you know she's my friend she's your
693s friend she is tettis welcome tettis how
697s are you doing hello hello everybody I'm
699s doing good how about yourself too I am
702s very good and I'm happy to do this
704s although not gonna lie it feels we're
706s doing this on a Monday does we not yes
708s very much
709s so you guys show your love to ttis pull
713s that candle put the heart in chat so she
715s feels the love and she feels ready to do
719s some reading today that's what we're
720s doing today right thus bring me back to
722s the world thus what we doing here today
724s yes we are we are reading patch notes
727s patch
731s notes we are doing this for you guys oh
733s look at Chad showing you some love even
735s Twitter OBS from Twitter says hello in
737s puts three hearts Hass alamad two hearts
741s melstrom Suki start L siren sharing
745s loves and hearts to you that is you see
747s how much Loved You Are
750s love it you see there's no need to be
752s stressed there's no need to to think
754s that things are falling apart because
756s our community is there to hold your hand
758s and soar to the new heights you see how
762s how beautiful that is how poetic
764s streaming with t be thank you lovely
767s thank you thank you I I SED on that for
769s two days how how can I make poetry forth
771s this there you go and I didn't do it
774s Chad did it I just I just mentioned I
776s just brought it up all right guys uh as
780s you guys know we are prepping to go to
782s skyfest in Tokyo and that's going to be
786s awesome that's going to be amazing I
788s hope many of you guys come and join us
791s uh I saw some people from Japan here
792s from Tokyo actually that is talking to
795s us so hopefully you if you're from Tokyo
798s uh and you go to Sky Fest come to ttis
800s and I and say hey I was on your stream
803s and that's going to make us go a and
806s that's going to be beautiful we're going
807s to share memories together but
810s yeah and that this are you ready for
813s this I am ready for this I feel like I'm
815s rushing am I rushing I don't want to
817s rush take your time tius why don't you
819s introduce the patch notes whenever you
822s are ready whenever I'm ready okay let's
825s see should I introduce we have a friend
828s is that a friend oh this is this is a
831s friend guys we have a
833s friend that is I don't
836s know you can see her but this is Leo
840s the Discord server knows all about Leo
842s but this is
843s Leo twitch YouTube and Twitter p is
847s there a bird emoji uh somewhere if there
850s is a bird emoji put it if not just write
852s bird so we know you guys are seeing Leo
855s Leo is yes Leo may have something to say
858s too right so don't mind yes Leo is very
862s opinionated so anytime I'm talking she
864s will give her two cents so just just
867s wait for that so you guys don't mind us
870s if I'm reading a piece ttis reads a
872s piece and Leo wants to say something
874s she's just voicing you guys it's it's
876s the bird version of honking so it just
878s means that you guys have something to
879s say that's right all right that this are
883s you ready for this I'm ready for this
885s let's get to patch notes patch
890s notes all right guys off or do you want
893s to start us off uh you can start us off
895s it's skyfest I I think can you say
898s skyfest with the best best voicing that
900s you can
901s do welcome to
904s Sky that's incredible it was so good
907s that he peaked and he could device but I
909s don't think I can match that because I
911s was gonna I I was gonna do welcome to
914s Sky Fest but but I think you will bring
917s in the energy much better than I ever
919s could so that ISS let me just go ahead
921s scroll down I'm going to read the
923s introduction and then you go into the
925s patch notes how does that sound sounds
927s good sounds good greetings adventurers
930s it's time for an update one that brings
933s a big party straight to wait a big party
936s hold on ah ah I ruined it I thought I
940s had a birthday animation that this hold
942s on no we need to do that again hold on
945s okay okay restart restart uh let go for
948s me
949s again a big party update Straight For
953s You cool back to cool I like it I like
958s it grab a friend and enjoying the
959s festivities as we celebrate Sky's fifth
963s anniversary during skyfest a musical
965s season also makes its debut and a brand
968s new event invites you to try a new
970s series of mini games so that is five
975s years of Sky five years of Sky that's
978s wild it's amazing it's amazing and we've
980s grown so much from where we started I of
