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The skin is legit amazing and imo the best from the BP, but how cool would it be if they kept the same text ult voicelines nu wa usually does but with the new VA, I feel like "Evil shall be cleansed" and "Praise the heavens" would fit this skin so much

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Originally posted by Avernuscion

Might be downvoted but I've heard from some people they find this skin offensive

The reasons vary but it ranges from:

1) it makes Catholic nuns look slutty, which defeats the point of a nun (even though it's based on Warrior Nun, but that got complaints from real nuns) as they're meant to look plain vs showing off. Even has the collar bit and the cross to emphasise the point it's Christian and not entirely fantastical. I guess the point here is it was seen as disrespectful that sort of stuff is fair game to lewd vs stuff like Kali

2) It's Nuwa wearing Catholic-fantasy garb, which can be insulting if you were from China and your creator goddess is repping Monotheism

3) Seen as fanservice, but there's queries it's aimed at a specific fetish, which raises questions. Nuwa also has another one of skins like these (the Playbunny)

Sure, I can see where you're coming from, and I don't think you're gonna be downvoted or that you should be downvoted.

Now ofc this is just my opinion, but here goes:

1) Yeah, when it comes to depicting a real nun, this skin can obviously come as offensive. However, this skin isn't the first (or last) to depict a 'slutty' nun, that has been a common trope in a lot of animations and video games, often tied closely with slutty maids, hence the combo for the BP. I mostly enjoy this skin due to ability effects, but generally consider that this isn't a direct jab at Christianity and isn't that big of a deal, as Kali shouldn't have been.

2) I feel like this point can be raised for A LOT of other skins in game - mostly cross pantheon ones. Realistically, devout followers of X religion would hate if their God was depicted as from another religion, and would consider it blasphemy. That also extends to some skins in game that don't fit that mold but can also be considered demeaning to a god - maid amaterasu for example.

3) Oh it's fanservice for sure, but that's also nothing new to smite, hell, a lot of other skins are fanservice-y.

I guess my point is that this skin isn't anything out of Smite's norm. Now, anyone can raise a point if any of these skins should be in the game and that would be a valid discussion, however this skin isn't anything special by what standards we have so far.