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So one thing in the patch notes, Hirez has stated they want to give more skins to gods that haven't gotten any in awhile, and they gave a list.

Cerberus Baron Samedi Kuzenbo Serqet Erlang Shen Kali Vamana Zhong Kui Thoth Chronos Sylvanus

however, a few of these gods already have a lot of skins. Serqet for example already has 7 skins. Arachne has just 5 skins, but did have one in may.

However, we have Another Nu wa skin, and another Ymir skin, and another Neith skin, and another APhro skin, and another Pele skin. Litterally, Pele got a skin 2 or 3 months ago, and shes getting another....

I mean, this is a step in the right direction, but there are a lot of other gods not in this list that should get more skins. Arachne, AMC, Tyr, Osris. SOme may have gotten skins last year, but are still have much less skins then others. Can we get some promise or a word that these less repped gods can get caught up as well?

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This was specifically designed in response to a reddit thread that listed these exact gods where people were angry they didnt get a skin.

Its specifically gods who didnt get a skin in S7 - its not really meant to apply to "low skin count gods" as a whole - thats could have been written better on my part

we know the difference.

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Originally posted by zferolie

Huh, I thought you were livestreaming, so wasn't expecting a responce so fast haha.

And Ok, I see the point of that list. I am glad they are getting skins, its just Its sad that some gods keep getting lots of skins but others are still so low. I admit, I am a bit biased as an Arachne main, and while I love each of her skins, still sad there are so few. And there are others still low that weren't mentiopned but they did get skins, so I hope they still get some more skins.

I know you don't want to spoil who or when, but it would be nice to know you plan to have other gods to catch up with the others.

And yeah, I know gods like Neith and Nu Wa get skins since they are so popular, and they sell well, and I get that.

She's getting one soon 😁