983s those five years how long have you been
984s part of the community like a good four
986s and a half at least uh I it will be five
988s years and August you guys you see you
991s guys whenever you forget oh how old this
994s guy just think of ttis and how long
996s she's been playing and it's just one
997s month off easy math meth is easy ttis
1000s it's
1002s easy all right guys too many Shenanigans
1005s let's let's scroll down let let's see
1007s some sky kids celebrating here on screen
1010s and why are they celebrating where are
1012s they celebrating well thatst is going to
1015s let us know right now all right so Sky
1018s Fest that's fifth birthday like no other
1022s it's time to celebrate Sky's birthday
1024s this year Sky turns five and in case you
1027s hadn't heard we are throwing an extra
1029s special party this is a big event that
1031s we've packed the most important info
1033s into the patch notes time out time that
1036s I love I love how gossipy you are about
1040s this like what days you haven't heard
1043s like juice sauce I'm talking I'm talking
1047s to my friends here indeed indeed please
1050s continue okay so we're calling Sky's
1053s fifth anniversary skyfest and for two
1055s weeks from 1,700 hours July 12th through
1060s 2359 that's 11:59 midnight or near
1063s midnight July 26 it combines in game and
1067s inperson events for everyone to be part
1069s of it all begins at 1700 hours on July
1072s 12th yes 1,700 hours not the daily reset
1077s time so make note to that tell your
1078s friends tell your communities share the
1081s news this is so the ingame celebration
1084s starts at the exact same time that the
1086s inperson skyfest celebration starts in
1089s Tokyo Japan for two days the in-person
1092s event will have talks and presentations
1094s about all things sky and part of this
1096s will be experienced in game once the
1099s event begins meditate at circles in aary
1102s Village near the Friendship
1103s constellation statue or the gates to the
1105s levels that will take you to a special
1108s version of avier Village which will be
1110s the center of the skyfest party with
1112s parades and decorations and a whole lot
1115s more instead of the regular gates to the
1118s level levels in the game three familiar
1122s portals will take you to these locations
1124s made up just for skyfest the history of
1127s Sky G Gallery an art gallery you'll
1130s notice it in Isle of dawn the art of Sky
1133s Gallery also another Art Gallery in
1135s Hidden Forest and the skyfest cinema
1138s which is in the eye of Eden East Ariels
1143s Ariel here you
1146s go
1151s that these areas will have something
1154s unique to share throughout the event but
1156s from July 12th through the 14th you can
1159s find actual in-game live streams of
1161s talks and more from the inperson
1164s skyfest has all a mouthful yeah so let's
1168s get down to the schu do you want to do
1169s the schedule or do you I can do the
1171s schedule but I just wanted also to say
1173s you guys that's what's awesome about
1175s skyfest as an event both in Tokyo and in
1178s game is that you don't miss a bit like
1181s even if you don't get to go to Tokyo
1183s which feels bad because I would love to
1185s uh hug every single one of you guys
1187s every single one of you guys even if you
1188s don't want my hugs just know that I want
1190s to hug you just hugs right right but
1194s just you you're still part of it right
1196s you can still celebrate and all of the
1198s videos that uh we well not the videos
1200s but all of the talks that we're going to
1202s be having you have a chance to have as
1204s well things that we are doing in Japan
1206s you won't miss it because it's going to
1208s be right there in game for you with that
1212s said July 12th at 7 p.m. gu the tours of
1218s Sky history with the deaths join us on a
1221s live tour through the history Gallery as
1223s we share stories and more about how Sky
1226s became what it is today and you guys
1229s this is going to be a live event again
1231s you're not going to be watching a video
1233s or anything one of our dabs is going to
1235s be live in game guiding you through the
1238s history of Sky much similar to a museum
1241s that's what's going to be happening and
1243s you are welcome to join us uh at I just
1246s want to point out Sam I just want to
1248s point out these times are all Pacific
1250s Standard times so if you're on the East
1252s Coast if you're somewhere else these are
1254s all pafic F thank you that's a that's a
1256s good call out that's a great call out
