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09 Apr


Short Answer: it shouldnt

Long Answer:

Seems you already know this, but it can happen if the queue size is really low, or it could be from somewhat rare or unintended bugs. Most of the complaints ive seen regarding this come from the early morning hours, where there are not that many people queueing. But i still like to check and make sure.

If you can provide a match ID, or a smiteguru link to the match, or anything I can look into it and confirm.

Lots of people using this thread to kinda dogpile on SMITE matchmaking, but matchmaking is pretty simple:

The Queue Pops - matchmaker takes the top 10 MMR players in the entire queue - makes that match - then balances the teams by average MMR for those 10 players only - then repeat for players 11-20, 21-30, etc.

If the top 10 happens to include a huge range of MMR (because not enough people are in the queue at that time) - the result can be these type of matches, like OP described, but th...

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07 Apr


April 23! You can find the full schedule at

06 Apr

05 Apr

8.3 Bonus Update[]:
  • The 8.3 Bonus Balance Update goes live on Tuesday!
  • Check out all the balance changes that are included when you read the Notes.
  • The Talons of Tyranny event will unleash new skins: Prince of Lightning Zeus and Rune Machina Ganesha!
  • Also, check out the sweet new Queen Bee Chest, featuring Queen Bee Nox!
  • For all the details, wallpapers, and dev notes, head to the Update Notes.
In-Game Sales:
  • On Monday (today), the sale on Silly Chests and Summer Bash Chests will end.
  • The Void and the Galaxy Vortex Chests will be on sale this weekend, from Friday through Sunday.
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    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

04 Apr

03 Apr

02 Apr


Hello, Divine Deities!

PTS for the King of Uruk Update is LIVE!

You can find the full Update Notes here.

Be sure to post any bugs or issues found from PTS in this thread, and please leave any feedback you have about any of the latest balance changes. Also, be sure to try out our newest Warrior: Gilgamesh - and dropkick some fools!

If you would like to participate in the PTS, click here to find out how.

PTS is only available for PC this time - stay tune for future Console PTS opportunities!

Thanks so much for helping us test all the new changes coming to SMITE. See you on the Battleground!

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01 Apr

31 Mar


great now i can't unsee it...