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The 1 month to main challenge. Learn to play a new god or get assigned a god that you maybe have diamond already. Who knows?

  1. If you do not own the god that I choose for you at the moment, the first step will be to (grind to) purchase the god in question.

  2. I have a randomized program that chooses the god each time.

  3. GL HF

  4. Tell me how well it is going.

EDIT: I will assign gods later tonight to everbody who commented before 3:12pm Amsterdam time 2nd of September. For everybody else, I am sorry. I had no idea it would explode, I thought only 3 people would comment max. I feel like a project X haha, but thank you for all the comments!

No worries, you can go to the smite wiki and select random page till you get a god page to also enjoy the randomness :)


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Originally posted by ADelusionalPirate

Gotta find a lettuce to c*m on

(How is referencing a god's lore considered hateful text???)

Wasn't hateful! Our bot just tries to keep the subreddit PG-13, as is the game's rating. But, God lore can sometimes be less appropriate lol