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Originally posted by NicNac_PattyMac

I had a video taken down of a lucky shot I did with Kuk under this rule.

What’s the line here?

I was frankly baffled why it was taken down.

I'm sorry, I'm going through your post history and can't seem to find it. Did you remove it as well after we did, that would explain why it wouldn't show up for me? Or if you still have a link to the post, so I can check out why it was taken down.



Unrelated suggestions or suggestions about adding new rules can go here

Rule 12

Moderator's discretion and how you can help us

The Moderators of this community reserve the right to remove any post or comment that they deem unfit for this community. If you think one of your posts was wrongly removed, you can contact us here. If you see a post or comment that breaks our rules or that you deem unfit for this community, please use the report function to alert the Moderators. This makes our job much easier! :)

Rule 11

No Spoilers

Any clips/discussions about esports events should remain spoiler-free in the title of the post and should be marked as a spoiler. Datamining should not contain spoilers in the title of the post and should be marked as a spoiler.

Rule 10

No Begging/Buying/Selling

Do not create posts or comments to beg, sell or buy content. This includes cosmetics, gems, god packs, physical goods or other Smite content that can be purchased (official or fan-made). If you would like to trade content you can do so at r/SmiteTrades. We allow giveaways and promotions of Smite-related free content, as long as an entry does not require any personal information or payment and does not net a profit for the user. Referrals and referral apps (such as are not allowed.

Rule 9


Memes and one-liners are not allowed on r/Smite (you may post these on r/gank). This rule will be excluded on Memedays. A post will be stickied to the top of r/Smite allowing memes. Posts will remain up after the sticky is removed, but any new memes will be removed.

Rule 8

Low Effort Posts

All posts on the subreddit need to adhere to a certain standard of quality and should encourage discussion. Examples for low effort posts include reposts of recently posted content, looking for group/clan/scrims posts, posts with non-descriptive or vague titles, god cards showing high mastery levels or usernames.

Rule 7

No Excessive Self-Promotion

As well as being against Reddit's own 10:1 guidelines, we want to encourage diverse content from a variety of users. Every user may only promote something every 72 hours AND a content source may only be promoted once every 72 hours. Tournament announcements and any official Hi-Rez content are exempt from this. Advertising of a discord other than ours or the Official Smite discord is not allowed. All promoted content should be Smite related (See Rule 5).

Rule 6

Art Submissions and God Concepts

God concepts must include a full God kit. This includes God name, class, damage type, and all ability names and details. Skin concepts must include artwork, it may not be just a text description of a skin idea. You may NOT find an image of something you like and share it as a skin concept. You MUST give credit to the artist in the title of the post. (watermarks are sufficient for artists). If you wish to become a verified artist, please send a modmail with a link to your art page.

Rule 5

Be relevant to Smite

This is a subreddit for discussion about the video game Smite - tangentially related content may be removed. The doings/administration of individuals on their private Twitch channels. What pros and Hi-Rez employees get up to outside of Smite. Other Hi-Rez games. Artistic representations of characters that appear in the game (Statues, Carvings, Paintings, Tattoos etc.) are not necessarily related to Smite as a game.

Rule 4

Bugs and technical errors

Please direct your bug reports to the Official Smite Discord, and your account-related issues to Hi-rez Support. The following posts are not allowed on the subreddit: screenshots of errors, bugs or glitches; asking about hardware; account-related issues; technical issues or bugs; status posts about the servers; posts about an exploit or hack you've found.

Rule 3

No Personal Problems

By this we mean r/Smite is not your personal blog, soapbox or helpdesk. The following types of posts may be removed: Rants or complaints about a few matches, matchmaking or players; Directing the post to Hi-Rez/an organization/individual. Constructive criticism is allowed but simple complaint posts that don’t go into detail and don’t encourage discussion may be removed.

Rule 2

No Witchhunting

Posting witchhunts against players, community figures, or employees is not allowed. Criticizing public figures in a civil manner is allowed but comments might be locked depending on how the comments go. Due to concerns about witchhunting we require users to censor all usernames in posts with a negative context.

Rule 1

Site-Wide Rules and Reddiquette

We require all users to follow the site-wide content policy and the Reddiquette. Please be nice to each other. Try to refrain from excessive profanity. Clickbait or non-descriptive titles may lead to the post being removed. Don't repost deleted content without Mod permission. Please note we are a PG-13 subreddit, submissions that are NSFW are not allowed.


WOW this is awesome. You always do amazing work but this one just feels like a step up even more.

great job and thank you for sharing!

20 Jan


Originally posted by Palicain932

Makes sense, thanks for the info man. Maybe you could do something similar to apex subs, one for patches/updates etc and one for memes/rants. Smite is a smaller game, but that way it caters to both

We do actually have a sister sub for memes called /r/Gank but people don't visit it as often. So just a heads up :)


Originally posted by Palicain932

What do you mean “currently”? Is it just while s8 is coming out so the sub doesn’t get clogged, or is this something you’re looking to keep up due to low effort memes (like mine :D)

Memes have always been highly debated even before I was a mod, some people like them, some people want them gone. Currently we have "meme days" where once a month people can post memes all they want, but as expressed by some people, they don't feel as that's enough. So we're looking into feedback for when we change the rules :)


Hey! As per our rules, memes here aren't allowed currently. However, this is a highly debated topic and we're having a mod meeting today, so if you wanna share your opinions you're more than welcome to reply to this or message us in modmail if you feel like this needs changing!