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Hey there, SMITE players.

We know this week's down time has been frustrating for y'all, so we wanted to touch base to give you some insight as to what has been going on this week. This might seem like server issues, but all of it was us testing/rolling back code changes to improve game stability for future launches (including Mid Season next week):

⚡ On Tuesday, we brought SMITE servers down in an attempt to test the new core programming services update before Tuesday's upcoming Mid Season Update to find and track any issues and resolve anything that may come up on Mid Season launch day (one of our busiest days of the year).  We did find issues, so we had to roll it back to a temporary core programming services build that had some potential fixes from the Match Manager (the code that manages queues, matchmaking, lobbies) crashes we'd seen pop up in the last couple of weeks. 

⚡ Then on Wednesday, we found that that build had a deadlock issue between some Match Manager threads which helped us understand what the issue with the Mid Season build was.

⚡ On Thursday morning, our teams worked on these issues and needed to find a time to deploy the new core build before Friday, so that we could try to observe any more issues before the weekend.

⚡ Friday morning, we found that our new core build had some incompatibility issues with our existing client, so we will have to roll back that change until Tuesday's release.

The tl;dr is that we have applied a series of code updates since 8.1 that has our patch days running smoother and smoother, we expect Mid Season to be the biggest since 8.1, so we are being overly cautious in case any issues occur. We will try to ensure we communicate with all of you any expected down time going forward.

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Originally posted by Kaios-0

Just some advice, not to you specifically, but would it not cause less frustration to commmunicate this stuff prior to it being done, since it's apparently voluntary, rather than waiting several days later to tell everyone who is already upset because of repeated server takedowns?

Yes, agreed. We have spoken with the teams about ensuring we communicate ahead of time and/or as soon as possible when downtime is coming to avoid frustration. Sorry about this week!

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Originally posted by Exist_Logic

Honestly with stuff like this you guys really need to communicate since there are streamers and all sorts of people who anticipate servers being up at a specific point in time,

Yes, completely agree. We are working together to make sure we are all in the loop and can communicate effectively and quickly as these kinds of issues arise.

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Originally posted by Anablephobia_

SO, without sounding rude, trust me, does this mean servers unplayable/unstable until Tuesday? Or should we play bot games with caution until then, custom games?

No disrespect, you guys are dealing with enough. Thank you for the write-up.

Not sounding rude at all! Currently, there are no plans for any more maintenance before Tuesday, but if something comes up, we will try to communicate that asap with details on when down time would begin and estimates for how long it would last.

You should be good to go for the weekend (2x Battle Points all weekend, too)

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Originally posted by ghostintherobot

Wow, soon as I logged into Smite and got my bonus login gems, I had enough so I bought 3 chest at x200 gems right before this happened cuz they were on sale, got the instability message and went to close out of smite because I was afraid something might glitch out... log back in and sure enough, no chest and my gems are still missing. I love this game, it's so much fun...

Hey, our support team can help you with that. Please file a ticket: http://hirezstudios.com/support