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I would like to see healing as a whole completely reworked. Tying it to power obviously doesn't work because you have gods like Aphro and Hel who abuse it heavily. There should be a trade-off where if you want to heal more, you will do less damage. Maybe tie the ability to heal to total health or just anything other than power.

Hi-Rez refuses to or can't change the way the healing functions because they're either too lazy to do so or they're afraid it will break the game. Either way, healing has always either been too strong or too weak and it has needed a rework for a long time. A band-aid out-of-combat healing reduction isn't really fixing anything.

Also, I think life-steal needs to be its own separate stat as well and not be tied to healing, but that's another discussion.

response to these types of comments has been provided before, such as this example:


the important part within that link:

But in general - the only thing worse than squishy healers would be tanky healers. Currently in SMITE healing scales off power intentionally to create this high risk high reward scenario. Mages like Hel and Aphrodite are designed to specifically out-heal supports like Sylvanus and Yemoja.