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My usual pet peeve to this threads: Gambit Queen and Lilac Bloom Hera are still missing voice lines for basic abilities. Maddame Darkness Nox has default grunts for AA. - I was told all this will be fixed, but still isnt.

Additionally - Fanart Hera and Pixel Danzaburou global emotes do not work properly.

Ah Puch´s zombies are still targeted by jungle camps (at least in siege).

Hera and all of her skins are not intended to have voice lines on ability 1, ability 2, or ability 3.

Hera has nonverbals on her basic attacks and VO Lines on her ult. This should be currently working as intended in the game already.

The nox, ah puch, and emotes issues are bugs we will look into though, thanks!

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Why is it that we can't search for starter items in the shop? It's so annoying to have to go all the way to the starter items tab and then scroll to look for the starter you want. I already know what I want, let me type the damn thing in and buy it for f**ks sake.

This will be fixed in the next patch and covered on the next update show.

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Brute Minion somehow became invincible in conquest I think something to do with Gilgamesh or Persephone

It died after around 20 seconds for no real reason tbh but it had 1hp remaining and every hit said Immune

Edit: https://twitter.com/PhoenixDive/status/1384549741363613702

Looking into this one, it seems related to Gilgamesh. Thanks!

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I thank you for your answer and explanation Ajax! However, I must ask, why did some of Hera skins have the voice lines recorded (for 1-3 ability), if they were not going to be used? I managed to hear them in a voice pack video on YT. Isnt it quite sad to let Hera be silent in all of her skins, especially in comparison with other talkative gods.

for design clarity we want to keep nonverbal abilities nonverbal

It was just a mistake that we wrote/recorded them, they were never intended to be used.