1258s and a PM PDT skyfest 2024 Keynotes with
1263s janova Chan at the skyfest cinema let's
1267s just say you do not want to miss this
1269s you guys I'll just say that again oh
1272s wait wait wait let let me pretend I'm
1273s tus let me tell you
1276s guys you do not want to miss it it's
1278s gonna be awesome at 11m how we got to
1282s 10,000 players into a level Sky fast
1285s Cinema here's a peek at how our
1288s engineering team created a tech that
1290s helped us set a Guinness World Record
1292s together you guys are there you were
1294s part of this world record but what
1296s happens behind the scenes that's what
1297s you're going to be seeing in July 12th
1300s at 11:00 p.m. PDT going to July 13th at
1304s 6 p.m. design at a record-breaking scale
1308s in Sky Children of the light developer
1310s talk stage and that's going to be also a
1314s cinema it's okay you can cry learn how
1317s the team designed the Aurora to make it
1319s memorable in a moving experience and you
1322s guys I had a chance of seeing uh one of
1326s the people you guys probably know the
1327s most uh Nick one of our developers make
1330s this talk and it's incredible I love how
1334s he's able to get
1336s is complicated pieces of engineering and
1340s and transform them into something so
1342s palatable that I can understand ttis can
1346s understand Leo can understand and it's
1348s going to be great
1349s 7 PMS a GU PMS we have like multiple PM
1354s multiple PMS a gued tour of Sky ARs with
1359s deps also that one is happening in the
1362s Hidden Forest take a tour through the
1365s art gallery as we talk about some of the
1368s Arts that played a key role in Sky
1371s development and at 10 p.m. an
1373s exploration of the art of sky with yui
1376s tanabi how did sky first come to life in
1380s its earliest days see how Arts played a
1382s key role in the ideas that ultimately
1385s evolved into Sky's world and
1388s lore let's see I'll read uh the 14th and
1391s then you can jump right back to it okay
1392s tus all right sounds good to me a mid
1395s night designing to reduce toxicity in
1398s online games how do you make a game that
1400s welcomes everybody with a world that
1402s allows compassion and generosity Bloom
1405s that's our mission you guys that's tgc's
1407s vision and pretty much how we design
1411s games to make that happen you don't want
1413s to miss that too wink wink wink Sky Fest
1416s live Community concert and I want to say
1419s Liv in bod because it's all capitals
1423s there so it must be important but Sky's
1425s first ever live ingame concert you guys
1429s player musicians from around the world
1431s will give a
1432s me you see I I made fun of you and now
1435s I'm joking memorable performance
1438s featuring class CL favorites original
1440s compositions and of course some of the
1442s community's favorite Sky songs this is a
1444s onetime only concert that won't replay
1447s after July 14th so be sure to join and
1451s join us at skyfest to see it y guys live
1454s music in a video game that's going to be
1457s awesome as we were doing rehearsal seus
1459s like I have to say that people helping
1462s us in beta as well as D's watching uh
1465s were moved to tears it was awesome and I
1468s I want to see as many of you guys uh
1470s there to get some good music some
1473s beautifully played music and to honor
1475s some of you guys this is uh for us by us
1478s scenario for the community by the
1480s community come and represent and call
1483s out some of these amazing Sky musicians
1485s that we have and before I pass the ball
1487s back to ttis just remember you guys you
1490s have to meditate at the sky Fest Circle
1494s to activate all of that otherwise you're
1497s just going to Hidden Forest in you say
1499s oh Tio told me there was going to be a
1500s gallery here where is it it's not going
1502s to be there you have to meditate to join
1505s skyfest celebrations and then all of
1508s these things are going to be ready for
1509s you to access back to you ttis yeah all
1513s right so and yeah I just want to add you
1514s can't miss it it's two circles one by
1516s the dawn gate and one by the uh stairs
1519s just as you come in when you uh enter
1522s Avary
1523s Village you can miss it all right so
1526s let's move on and there's plenty more to
1528s see see every hour there will be other
1530s videos screenings and more and if you
1532s miss the live streams or videos during
1534s the opening weekend of skyfest don't
1536s worry the skyfest cinema is the place to
1538s catch them again when they replay during
