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We need a colorblind mode, if you're colorblind you can see it properly, and if not then you can always darken up the colors some..

As someone that struggles with color quite a bit, I feel all applications and games should have some sort of a color deficient mode. Strangely, with Spellbreak, I do not struggle that much, even with how terrible my vision and deficiency is.

I can recommend something though, the built-in Windows 10 Color Filters. They work better than any in-game filter I've ever tried.

Do know that accessibility is important to us at Proletariat. We'll continue working on adjustments in Spellbreak to avoid issues of the sort.

Something to note, previously our Firewall was very difficult for some of us to see where it was going to be when attempting to use it. After discussions with the team, there was an adjustment to the Firewall. It is now very clear where that firewall will land.

I hope to see more adjustments in the future, including a setting such as color filters.

Hey there, dranthy - if you're still having this issue occur, please send us a support ticket or drop a line in the player support channel in our Official Spellbreak Discord. Be sure to report all of the pertinent details such as platform...

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Really sorry to see this happening. Please feel free to record/screenshot and report to me, another member of the Community Team or our volunteer moderators in the official Spellbreak Discord.

Hey there! Sorry you're seeing our NPC's time and time again. We're aware of the bug and plan to have this fixed very soon!

Ah yes, Spellbreak the horror game! 😅Hey, I've had some good jump scares as well!

Nice job and welcome to Spellbreak. We look forward to more of these screens for you in the Hollow Lands!

Great job! Welcome to Spellbreak!

Originally posted by JBSilver_m8

Tbh Harmony is really not used that much but its actually really useful and i always use it

As someone that plays aggressively (mostly as Pyro), I love Harmony! Damage reduction and no CC? Yes, please! Sure, there are other great options but they just don't fit my personal play-style (unless I'm playing Toxicologist).

Now I am laughing and hungry, thanks!

Hey Petey_plastic, the netgear issue is still.. an issue, for the time being. We are looking into it. There is a workaround that you can try for the time being if you like. Hopefully, this works out for you and that we're able to rectify this in the future.

A lot of fair points you've shared. The circles, portals and balance with all of this is something we are aware of and continue to have discussions around. I cannot promise anything but do know we are looking into these (and more).

Hey there! Great feedback. Personally, I love the idea of having loadouts in some fashion. Will gladly share this with the team. Have a fantastic day, we'll see you in the Hollow Lands!