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Hello, Divine Deities!

PTS for the Queen of the Banshees Update is LIVE! You can find the full Update Notes here.

Be sure to post any bugs or issues found from PTS in this thread, and please leave any feedback you have about any of the latest updates. Make sure you explore the new Winter Deadwoods Conquest Map, try out the new balance changes, and play as the newest addition to the Battlegrounds, Cliodhna! Let us know what you think, and if you find any bugs!

If you would like to participate in the PTS click here to find out how.

That's not all though! PTS will be available on Xbox and PlayStation starting at 4:00 PM ET as well! You can get access to your platform with the links below!

Thank you so much for helping us test all the new changes coming to SMITE. We're so excited for you all to get your hands on the Queen of the Banshees Update! Good Luck! Have Fun! You Rock!

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25 days ago - /u/HiRezIsiah - Direct link

Originally posted by RemKing

Is anyone able to get a code from console? Says there isn't any available

Have you claimed a key for console pts in the past? You don't need a new key every pts cycle. Once you have the PTS client downloaded you just need to update and you're all good to play!

25 days ago - /u/PonPonWeiWei - Direct link

Originally posted by zferolie

Sometimes when I am trying to enter a wall, she doesn't enter it. Not sure if its lag making me forward movement stutter, as thats what it looks like on my screen.

Do you have any specific walls this is occurring on?

25 days ago - /u/PonPonWeiWei - Direct link

Originally posted by zferolie

the main one I noticed it on was the outside of fire giant pit, specifically the souther, or order side of the pit. when I moved towards the middle of it, where totem is, I phased in fine. Didn't try the norther or chaos side.

Wish I clipped it, but it basically looked like she was jittering around trying to get in. Not sure if it was my lag, or because that wall isn't smooth enough?

Ill try around those areas. If you do get a clip of the interaction I would love to see it.

20 days ago - /u/HiRezIsiah - Direct link

Originally posted by Kenxdior

I updated the smite pts on my ps4 yesterday but wen I try to log in it says “warning version mismatch” wht should I do?

PTS is only available for 1 weekend(the Friday-Sunday after the update show). Keep an eye on social media for updates on when the next round of pts will be available!