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Hello Divine Deities! PTS for the Season of Hope Update is LIVE!

There are TONs (literally tons) of new changes and exciting new features for you to check out. Make sure you check out the full Update Notes here.

Be sure to post any bugs or issues that you find from PTS in this thread, and leave any feedback you have. Make sure to check out the NEW Conquest Map, try out the many many changes to Healing Gods and Items, and check out some of the incredible new skins including our newest Tier 5 - Leading Lady Aphrodite! We are so excited for your feedback!

If you would like to participate in the PTS click here to find out how.

We have more good news though!!! PTS is on Console too, so we look forward to our console friends helping break in the new content. You can get access to your platform with the links below!

PLEASTE NOTE - These say Season 9, but should work regardless. If you've already claimed a key for PTS in the past you do not need to claim another one. Simply Update the PTS game client in your console library

Thanks for all of the help, and we will see you on the Battleground!

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