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Update 6: The SpOiled One is on the way on August 3rd, and we wanted to give you a taste
of what to expect! Full details, and all the juicy bug fixes, will be in the Patch notes available
on playspacepunks.com once the update launches.

New Planet; Spor

I never thought I’d find anything dustier and oiler than my favourite takeaway on Devil’s
Gambit, but I’ve been proven wrong; prepare to embark on a host of exciting new missions
and events on Spor!

Respawn Feature

You’re not dead; you’re just resting your eyes. From now on, when you’re playing in a group,
and you lose all your precious hitpoints, you’ll be able to respawn after a certain about of
time, but be careful; those ”naps” get longer each time.

New HUD in Missions

We’re getting too many insurance claims for lost Pathfinders, so we’re making it easier not to
get lost.

Enemy Modifiers on Stopan and Bannik

You’re not the only ones getting swole; enemies and Stopan and Bannik might have a few
surprises for higher-level players.


We’ve made some adjustments to The Crack, Crafting, and the early campaign rewards.

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