1540s the rest of the event in between the
1542s visits to the Galleries and Stage Avary
1544s Village is absolutely party central
1546s catch an even show your aor firework
1548s show join in parade celebrating five
1551s years of sky and more and you never know
1553s what you might find if you search around
1555s the village once you've explored the
1557s skyfest areas stop by the secret area
1560s accessible from The Vault of knowledge
1562s during skyfest you can take a shortcut
1564s there by meditating at the events shop
1565s in Avary Village the gates are open to
1568s all so you can join the dance party and
1570s watch spirits take their rooftop stage
1572s and just for the fifth anniversary the
1574s secret area will have a display of Three
1576s Capes from past collaborations uh oh the
1579s display will allow you to teleport to
1580s the special areas that came with each
1582s collab no cape use necessary so hey
1586s that's kind of great yeah and then don't
1589s forget about event currency while you're
1591s partying four star- shaped tokens can be
1593s found around the village each day use
1595s them to unlock some of this year's new
1597s anniversary items including some
1598s souvenirs arriving just for Sky's fifth
1601s birthday woohoo what are they I wonder
1604s what what are they yes I wonder let's
1605s see so for the skyfest fifth anniversary
1609s exclusives here we have a
1611s headband um a goova fan a fifth
1614s anniversary t-shirt a Star Jar Oreo
1618s headband band and a wireframe cape which
1620s by the way is so awesome if you have not
1623s seen it obviously you haven't seen it
1624s unless you were in beta but it's so
1626s awesome this cape comes with a special
1628s ability after skyfest ends it can be
1630s used to access the skyfest version of
1633s Avary including the history and art
1635s galleries plus the skyfest cinema videos
1638s from the skyfest cinema will will replay
1640s after skyfest on a schedule please note
1643s that this cape provides access to the
1644s skyfest event spaces only all right for
1648s returning events we're going to have the
1650s anniversary party lights anniversary
1653s sonorous oh seashell I missed what a
1655s missed opportunity what a missed
1657s opportunity I'm sorry guys uh that least
1661s I didn't have to say it this time
1662s exactly that video is clipped somewhere
1665s I hope somebody brings that up
1668s because five five in five years I'm
1671s gonna be celebrating the clip the fifth
1673s anniversary of that was
1676s great life F birthday flag props balloon
1680s props Happy Birthday music sheet
1682s confetti launcher anniversary blushy or
1687s blush not to mention not to there you
1690s not to mention there will be all kinds
1692s of spells cakes of different sizes plus
1694s the confetti color accessory and free
1696s balloon heads anniversary items can be
1699s purchased or unlocked with in-game
1701s currency from friendly spirits in the
1703s secret area the event guide or through
1706s the in-game
1707s shop and what's next what's next what's
1710s next I mean first let's pause in this
1712s picture I mean this is just a glorious
1714s picture it looks so beautiful yeah it it
1716s it reminds me of of me playing the piano
1720s when I was like three or four like do
1721s you know those little piano toys that
1724s that some of us have I could swear I was
1728s in a concert hall but I was not and I
1732s don't think my mom appreciated as much
1734s as I did playing the
1736s piano but you know I I I took my
1739s Vengeance years later ttis when I told
1741s her I wanted to play the drums instead
1743s she goes no please go back to the
1746s piano no think drums it is season of
1752s Duets this patch brings the season of
1754s Duets where you can enter the story of
1757s two spirits who were once connected
1759s through their music start at a very
1762s village where you find a passageway that
1764s takes you into the season in a new area
1767s within the village woohoo new area is
1769s always good in this area you to you too
1774s may discover ways that music brings
1777s meaningful moments to
1779s life I'm excited for a new area that is
1782s I always enjoy a new area I love the new
1785s areas always every time we add a new one
1787s I'm always just so
1789s excited complete the first seasonal
1791s quest to open a coner Hall oh
1793s Serendipity I said that earlier right we
1796s all even Leo got surprised you see I
1798s know
1802s shocking which also holds a room with
1804s colorful outfits instruments accessories
1807s musical decor and more that capture your
