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I have seen some posts as if Vulcan would return in Smite 2 with his old kit. But why not be able to choose between the 2 turrets like Morgan Le Fay's 1, press 1 and choose which turret to put and you can to have both at once but not more of the same type.

Now with Smite 2 they can bring back to life many abilities that were deleted, at least some aspects of them. I wouldn't mind if Vulcan had "4 abilities".

And with Ratatoskr, I loved the ability that in a circle put only acorns all over the circle and after a certain time they moved towards him, damaging whoever he touched, it was a good ability especially for him.

Some thoughts?

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about 2 months ago - /u/Draco9990 - Direct link

I would give my blood for HiRez to return Rat's old 2 lmao. IIRC it was scrapped in the first place due to performance issues, which should definitely not be at play anymore. However, to do that they need to make the dash go through gods again, as that was the entire design of the ability.