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Unlike what was initially assumed, the skin and avatar will not be randomly dropped at any given time, but rather a reward for watching a structured amount of hours

For anyone who wants a brief summary on how to earn the skin, here is what you gotta do:

From the 4th-10th, watching 2 hours of EACH day will yield a certain reward, from Odyssey points to even the Twitchymir skin. The full list of what every day gives can be found in the link above.

In order to receive SWC Chang’e and Rez The Doggo, you will need to watch 2 hours each day for 4 out of the 7 days total, totaling to 8 hours. You can also earn these rewards from watching partnered smite streamers from the 7-10th (the list of those content creators can also be found in the link above). For the quickest possible results, I recommend simply just leaving your computer in the background and put 2 hours on a timer for the first four days if all you’re looking for is the skin and avatar. Although they do state it can take up to three weeks to receive such goodies.

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Originally posted by dadnaya

Ooooh nice rewards. An awesome chest is cool.

Do we know the hours it'll stream? Hope it won't be midnight or something for EU :/

We start our tailgates at 8:00 AM ET each day and our full broadcast starts around 11:30 AM ET each day! You can find the full schedule here: https://www.hirezshowcase.com/schedule/

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Originally posted by ChrisDoom

So they say you can unlock Twitch Ymir but I’m going to assume they meant Boss Twitch Ymir...

Confirming that it is indeed regular Twitch Ymir.

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Originally posted by gamesage53

I don't get home until shortly after 4PM EST during the week so I guess I can plan on not getting any of the rewards for viewing.

I fully expect most days to go way longer than 4pm ET. Especially with Bo5 sets and all the other stuff going on in between!

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