1810s favorite parts of the story as the
1813s season progresses you will meet a second
1815s spirit and receive a special version of
1817s the double bow double bow expression
1821s that you can use with a friend as the
1824s quest unfold the season invites you to
1826s learn a song that holds a special
1827s meaning and experience from Sky's music
1830s feature it is season of Duets after all
1833s the Duets guide also brings several
1836s items in their friendship tree season
1838s pass holders have the chance to unlock
1840s three ultimate gifts and a mask can be
1842s unlocked for regular candles even after
1845s the season ends season of Duets begins
1848s at midnight July 15th and continues
1851s until 1159 September 29th all times BDT
1856s UTC minus 7
1862s exciting that's especially for The
1864s Magicians of our M
1867s magicians we we are on fire today
1870s theis
1872s magici
1874s magicians got magic on the brain I
1879s suppose finish a thought oh my gosh okay
1882s es especially for the musicians of our
1884s community of players I mean there has
1887s been a call for
1889s more instruments more places for them to
1892s practice and play with great sound so
1894s this is going to be exciting are you a a
1898s musician in Skype at you try I I have I
1902s try I try but I just I can't I've never
1906s been musically inclined I think the last
1908s time I picked up an instrument was when
1909s I was required to in fifth grade um so I
1913s try though I just it just never it never
1916s works out right I'm sad it's very
1920s sad I really enjoy playing Sky music you
1925s guys music period it's it's the kind of
1928s thing that when you start learning you
1930s can't really compare yourself to others
1931s right because there's always going to be
1933s somebody better than you or just more
1935s practice more well-versed at the craft
1938s right so I do enjoy playing music in sky
1941s but when I see performances like the
1943s ones that people will be able to see
1945s live at skyfest it's just like another
1949s level
1951s of emotions flowing through your body
1955s you know right like yes everybody cries
1958s when I play Happy Birthday in Sky it's
1959s the the first song that I learned in sky
1962s but nothing compares to somebody who
1964s actually is able to carry emotions to
1967s the music it's something else I agree I
1970s agree but I don't that's not all but go
1973s ahead but that's not all we have to
1974s offer no no no no we we it seems like
1978s this this crab here in the photo can
1980s also offer a trophy of sorts ah you guys
1982s can see it there you go you should check
1984s this out yeah yeah what's I see I see
1987s we've got the tournament of
1990s trial oh my gosh so we've got a brand
1993s new event opens in the realms for the
1995s first time from Midnight July 29th
1998s through 11:59 August 18th join a
2001s rotating series of games that will have
2003s you running leaping soaring even
2006s scampering through some of the best
2007s known play in Sky these are those mini
2009s games we mentioned earlier and they are
2011s fun let me tell you enter the tournament
2014s by teleporting from Avary or home to a
2017s special version of the Coliseum each day
2019s until the each day until the day of the
2022s closing ceremony which is on August 18th
2025s you can take part in two different games
2027s where you can enjoy some light-hearted
2029s and friendly competition with fellow sky
2031s kids speed is helpful as you race along
2034s but you may find sometimes it's not the
2036s only thing you'll need o o I wonder what
2039s else do we need I know what else so like
2042s other events Tournament of Triumph will
2044s offer event currency that you can
2046s exchange for igc which is in game
2048s currency items we're trying something
2051s new so these will be available in a
2052s unique flexible
2055s format you can get two event currency in
2057s the event area
2059s daily so you'll get event currency pool
2061s one which is 25 in the first 10 days of
2064s the event in pool two is 25 in the
2066s second 10 days of the event and then
2069s five event currency in the event area on
2071s the last day on August 18th so that's
2074s just one day for the five event currency
2077s all right so players can earn one event
2079s currency each time they complete a
2080s tournament game including after
2082s repeating a game up to the total number
2085s event currency available in each pool
2088s then 25 more become available when the
2090s second half of the Tournament begins
2093s that's really cool I I'm excited about
