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Originally posted by Evanpik64

Have they discussed how protections work yet? Makes me wonder if INT ever gives more damage to Strength based gods and vice versa, or if the effects are always passive. Like would buying INT defense give you any advantages against what would normally be considered a Strength god?

I also wonder how building Strength effects "INT" gods, since the only real example they've shown of cross build benefits is Chaac. Excited to learn more!

Damage typing is still Physical and Magical. We are messing around with gods not dealing strictly one type of damage type.

So for example, Ymir's Ice abilities may deal Magical Damage but smacking someone with his Ice Club will deal Physical Damage. What is scales off of (Strength of Intelligence) is technically separate from what type of damage it deals.

In a lot of cases your intuition from Smite 1 will hold. Anubis largely deals Magical Damage, and Largely scales off Intelligence; but you might get some surprises like Mummify having a damage component that scales off Strength, and deals Physical damage.

The flexibility to change damage typing from the scaling stat though is one of the reasons we went with a name change to make it clear the stats don't work exactly like Smite 1.

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Originally posted by ThanksItHasPockets_

I think it will be defined per god. Intelligence makes Chaac tanky because it buffs his Rain, and his Rain abilities are what makes Chaac tanky.

But when they talked about Cern. They implied Intelligence was used to make his abilities do more damage.

So case by case feels likely. I think we will see gods fall into one of 4 categories.

  1. I am a Strength Scaling God, Strength makes me do more damage. The end. This is probably most AA Hunters and Face Roll Warriors.

  2. I am an Intelligence Scaling God, Intelligence makes me do more damage. The end. This is probably most Mages.

  3. I am a Hybrid God, Strength and Intelligence make different parts of my kit do more damage. Maybe Strength favors Autos and Intelligence favors abilities. This may be Ability Hunters and AA Mages.

  4. I am a weirdo. Strength or Intelligence makes me do more damage. But the stat that doesn't boost my damage instead gives me something else entirely. This could be how they open up build variety for supports: Strength makes you aggro, Intelligence makes you a team player.

This is all largely correct. Gods would have a primary stat that care about, and this determines most of their scaling, very similarly to Smite 1. Strength additionally is generally associated with how to make a gods Basics deal the most damage.

However, these can be used to scale different things, and some abilities may favor one scaling type over another if the god is Hybrid. Chaac's ult hits hardest with Intelligence, and he gains bonus Healing and Protections from his 2 in our current testing; so intelligence is used for a variety of things on him.

Each god will be a case by case basis on if and how they leverage having 2 potential scaling stats.

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Originally posted by ChatmanJay

Has the team considered going the Dota/League route of all Basic Attacks are Physical Damage no matter what? It seems minor but does really change a lot.

If Smite 2 is trying to be more flexible and open in playstyle and builds, I think that would go a long way.

We talked about it, but it felt strange for us that something like Anubis' energy death orb did Physical Damage. I think at a high level the differing types also allows for some more unique strategy when it comes to team composition.

Things are subject to change of course though.

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Originally posted by jondeuxtrois

This sounds so complicated on top of figuring out a bunch of new active keybinds....

We are trying to add features to make things like how a god scales and what damage did I just take more visible to help that.

Additionally, in this system even Chaac can just build Strength as if it was Physical Power and it will feel close to Smite 1 in most ways. Its more opt in exploration of different strengths that were difficult to do before with a single scaling stat.

Similar with Actives, we like it to be opt in difficult and depth that you can explore when you are ready to; but you should still be able to play and find success focusing more on Passive Items and more focused scaling builds.

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Originally posted by Scyxurz

Are there any plans for characters to deal multiple damage types in the same attack?

Idk if there are plans for a freya rework, but I could see her current autos doing both physical and magical damage in the system you described.

Excited to see how things will scale with different stats and how the team decides to balance around those changes!

It's entirely possible and something we can play with when it makes sense!

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Originally posted by balanceisalie

Hi Pon! Question - how are the active keybinds going to work for console players? Sounds like it'd be difficult for a controller player to drop a bunch of actives in the middle of a fight.

We have plans for that, but I imagine we will have a deep dive into that stuff at some point in the future. It is on our minds though!