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I think maybe a damage reduction would be better? It is a skillful move even though I must admit the damage was too high. She is one of my favorite character for this reason and I began to play her because this technique was discovered.

I really hope Hi-Rez doesn’t go with this change and actually nerfs something else

We discussed this one heavily with the smite pro players and came to a few important conclusions.

  • this trick is not hard to do. It's simply a knowledge gate. As long as you know it exists you can use it.

  • it was rarely used on players , so you could say that's the skill element, but mostly this just gave Terra far better lane and jungle clear than intended.

  • the character is most likely going to still be comp viable even with this nerf

In addition to those points, I also designed this goddess and I consider this effect specifically against her design intent. The stones are essentially consumables and players have to choose which option they want. Being able to have both invalidates that.

It seems like there's a good bit of discussion on this one but I would not expect to ever bring this back on Terra.