Hi all, Matt here again from the Spellbreak Shop, to talk about our upcoming Chapter Packs.

I’m excited to share that we’ll be offering Chapter Packs again in Chapter 2. This chapter, we’ll be offering the Trickster Pack and the Priestess Pack. These packs are meant as an introduction to the chapter, giving not only a chapter pass with increased reputation gain, but also exclusive cosmetics and the full amount of gold you’d get in the comparable gold packs. With that said, let's introduce the new outfits!

Trickster Pack

The Trickster Pack, at $25 (in USD, other regions may vary) contains:

  • Chapter Pass with 50% bonus reputation
  • 2,800 gold
  • Enigmatic Trickster Outfit

Enigmatic Trickster: A cruel chuckle before the sneak attack.

Priestess Pack

The Priestess Pack, at $100 (in USD, other regions may vary) contains:

  • Chapter Pass with 100% bonus reputation
  • 13,500 gold
  • Enigmatic Trickster Outfit
  • Choirbank Priestess Outfit

Choirbank Priestess: Better stand for the sermon.

We hope you enjoy both of these outfits and digging into the chapter!

Finally, through a bug earlier this month, the Enigmatic Trickster did briefly appear in the Shop as a standalone purchase on March 5. This was not intended, as it should be exclusive to the Trickster Pack.

For anyone who bought this outfit in the Shop, and later buys the Trickster Pack or Priestess Pack, please contact our support team for a refund of 1500 gold for your original Enigmatic Trickster purchase.

Good luck out there Breakers,


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Originally posted by Winnz

Will people who bought Enigmatic Trickster earlier get to keep the outfit?

Yup. And if you did that and buy one of these packs, please contact support to trade in yiur excess outfit (since you’d own two copies) for 1500 gold

Originally posted by JasonF818

This will be the first shop pack that I buy. Looking forward to it. Ill be getting the $25 pack.

Hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by Huskycorgi710

Hey is there a starter pack?

Yup, the rogue pack is the starter pack. no plans to change that at the moment!