2094s this I love when we try something new
2097s like
2099s my taste in movies a lot of people
2101s dislike it right because a lot of the
2103s movies that I really like are not that
2105s great but I love originality I love when
2109s we try to do something new with Sky
2111s because it means that people are are
2113s going to experience something that they
2116s haven't yet and there is something
2118s beautiful about that right like uh
2120s season of passage was great we had the
2122s best of Sky stream the other day right
2124s that the Zen I thought that that was
2126s something so cool because it was so
2129s different like putting all of those sky
2131s kids together trying to accomplish the
2132s same goal it just felt
2134s like joyful lunacy it was yes really fun
2139s ab and I love that we're trying
2140s something different uh again I
2143s absolutely agree you know we're we're
2145s only going to make Sky better if we try
2146s new things and and new ways to to get uh
2150s our players to be able to enjoy the
2153s enjoy Sky enjoy the events with Pon um
2156s as well as you know give them a reward
2157s so I think I think it's definitely
2158s something worth trying I'm excited for
2160s it and that's when magic happens right
2162s when something's new absolutely yep
2164s absolutely all right guys so we have
2166s some event items we've got the
2168s tournament curls the tournament torch
2172s the golden Garland and the tunic nice
2175s definitely getting those these can be
2177s unlocked by speaking with the event
2178s guide Spirit or purchase from the shop
2180s in the main menu free trial spells are
2182s also available in the event area event
2184s shop in a village or home at the end of
2187s the event everyone will receive a
2188s one-of-a-kind trophy to commemorate the
2191s event which can be used to decorate your
2192s nest and shared spaces decorating your
2195s nest I saw somebody on on in chat here
2198s saying you know oh do do this and do
2200s that for the nest there we go it's
2201s something that can that create a nest
2203s and again memories right that's the
2204s whole point of the game is making
2206s memories with others and that's your
2207s chance of participating in making uh
2210s more memories as or having at least
2212s something to remember tournaments of
2215s Triumph exactly I agree look at the
2219s image have a beautiful day have a
2221s beautiful day tus I wish you you have a
2224s beautiful day too Tio thank you you guys
2227s oh my goodness I forgot to do all of
2229s this cool stuff there you go I'll do it
2231s now just so you guys don't think that I
2233s missed it woohoo
2236s skyfest woohoo season of
2240s du woohoo Tournament of Triumph okay now
2244s we caught up to new feature comments for
2248s player Creations here we have this
2251s little Sky Kid looking at the message
2252s boat saying have a beautiful day and why
2255s would you chat replied to a message
2258s saying have a beautiful day that is just
2260s replied to me oh you too have a
2262s beautiful day too why would you reply to
2264s somebody sending you a message boat
2267s saying have a beautiful
2269s day
2271s hype yeah I guess you could say Get
2275s Hype let's see what it is you guys new
2278s feature comments for player Creations
2281s many of us like to send gestures of
2283s encouragement when we watch shared
2285s memories visit share spaces or read
2288s message boats liking what some once made
2290s perhaps even sending a heart for
2292s something that we really enjoyed
2294s sometimes though you want to let the
2296s other player know exactly how they
2298s affected you so in 260 we are adding an
2302s option to write comments on players
2304s Creations this way even you even if if
2308s you can't check with the person who
2309s created something you enjoyed you can
2311s still leave a little note to
2313s them to leave a comment on a creation
2316s you like tap on the speech bubble in the
2318s creation menu each person can leave one
2321s comment it's important to us uh can you
2323s guys read yeah it's important to us that
2325s comments are a way for players to
2327s connect more meaningfully with each
2330s other so we design them accordingly when
2332s you when you view comments you see
2335s comments for from friends and people who
2337s have opted to see more of your creation
2339s Creations first and then after that
2342s popular comments from the larger Sky
2344s Community don't worry if you don't speak
2346s the same language comments can be
2348s translated just like the chat see a
2350s comment that is inappropriate please
