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23 Oct


Originally posted by Loldimorti

Do the devs read comments? Because I have a few suggestion to improve gyro.

Right now there are very little options to customize gyro. Seeing as it feels a bit "floaty" right now I think we should for example be able to also adjust deadzones for gyro.

Look at Hi-Rez games (Paladins, Rogue Company,...) for inspiration. They actually have a mode you can toggle that processes the gyro inputs in a way that makes them even snappier.

They do :)

Gyro controls are very much a first pass. Thanks for the feedback!

22 Oct


There is no "everything in halloween" bundle - bundles will be thematic, and not every item is part of a bundle. If an item is going to be in a bundle it will be on debut. If it does not debut as a bundle, it will not be in a bundle later in the halloween special.