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Some amazing changes but Atalanta's Bow is still important in its position. As long as it provides 4 different stats it'll either be "mandatory" or too bad to be used at all, without any real middle ground for it

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Originally posted by Jack-90

The tier 2 is ass so having to sit on that longer will slow down the spike at least.

That's true, but unfortunately it doesn't change its all-or-nothing nature

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Originally posted by Dalhinar_draws

Did nobody notice that they changed the price of relics from 1100 to 800 but it still says that the total is 1100? It's a typo but I would say that 800 gold is really cheap.

The total tier 3 cost was always intended to be 800 in game. It was a typo on the early version of the notes though.

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Originally posted by ClayCity25

It’s a decent item, adcs alread have the least item diversity especially since obow and ichi suck

Yeah, IMO for now it'll still be pretty much included in every build but the problem is that there's no real way to nerf it to make it balanced and optional without it being useless