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Why is reddit not interested in this data?! Cant imagine why this is getting downvoted here.

Also - updated numbers on danzaburou from yesterday - he has climbed considerably to #2 and #3 top winning in conq and nonconq - nerfs incoming.

EDIT - obviously not downvoted now lol but was at first - glad its moving in a more positive direction!

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Originally posted by BroiledGoose

Lol saying "why is this getting downvoted" is such a classic reddit trope - early upvote/downvote numbers are pretty moot since it fluctuates so much on one or two /new browsers.

I get what you mean with many players being irrational/just looking to vent frustration no matter what but I feel like the sarcastic/antagonist approach to dispelling it may backfire someday. But who knows, maybe trying a unique approach to dev responses by giving sass back consistently is what is needed

On another note, it's very interesting to see Cthulu after Day 15 actually skyrocketing in win% and increasing in damage. I assume people switched to almost exclusively solo from splitting him in solo/supp at that point?

haha im sorry - this thread looked small i thought it was just gonne be me and OP discussing it

I have been a bit sassy lately, its been fun, but ill probably tone it down but im trying to be very active and more myself through worlds

What i care most about is getting yall the right info and dispelling misinformation, which reddit tends to spread.

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Originally posted by Deinonychus2012

It'd be interesting to see a compiled list like this for all the gods, maybe with an additional column for their place at the end of 2020.

Also, f**k Tsukuyumi. All my homies hate Tsukuyumi.

So like doing this for new gods first days but from previous years? Could do it, itll just take a while

I went ahead and updated for Danza and added your 2020 end of year state for this years gods, though!


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Originally posted by Deinonychus2012

Yeah I'd reckon it'd be an endeavor. We're up to what, around 115 gods now? But we could pin the final spreadsheet to the top of the subreddit to help settle the debate of which gods are most OP lol!

Danza's stats are interesting. The data seems to suggest that his kit has a bit of a learning curve, but that he can outperform most other gods once it is overcome.

I think itd be less interesting than it sounds. Launching "balanced" new gods is just a hard thing to do for a variety of reasons.

  1. our pushing for unique kits
  2. player perception not always matching actual data
  3. internal testing differing from live testing
  4. game design is more of an art than science

A LOT of gods in SMITE history have just kinda been at the very top or very bottom. And the community can probably tell who was in those slots.

The most interesting might be the gods who fall into point 2. For example: Thoth, Susano, King Arthur all were nearly dead last in win% - but players screamed OP

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