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23 May

20 May

19 May


Bug fixes:


  • Additional voice overs have been added to in-game dialogue.
  • Removed some redundant text characters.
  • The game should no longer get stuck on a blank screen when launching.
  • Packet loss should be improved and should no longer increase to 90%.
  • Enhancement naming is now consistent.
  • The serum icon is now consistent.
  • Fixed an issue where skins from Founder’s Pack were not always visible during gameplay.


  • It’s no longer possible to enter a locked mission by using a keyboard.
  • The game should no longer crash when using a Beam Buster weapon.
  • Visual effects have been added to Beam Buster’s laser when ricocheting.
  • Fixed an issue where players could climb on hatcheries to avoid enemies.
  • Client does not get randomly desynchronized from the server when using a drill machine.
  • Players can now complete “Finish: 15 dai...
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18 May

13 May

11 May