2352s hide or report them to us so we can keep
2355s Sky a safer and more inviting place to
2357s everybody you guys know the drill you
2358s guys have done that before let's just
2360s keep those good practices if you prefer
2363s that your own creation remains without
2364s comments you can always disable them by
2367s using the
2368s dot do dot menu after placing the
2371s creation note comments can be liked but
2375s this do not result in hearts for the
2377s commenter and hearts may not be given to
2380s comments just so everybody knows it's
2382s not about that it's about really just
2385s expressing yourself and sharing a little
2387s bit of view to somebody who has you know
2391s touched you
2393s somehow I
2395s agree and now that is
2398s death is's most favorite time of pet not
2402s reads improvements and Bug fixes what
2406s has changed that is what what what what
2409s are some of the highlights that our dads
2411s have worked on in the game all right so
2414s some of the highlights we fixed the
2415s carry and handhold links breaking when
2417s transitioning from wind paths to hermit
2421s Valley we fixed coloring for the abyss
2424s ultimate
2426s cave we've up updated a few more
2428s backpack meshes with some new designs
2431s and we updated and optimized the spirit
2433s NPC models for the Jolly geologist the
2436s bumbling boat swing stretching lampl I'm
2439s going to mess these up Lively Navigator
2442s dancing performer marching adventure and
2444s Backle bot the new models improve
2447s clipping issues avoid awkward Cape
2449s placement caused by the shoulder piece
2451s and give these weary Souls a bit of TLC
2454s and a more comfortable net to be
2456s honest and now we've got more details
2460s below so in game play the game is a bit
2464s more lenient when counting what good and
2467s great notes are while playing an
2469s instrument this also applies to the
2471s music sheet challenges in Harmony Hall
2473s Vick's inability to teleport home while
2476s holding out a candle and chibies aren't
2479s prevented from picking up the daily
2480s seasonal candle just because they're
2482s wearing certain shoes yeah functionality
2486s what I said yeah just because they're
2488s wearing certain shoes why couldn't they
2490s right so now they're a to Chibis you're
2492s welcome you're welcome now you don't
2494s have to try to find platform
2496s shoes so Props won't lose functionality
2499s when you start recording a shared memory
2500s and then try to place the prop in it and
2503s fix the controller bug that prevented
2504s players from taking the hand of a friend
2506s without it being
2509s offered do you want to hit up the
2511s Cosmetics I will hit up the Cosmetics
2513s fixed certain hairstyles not being
2515s attached to a sky kid's head if they
2517s wearing face paintt style masks the
2520s festival scepter won't float in front of
2522s you when you're in hand hold and start
2524s running swimming or sliding reduce the
2527s glow of the days of Love flowery Archway
2530s fixed hairstyles for season of assembly
2532s and season of the nine color deer
2534s clipping when using the skip
2537s expression General fixes and
2539s improvements do you want to go one by
2541s one who can just rotate sure that's fine
2544s all right fixed audience reaction menu
2546s missing from Aurora
2548s coner chippy Sky kins can now cook
2550s marshmallows by standing in front of the
2552s stove pop careful though don't cook them
2554s for too long want them to burn what a
2556s beautiful batch notes for chibi kids I
2559s know right side hug interaction animates
2562s correctly if two players use it at the
2564s same
2565s time text htin appears if a player tries
2567s to unlock something for event currencies
2569s but doesn't have enough in their
2571s inventory fix cases of shared spaces
2573s spells placed in levels not appearing
2575s for other players and the closet menu is
2578s open the help question mark icon is
2580s easier to tap on devices with a small
2582s touch screen it's important to Che to to
2588s teach it's important to teach children
2591s to why sag uses this words that are so
2594s difficult to connect with one another
2596s sag you and I are gonna have a talk okay
2599s back to what's important and do you know
2601s what's important it's important to teach
2603s children to put their toys away when
2606s they're done with them this is why now
2608s if a Sky Kid wants to sit or lay down
2610s while they have props like the dark horn
2612s equipped they will put them away instead
2614s of leaving them hanging in the air like
2617s they had been doing no more magicians so
2621s skipping a season of Dreams memory Quest
2624s cut scene won't relocate the player to a
2626s different location in the level banish
2629s the stubborn red dots that would appear
2631s next to a new friend in your friendship
2632s constellation and couldn't be cleared
2635s and we fixed a UI bug that prevented
2637s players from closing the menu on the
2638s blocked players list called in the
2641s construction crew to call called in the
2643s construction crew to fill in various
2645s holes in the Avary Village area and we
2649s fixed feet fixed feet Cosmetics clipping
2652s into the ground when using the chiby
2653s mask or Shrink spell another chiy bonus
2656s I know in the secret area accessible
2658s from Vault of knowledge fixed color of
2661s the floor ter rain on the second floor
2663s back to
2664s White and if a player has a days of
2666s Fortune mask pin scanning it won't
2669s erroneously use up a tiger mask
2672s consumable spell that the player may
2673s have in their inventory for PC players
2676s emojis appear correctly when using
2678s Windows 10 emojis keyboard shortcut and
2682s for steam deck fix missing translate
2684s report and mute functions in the chat l
2687s oh do you want to do the rock I think
2688s you should do the rock that this okay
2690s I'll do I'll do the rock okay so the
2692s rock decided to visit the colorful
2694s festivities that all the sky kids were
2696s talking about they could couldn't use
2698s their hair chint spells but a kind
2699s jellyfish friend helped out by
2701s pretending to be a pretty hat they had
2704s lots of fun together racing across
2706s rainbows and going super fast the sky
2709s kids didn't even see the rock zooming
2711s through and finishing in first place y
2713s Rock go rock and you guys you know we
2716s have the known issues for patch 260
2718s already posted go to uh our website to
2722s take a look at that and don't forget to
2724s join us on our Discord channels to keep
2728s up with news to keep up with my
2730s Shenanigans and T Shenanigans as well as
2733s hanging out with other sky kids and that
2737s is I think that's pretty much all we
2739s have for today right I think that is it
2742s it was fun I think you and I both had
2745s our uh choking moments and that that was
2747s great I loved having Leo here with us as
2751s well yeah she's excited too she's uh
2754s she's beside
2755s herself let me change music because it
2758s was getting too dark for the bubbly and
2760s Lively people that we are tetus all
2762s right guys we're coming to an end tetus
2765s do you want to say uh your good Vice to
2766s our chat thank you everybody for coming
2769s to visit I really love seeing all of you
2772s thanks for not minding a Leo having her
2774s say um and I will see you in Skype and
2777s I'll see you in Discord and Facebook and
2780s uh have a good day everybody all right
2782s guys thank you ttis so much as usual
2785s it's a great pleasure hanging out with
2786s you I'm I'm going to go say bye to folks
2788s and I'll be right out back to whatever
2791s we talk but not on stream bye
2797s T all right guys thank you so much for
2799s doing this with us I had a lot of fun
2801s there's a lot happening in sky for 260
2804s and you guys do not want to miss it Sky
2807s Fest is going to be incredible you guys
2810s incredible and I count on you to joining
2812s us in cinema in in the art gallery in
2815s the history gallery and just hanging out
2818s sky Fest period we're going to have
2820s several folks talking with us and you
2823s know I think it's time for me to go so
2824s I'm just going to say Shan Shan thank
2826s you for coming blooded Graves thank you
2828s for hanging out with us
2830s mistar M mitsuki Star thank you so much
2834s T thank you apple pie Scott kid 641
2838s thank you for being with us Aralia thank
2840s you for being with us and BB Bean thank
2844s you for hanging out with us you guys my
2846s name is Tio and and I had a it was
2849s incredible hanging out with you guys a
2851s blast I was going to say a pleasure but
2852s that would be weird I had a blast
2854s hanging out with you guys and with that
2856s this so with no further Ado I'll see you
2859s guys soon I don't know when we're going
2861s to be having our next stream you guys
2863s just so you know because we're prepping
2864s Sky Fest and everything but if you guys
2866s just want to do a chat only maybe we can
2868s do something but you let me know as we
2870s hang out uh on Discord other than that
2874s great talking to you guys bye